back to article We'll hack back at Russians, declare UK ministers in cyber-Blitz blitz

British ministers are stepping up their rhetoric on cyber warfare, with £22m to be splurged on embiggening an "offensive hacking" unit as Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt vowed to retaliate against Russian cyber-attacks. In a speech delivered this morning at Lancaster House, the preferred venue for big foreign policy set-pieces, …


  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Public confidence

    Hunt continued: "Recent events demonstrate that our adversaries regard democratic elections as a key vulnerability of an open society. If cyber interference were to become commonplace, the danger is that authoritarian states would damage public confidence in the very fabric of democracy."

    Personaly, I find that seeing Jeremy or his boss expostulating on TV does it all by itself - no hacking by either authoritarian or democratically-inclined states is actually needed.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    NATO must be " "ready to use our cyber capabilities to fight an enemy"

    Quote: "Only Islamic extremists in the Middle East have been publicly acknowledged as targets."


    Really? Then what about those well known "enemies" of the UK in Belgian telecom? More here about the STASI in Cheltenham:



    Q: How do you tell when a politician is lying?

    A: When his (or her) lips are moving!

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge


    Ignorant ill-informed decisions in continuing support to failing programs with rearguard actions in defence of the indefensible which always reveals the catastrophically vulnerable driver ...... which then becomes exploitable and/or expendable ....... with a fundamental change of force and source delivering ideally overwhelmingly advantageous mutually beneficial leads or which primes the extinguishing of sub-prime perverted and subversive competition and corrupted opposition, is something of an enigmatic conundrum for spooks and 77 Brigade types ....... for it, the novel and to be kept secret information, quite naturally rightly challenges their base intelligence preconceptions/early initial programming with a different and/or disruptive intelligence classified and restricted because of its powerful effect.

    It is a simple inexcusable fact which is inescapable for success in any of the vital and virile and viral fields of future virtualised endeavour which present an altogether much bigger picture show for media production and remote base realisation, ...... Garbage In/Garbage Out has BullShit Faking IT and that's a road to nowhere and not worth travelling.

  4. iLurker


    ... is there anything in Russia worth hacking for ?

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: But... Nothing

      ... is there anything in Russia worth hacking for ? .... iLurker

      Top of the list, iLurker, ... Mothers Russia and their Delightful Daughters.

      They can be disarmingly captivating to an infinite degree. :-)

  5. Torchy

    I am offering my time and services to this call.

    Will HM Government please let me know how I can participate please.


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