back to article BBC World Service in a jam as China blocks broadcasts

The BBC has claimed China is blocking shortwave radio broadcasts of its World Service, in what could be retaliation for its attempts to cover the recent hacking allegations against the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). In a no-nonsense statement, the Beeb said it “strongly condemns” the behaviour, “which is designed to disrupt …


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  2. Nifty Silver badge

    Suspect news, frankly

    Every time I have been in China, there was simply no practical English language short wave signal anywhere be it city or province. So I no longer carry a SW radio on travels as there is no UK originated content audible on it.

    I doubt anyone owns a SW receiver in China these days either.

    All in all I find it unbelievable that China jams these non-existent (English language??) broadcasts to a non-existent audience.

    And to seal the demise of AM long distance broadcasting, the BBC itself closed down its flagship MW transmitter to Europe that used to allow all Eurocrats to listen in their standard car radios all day any day.

    If the UK wants to get a good PR message out to Chinese citizens, how about ceasing with the humiliating hoops they have to jump through to get a simple visitors' visa to the UK?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Suspect news, frankly

      Agreed. And using «no-nonsense» to describe that news is equally suspect. Where's critical sense?

      It's absurd. It's like claiming they have just forbidden to distribute British news on clay tablets, while still authorizing newspapers.

  3. BongoJoe

    I remember living in Belgium in the 80s and the only transmission from the Word Service that we could get was almost entirely in German.

    There was the American Forces Network and there's no need for me to tell how appalling that was.

  4. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

    "Impartial and Accurate"

    The BBC used to have a reputation for being independent of the UK government in their broadcasts, but in the last couple of decades have sadly had themselves dragged down to the politicians' level. These days, their 'independence' is largely a myth and UK news reporting has a definite pro-government bias to it (whoever the current lot happen to be on a given day).

    1. Psyx

      Re: "Impartial and Accurate"

      That's odd, because not twenty posts above you someone is whining that it's pro-labour...

  5. TeeCee Gold badge

    Just out of interest.

    I wonder what would happen were an unidentified camera team to turn up outside GCHQ unnanounced and equipped with a telephoto lens....

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Just out of interest.

      I wonder what would happen were an unidentified camera team to turn up outside GCHQ unnanounced and equipped with a telephoto lens.... ..... TeeCee Posted Tuesday 26th February 2013 13:28 GMT

      What's good for the goose is good for the gander, TeeCee? .....

      Or as Corporal Jones would say .... "They don't like it up 'em, Sir. They do not like it up 'em"

      1. Nifty Silver badge

        Re: Just out of interest.

        Yeah like complaining that kids keep walking over your little picket fence to steal low hanging apples

  6. All names Taken
    Paris Hilton

    Dear BBC and ultimately

    Dear Whitehall mandarins

    Please don't try a fight with PRC.

    You will lose and in losing also lose what little influence of the diminishing same you presently have, no?

    And when I writ "lose" I mean not in contest of force or armed struggle. Verily thou wilt lose there the same

    No, I mean losses in financial influence and that matters a whole lot more than lives lost yes?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They had better stop jamming by this summer...

    ...or I'll be pissed off. We're heading to a tropical beach in SE Asia for a month this year and I'd like to tune into BBC WS on my trusty shortwave radio from the comfort of my hammock without interference.

    亲爱的中国。请你检点一些,并根据正义的原则。Thank you. Peace.

  8. Sirius Lee

    China adding fire to the Mandiant smoke

    The world over we can rely on those in government being a dumb as posts. What moron would provide the appearance of confirmation of a finger-in-the-air story such as the one by Mandiant in such a crude way? Now the world has reason to believe the Mandiant line to be accurate even if it's complete fiction.

    Or maybe, Chinese the government employs genii and this is a double-bluff to get focus on some non-descript building labelled by Mandiant while the serious work takes place elsewhere.

    Or maybe...

  9. Stretch


    how exactly?

    1. JeffyPooh

      Re: impartial?

      BBC WS uses "credibility pieces" (*) that are gently critical of (for example) the Government of the Day to support trust in their gentle propaganda based on an assumption that the Western/UK way of life is better **.

      * That's the official name of the slightly-critical items; BBC WS had a whole radio show on the topic (amazingly recursive if you think about it).

      ** A mostly true statement anyway (except the teeth that tend to look like a direction sign at the North Pole).


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