back to article When Apple needs speed and security in Mac OS X, it turns to Microsoft

I was looking through the documentation for Mavericks - the next major Mac OS X release - to find out more about the tags and other extra metadata we'll soon be able to add to our files. The feature was mentioned during the keynote at last week's Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in California. It made me wonder whether …


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  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge


    To think that if the Samba People hadn't go through the hellish experience of reverse-engineering the SMB protocol to the great danger of sanity and of forcefully meeting lawyers, it would still be a proprietary crawling networking horror of squamous yet ruguous nethermost blasphemous sophomoric programming. That you have to pay for.

  2. MrMcginty
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    What a relief

    This is good news for me, since in every working environment of mine in the last 12 years I have had to force the IT department to connect my Macs to the servers via Samba, which has a tendency to kill the default search capabilities of OSX on your own Mac, but is in other respects essential to get any goddamned work done.

  3. Richard Boyce
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    What a mess.

    I run XP on a VM running on Slow Leopard (10.6). The Mac's drives are accessed by XP using network shares. All worked fine until I upgraded to Lion on the first day it was available. Then I had nothing but trouble, with intermittent access and long delays. I found out that I was testing Apple's new networking code, and paying the price of being a beta tester. After struggling to improve matters for days, I rolled back to Snow Leopard and cursed Apple. I've avoided upgrading the OS ever since.

    Maybe Apple simply gave up trying to fix their own code. Not all in-house projects work out well. Just ask the maps team.

    Now, I think XP doesn't work with SMB2, so support for SMB1 is still needed. How will Mavericks handle that? Will that use Apple's own code, as with Lion? Since I use two screens, the better handling of those in Mavericks is attractive, but I do need some assurance that SMB1 will work as well as it does on Snow Leopard.

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: What a mess.

      SMBUp works on the Lions and restores sanity to SMB support.

  4. Tom 7


    this wouldn't really be about the fact that the Android tax that MS charges the world for using hardware it has fuck-all to do with may possibly be partly based on a patent that expires soon and its time to load in another patent retarded standard asap?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Patents

      Whilst the FAT patent is likely one of the MS Android patents, there are many others. Whilst we don't know what they are, it is known that a significant number have been cited by Microsoft, and that a large number of very big / rich companies have rolled over and paid up, so I would expect that the claims must be pretty solid...

  5. ichibrosan

    Very disturbing indeed

    I don't have any problem moving away from Apples ancient filing protocol, but I find it very distasteful to make Microsoft a hero in Apple's arena. Microsoft has blown it big time with their software. The constant stream of CERT notifications, all of which say the same thing, identify Windows, IE, and Office as vulnerable to a world of viruses. Always subject to account promotion, and remote execution, Microsoft's products are a netbot writers dream.

    So is it good that Microsoft is becoming technically involved with Apple's OS product? Not in my eyes.

    Apple, with a pile of money larger than anyone else in view, is the success story. Good hardware, good software.

    Was this story real, or just troll bait?

  6. Fábio Rabelo de Deus

    It is just Samba4 People !!!

    Mac OS X are Unix, and all Unixes uses Samba to provide access to Windows resources in network .

    Some mounths ago Samba team ( ) released a much needed Samba 4 suite, that provide full support do SMBv2 protocol ...

    It is just that, Apple are using Samba 4 in the next OS X Release ...

    Fábio Rabelo

  7. W. Anderson

    deceptive story title

    The title of this article is conflagrative, in giving an explosive but false and deceptive impression about Apple's connect with Microsoft in regard OS X "speed and security", which was specifically and only for OS X integration into Microsoft 'exclusive' networks and business environments. Nothing else.

    The instances of columns in the tech media from Microsoft dupes has become troublesome for the lack of clear, fact based ' dissemination of information and developments regarding modern technology. These Redmond worshipers need to get a grip on life and reality.


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