back to article Microsoft lures buy-curious vixens, corduroys with a cheap fondle

Microsoft is slashing the price on its Windows 8-powered Surface RT tablets to slap the unwanted kit into students' palms. For a limited time, Redmond will knock 60 per cent off the price of a 32GB ARM-driven fondleslab to $199 (£127); a 32GB with Touch Keyboard Cover will be slashed by 58 per cent to $249 (£158); and a 32GB …


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          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: Tools?

            I disagree, I hate car analogies, but here goes:

            I know how to use my car, I can change the wheels, oil, filters, diagnose basic problems that sort of thing. The likes of Jeremy Clarkson freely admit to knowing sod all about their cars, other than how the controls work, but he knows how to use a car in a far more skilled manner than I.

            Likewise one doesn't need to know how to program to use a computer, in order to be able to use it. In fact that's probably a good thing, because it's democratising, there are now systems which enable spreadsheet jockies to hook up their spreadsheet to an HPC cluster, it's not programming, but it's still al very powerful tool.

      1. LDS Silver badge

        Re: MS Learning Fail

        Actually, it was DOS and then Windows to grow a lof of developers. There was tools cheap enough to let people develop applications, and today there are a lot of free tools to develop on Windows, Visual Studio included. And Windows was the battlefield for many different development tools and languages, unlike some other OSes where there is only one dominating tool and language - like Objective-C in the Apple world.

        Maybe in DOS/Windows you could not examine the source code of proprietary applications, but you were hunting down the APIs and techniques used to implement a given feature - and that was learning anyway, and more - you couldn't copy code - you had to write it yourself.

        What made "computer literacy" decline was the web - which made most people "consumer", and the rise of many languages designed to be "simple" and don't bother the programmer with details like memory managment and pointers...

  1. Anonymous Coward

    MS Fire Sale

    What a surprise, WinRT Surface turns out to be the overpriced crap we said it would be upon release and nobody is buying it.

    Feel sorry for the poor kid that gets saddled with one of these.

    1. Quxy
      Thumb Down

      I'd buy one in a heartbeat...

      ...if it wasn't locked down with UEFI Secure Boot to keep me from installing *my* choice of OS.

  2. Robert Moore

    Nothing new

    I have a Surface RT pad offered to me through work, for $199. I passed. So did everyone I work with.

  3. IGnatius T Foobar

    Unlock it and we'll talk.

    I wouldn't mind having one if I could load Android on it. As long as it's running Windows RT it's useless. Even the Microsoft faithful aren't buying this dud. Let's face it: Windows 8, in all of its incarnations, is an unmitigated failure. Let's hope that Microsoft keeps pushing and pushing this fail until it's too late for them to reverse course.

  4. adnim


    If I was given one I would try to sell it.

    MS couldn't pay me enough to use one.

  5. A Butler

    Use the RT then comment.

    How many of the critics here have actually used a Surface RT for a reasonable period of time and put aside the anti-Microsoft chip on their shoulder?

    I have and find it an excellent tablet V's the iPad. And with full Outlook coming with the Windows 8.1 release it will be a real good business traveler device considering Office is free plus no file compatibility issues.

    It has a full size USB 2.0 port , easy output to VGA / HD Video (for your protector and tele), capacity expandable to 64GB, will work with most printers simply.

    As a productive tablet it takes some beating.

    1. Quxy

      But "productive" for what?

      Sure, the Surface RT may be great for consumption of media content. But how does that translate to being a productive educational tool for university students? More likely it'll simply get used for watching pr0n, while the laptop continues to be used for real work.

      1. Tom 35

        Re: But "productive" for what?

        It's not even great for media consumption. It's ok for web surfing, but the media player apps are crap.

        The only thing it can do better then my Nexus 7 is handle Office files (and I've still had it crash on some of my work excel 2010 files) where I need to do more then just take a quick look at something. I'm not 100% sure I'm actually allowed to look at my work files on it, maybe my licensed copy of Office at work covers me...

    2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Re: Use the RT then comment.

      Astroroots consumer advocacy? On El Reg? This is like advocating political correctness on /b/.

  6. Herby

    If someone came out with a proper "jailbreak"...

    It might be the end of things. One of these with the UFEI turned off might actually be a nice things to have, all loaded up with my very own software that I want to use.

    Thing to do: Walk into the "Microsoft Store" and ask if I can load MY software on the Surface goodie. The shopping mall isn't that far away, so I may do it. Of course the Microsoft store is across the isle from the Apple store (wonder why?).

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: If someone came out with a proper "jailbreak"...

      I used to love going into Dixons or the like and asking questions the staff couldn't answer, or changing the screensavers to say rude words. But I was fifteen, I grew out of it, you should too.

  7. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    What about the Software Drivers/Virtual Master Pilots

    What news is there on Masterful Applications for Greater Great Game Play?

    An Immediate Great Game Changer already Initiated and Running like a Dream, is a Concern to Battle Yourself with or better, an Idea to Realise via Virtual Memes and AIMeans into a Stream and Growing Flow of Greater Consciousness IntelAIgently Experienced.

    What worlds and free services, all possible costs paid, can the tablet deliver for real ......... for that is what Global Operating Devices are used for, and useful for too ..... and content for fledgling devices is always the master key to success of capturing device sales.

  8. Francis Boyle

    Have Microsoft

    talked to HP?. I think they need tips on how to do this properly.

  9. Charles3

    Windows 8 is a success

    Microsoft does not have to answer to anyone. They don't need to post records. If the IDC wants to make estimates that's fine, but noone knows the real success but Microsoft. Thier actions state success, not failure. Thier stock states success, not failure. And being charitable to students has always been a cornerstone of Microsoft. Take Office Home and Student. Thank goodness too. Think of my tax dollars being spent for the lowest value per dollar spent Apple. I would hate that.


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