back to article US Department of Homeland Security warns American business not to use Chinese tech or let data behind the Great Firewall

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has published a guide to the terrifying risks that businesses will expose themselves to if they use tech created in the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) or engage in any business activity with the Middle Kingdom. The fifteen-page “Data Security Business Advisory” [PDF] …


  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Meanwhile our glorious leaders look the other way while Foolbook and Goofall sell their real time 24/7 surveillance data on you to Russia or China, or anyone with enough cash.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Department of Huckster Security

    Murica might be the most hypocritical but the whole world seems to be going in the direction of country specific hardware, clouds, and even internet(s).

    It isn't a security issue (intelligence agencies, at least everybody who's anybody, can and do breach security measures all the time) it's now just political flag waving.

  3. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    not to use Chinese tech?

    So who's going to make cell phones now? If the US were to enforce this then all cell phones would have to be turned off. You know, I think I might like that idea....

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: not to use Chinese tech?

      And their TVs - how long could America last without TV?

      It would be full Mad-Max before the next ad break

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Re: a Merry Xmas Present

        And their TVs - how long could America last without TV?

        It would be full Mad-Max before the next ad break ...... Yet Another Anonymous coward

        Is what you see on TV/Is what is professionally broadbandcast to you on TV real or imagined for presentation as real with subsubsequent representation elsewhere of the possibilities enacted and available for following and sublime support, or rejection and physical opposition?

        No TV and radio and internetworking communications and what do you not have, other than a Earthly planet with worlds which do not know what anyone/anything else is doing just out of sight and of knowledge over your and their current event horizons?

        Fill media with tall tales of doom and gloom and strange shenanigans and you will realise and be expected to accept blindly the stories planned for you to see? That appears to be the current present future plan being realised. ...... but it is easily changed ..... with equally tall tales of the opposite to doom and gloom and even stranger shenanigans which you might have had difficulty believing were it not for the fact that were being realised and presented to you via reports in the news and global media operations.

        And ...... by virtue of its Royal Charter, are the BBC in default of their contract with the Public should they not lead in the broadbandcasting of such future content for daily 0day presentation .... which you should note is a defining statement rather than lingering question.

        1. Cliff Thorburn

          Re: a Merry Xmas Present

          Lets not forget the manic MK Ultra delivered daily to programme the organic robot consumers driven everything and everywhere to one and all.

          Take it from a survivor of the extreme exponential experimental great games playing antics of the DOD and MOD’s blockbuster black budget pirate show, a right royal Fox Hunt for Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

          And quite right in what you say there amFM, the future is already written, with daily drama, and shocking shenanigans sculpted by scriptwriters behind the scenes in secret locations defying the boundaries of what one ever should, could or would believe.

          Merry Christmas to one and all El Reger’s and watch this space for future great games play, and revealing rolesplaying coming soon :0)

          1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

            Re: a Merry Xmas Present @Cliff Thorburn

            CT, Well said.

            Methinks the Palace needs to get their ACT together if they want to remain as a leading light and uncommonly relevant and extremely relative in the Fields of Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays. Does the House of Windsor/Saxe Coburg still do those By Royal Appointment things for services rendered to the Crown?

            They may like to exercise that honour in the more/most appropriate of exceedingly confidential stealthy headquarters. Nobelesse oblige grants them no less.

            1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

              Re: a Merry Xmas Present @Cliff Thorburn

              00ps ..... Now there an interesting misspelling. :-)

              The question now raised is whether it is an AI Misselling too, or the Bee's Knees/Real McCoy/Cat's Pyjamas of a New Way Doing Things ‽ . And something completely different for sampling in the New Year.

              Doing the same old things again next year whenever there's so much more already done in the future for presenting now, is not an available option any more.

              1. Cliff Thorburn

                Re: a Merry Xmas Present @Cliff Thorburn

                Its the same stumbling block type question like those who believe that Fishing Rights relate to marine based life, rather than catches what caught the cookie crumbling in other types of net.

                Who knows amFM, they want the prize, the real McCoy, the Coca Cola, but fail to know how to scriptwrite the righteous and capitalise accordingly.

                Probably an appropriate time of year to consider if there was a second coming, they’d be more intent on Jesus Christ Superpopstar than humble reality.

                Democratic decency, rather than rabid republican direction should improve the show should it not? :0)

                1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

                  Re: a Merry Xmas Present @Cliff Thorburn

                  Something to counter and complement a smarter autocratic decadency should/would undoubtedly surely improve any decent democracy in a crazy elected populous state, CT, with its novel enigmatic leading programs in resulting projects showing the way and enlightening paths found out of the madness and mayhem, dank despair and dreary darkness that prevails only to do battle in vain against the eternal flames that give light and life their never ending journeys/stories/instruction sets ....... raison d'être.

                  Jeez, .... if one can't get twelve wise men to agree to do anything well together however does a democracy expect millions to be legitimately representative and provide successful positive non-exclusive lead with well presented directions? As an administrative tool does an irrepresentative and irresponsible democracy suck considerably more than most every other system readily available for remote asset command and advanced anonymous autonomous control.

                  1. Anonymous Coward
                    Anonymous Coward

                    Re: a Merry Xmas Present @Cliff Thorburn



                    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

                      Re: a Merry Xmas Present @Cliff Thorburn


                      Bravo, ...... AC

                      Charlie Mike, AC.

                  2. muuser

                    Re: a Merry Xmas Present @Cliff Thorburn

                    May I join the august alliterati?

  4. fidodogbreath

    No, it's totally different when WE do it

    Among the risks mentioned are “[...] surveillance and tracking of regime critics...”

    Um, like this?

  5. Claptrap314 Silver badge

    Hypocritical? Yes. True? Yes.

    Interesting that no one is challenging the facts claimed in the document. I guess the PLA sock puppets aren't awake yet?

    But yes. Any government who has leverage to get at your data is more-or-less required to be prepared to exercise that leverage. US entities with data in Europe. European entities with data in India. India entities with data in Russia. Russian entities with data in China. And yes, Chinese entities with data in the US.

    If (and that is a HUGE if) a government has rules limiting its access, and demonstrates a willingness to abide by those rules, ... Wait. Now I'm just being silly.

  6. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    The document argues that China’s 2017 National Intelligence Law is a primary source of risk, as it “compels all PRC firms and entities to support, assist, and cooperate with the PRC intelligence services, creating a legal obligation for those entities to turn over data collected abroad and domestically to the PRC.”

    That seems eerily familiar but some other country was mentioned, not China.

  7. very angry man

    sick of it

    nuke from orbit , It's the only safe way!

  8. Yes Me Silver badge


    None of the advice is silly

    I assume that is intended as a joke.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Paint your PI on your house roof

    Make it easier for all of them to see it.

    Play fair.

    1. A.P. Veening Silver badge

      Re: Paint your Π on your house roof

      I would if I thought they could read Greek.

  10. Danny 2


    Fireworks are Chinese tech, so no 4th July next year. For that matter gunpowder is Chinese tech so no 2nd Amendment, except perhaps water pistols.

    1. A.P. Veening Silver badge

      Re: Fireworks

      For that matter gunpowder is Chinese tech so no 2nd Amendment, except perhaps water pistols.

      Gunpowder hasn't been used in modern firearms in the last century, so that shouldn't really be a problem, but even if it were, there is more than water pistols. What would you think of a classical Roman ballista. Or going the other way, they could go for railguns.

      1. Danny 2

        Re: Fireworks

        I'm happy with US citizens having rail guns and ballistas, as long as they undergo background checks and don't get to conceal/carry.

        My respect to Alex Trebuchet.

  11. That 8 Bit Guy

    It is not Wyze to monitor the living room with it.

    For some reason every time I trace the data going from my Wyze Cam V2 from my network it keeps sending to an unknown Chinese IP address before forwarding it to the Wyze US server.

    I now have it pointed to the 3D printer as I cannot trust it now.

    I know it is made in China, but why can it not connect to a US or UK server?

    I hate to think how many of these cameras (and they are pretty good for the price) were bought for home defense, etc.

    There should be stiff penalties for pulling crap like this on oblivious consumers.

  12. CrackedNoggin Bronze badge

    Meanwhile, China's exports are at an all time high, and exports to the US are 40% higher than last year. The focus on Tik Tok and fitness apps is happening because bashing those appears to be doing "something", while the REAL vulnerabilities are too big to comprehend.

  13. Kevin Johnston

    Obvious thing becomes obvious

    So all those 'Doomsayers' that have been going on about the IoT junk security being a problem may not have been nutters after all....Whatever next, Pope is a member of the Catholic faith? Bears defacate in woodland areas?

    May be an old phrase now but no less accurate...As you sow, so shall you reap

  14. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    A fine list of risks indeed

    And you can replace every instance of PRC with USA and it still rings true.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Quote: "Chinese-designed hardware has backdoors...Made-in-China mobile apps such as TikTok aren’t safe..."


    Rewrite required: "American-designed hardware has backdoors...Made-in-USA mobile apps such as FaceBook aren’t safe..."


    From 1999:


    So the AC community has a solution: private ciphers for all messaging on any public channel. The Chinese, the NSA, GCHQ.....all of them are welcome to have a go at this sort of PRIVATE communication -- it's the sort of thing they will see extracted from their favourite backdoor -- the sort of thing that one AC might communicate with another AC!!!






















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