back to article Anonymous probed for hack threat against WikiLeaker captors

The Pentagon has asked for an investigation into threats made by the Anonymous hacking collective against officials at Quantico, the Marine brig that is holding accused WikiLeaker Pfc. Bradley Manning. The probe was requested following news reports that members of Anonymous were discussing ways to avenge the 23-year-old Manning …


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      1. Ru

        "they're not the worst in the world"

        Ahh, because other nations indulge in such activities all the time, its perfectly okay for the good old US of A to do so only every now and then? At least, until they're worse than China! I guess at that point its fine to cast aspersions upon them, right? But until then, the western children should quit whining.

        You'll note that N&G made no mention of their relative unpleasantness in the grand scheme of things. Your point is irrelevant, and your argument is pitiful. Presumably you are also a child, but at least you can remain on the moral high ground, being neither cosseted or western, right?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Ha...Your brainwashed if you really believe that. With out a doubt the US has problems but calling them "barbaric fuckers" given the state of other governments in the world is pretty irresponsible. That being said, I do feel bad for Manning and hope the claims of solitary confinement are being exaggerated.

  1. foo_bar_baz
    Thumb Down


    "I stopped giving water to my dog because it pees on the floor everytime it sees me." says the guy who kicks his dog.

    And this is happening under Barack "close Guantanamo" Obama's watch. Disgusting.

  2. SuperTim
    Black Helicopters

    Military Vs Civilian

    I suppose the US gummint seems to think it is absolutely A-OK to "re-educate" Brad every night. Being in the Military, he is not subject to the same laws as civilians would be. They can pretty much do what they want to him. If they think that the same rules apply to civvies being held for the same kinds of crime, then they are wrong, but that probably won't stop them doing it anyway.

    Now where did I put my commemorative Camp X-ray tin cup? I may be needing it soon!

  3. Graham Lockley

    'Pentagon officials say the treatment is not for punitive reasons'

    Where the hell is Amnesty when you need em ? This isn't 'punitive' in the same way that waterboarding wasn't 'torture' !

  4. Mystic Megabyte

    Evil bastards

    It's pretty obvious that reading and exercising will keep your mind away from suicidal thoughts.

    Poor guy!

    Just to remind our American readers why the USA is so despised. For years the USA has de-stabilized any democratically elected government that it did not like whilst blathering on about democracy.For example, Australia.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Take them down, chaps.

    Good luck with this one, Anon, its your biggest target yet.

    Manning should immediately be handed over to civil authority until the point of his trial so that at least SOME standard of human dignity will be granted to him. These US military types are little better than state-sanctioned sadists with a license to torture handed to them by a sick-minded government, w ith a twisted set of morals and principles stemming from a warped interpretation of western religion and philosophy, and a rock-solid belief that relentless and unending pursuit "the bottom line" or "the almighty dollar" are the only true values by which success can be measured.

    I know certain posters on here will disagree and rattle on in defence of Mannings treatment, but I suspect they're the same sort of people who think that the way the 'inmates' at Guantanamo are treated is fair, or the torture and humiliation of prisoners at Abu Gharid was acceptable, and to be frank I simply don't want to engage with the emotionally and mentally deficient types who fit that bill. Personally, if I were presented with such a person, I'd cheerfully see them suffer the same woes they've heaped on their fellow human beings and let THAT serve as a warning to those who seek to justify such abuses in future.

    The same retrogressive and primitive attitude may also lead these neanderthals to defend Mannings treatment on the basis of the their own legal system; they justify the actions by laws. Laws they have created themselves, through sophistry and machination.

    Well, USofA, you are, at the end of the day, a collection of people who have decided to manifest your will, through your laws, on people you are meant to protect. I know another group of such people, called Anonymous, who have decided to manifest THEIR will and THEIR laws on you in response. Their mandate is just as legitimate when looked at simply and without unneccesary complication.

    Do I hear you yelling not fair? Do I see you seeking them out and trying to label them as terrorists and traitors? Tough, US, you made your bed now lie in it. You know, I hear a lot of the world yelling "not fair" back at you, and a fair few labelling you as "the terror" that they have to contend with, and the evidence, to be frank, is mounting against you. And, unlike the poor folk living in mud-brick houses which they share with their goats and their extended families that you like to use your expensive weapon-toys against, THIS group is capable of engaging you on a battlefield for which YOU are poorly trained and equipped, and you're right to be scared.

    The shoe is on the other foot and world opinion is shifting.

    It's starting to say "America? Fuck, no."

    1. Intractable Potsherd Silver badge

      Bravo, AC ...

      ... many, many upvotes are included in the one I am limited to.

      This is a revolution - have no doubt about it. It just goes to show that you can never tell where it is going to come from, but it will come! All of a sudden, I have hope for the world.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    It is a shame...

    ...thatn Anonymous is best known for DDOS attacks. In my book, they are best known for their tireless efforts in worldwide, legal, legitimate picketing of scientology buildings and for the considerable assistance and support given to people who leave said cult and return back to the land of democratic society.

    The years of long standing work done in these avenues far outstrips the few DDoS attacks that I have read about.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Where does it lead...

    ...he might try to choke himself to death on his own tongue, perhaps he should be fitted with a witch's bridle as a precaution against that - for his own benefit, of course.

  8. Thomas 18


    Lets see:

    1. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures

    2. Sleep deprivation (he has to answer every 5 minutes)

    3. Solitary confinement

    4. Nothing to do for 23 hours a day

    No wonder he is suicidal. They want to show the world how much he is going to suffer so that nobody else even thinks of leaking material.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    I smell a new defence for Gary McKinnon

    no one should be extradited to states that have such cruel and inhumane 'punishment' for those awaiting trial.

    the sleep deprivation and no reading material alone, are inhumane and have no grounds. the removal of clothes and confinement are equally so. Heart monitors cost $50 and are a perfectly reasonable alternative to the five minute response, yes they require cooperation, but as an alternative to being awoken every 5 minutes I'm sure cooperation would be forthcoming.

    It truely is sad to see such treatment from such a nation.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Go Anonymous

    see title...

  11. Jacqui

    The "New morality" movement.

    Ben Bova wrote the manual for the current western (and middle east) religeons on how to ensure the politicos and public sit up and beg. They have done everything from picking the politicians through to ensuring only true believers get into decent public schools.

    Oh dont forget he even predicted science being "dropped" in public schools - and if you think that is far fetched just have a chat with some of the very few science teachers left in UK public schools.

    Darwin is already a dirty word in many catholic schools.

    The only thing he got wrong was selene and mars - he though us science folks would work and push harder.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    The US isn't Saudi Arabia...

    I doubt many of the posters here watch any of the TV that talks about the CIA going after those involved in the 9/11 plot back in Pakistan.

    There was one show about a high level Al-Queda prisoner that the CIA captured and brought to an undisclosed location.

    They waterboarded him, unsuccessfully multiple times. And it wasn't until they did a ruse of handing him over to a couple of interrogators pretending to be Saudi military and taking him back to Saudi Arabia for further interrogation that he broke.

    He gave up the names and numbers of two people. I believe one was a member of the Saudi Royal family (there's a lot of them) and one was a high ranking official. In Saudi Arabia, there was no trial.

    One of the 'suspects' was killed in a single car crash. The other was found out in the desert and died of dehydration. (Not a fun way to die btw...)

    You do the math.

    So being in a military brig because he's a military prisoner isn't so bad now, is it?

    1. David Hicks


      He'd get worse if he was in Saudi Arabia so it's OK?

      As long as you're just a little bit better than the worst thing you can think of, then everything is just fine?

      You shouldn't be allowed to vote.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Title req... nah!

    I don't know why the Americans haven't just shot Bradley TBH.

    I mean it's not like he has any grounds to complain, it was perfectly acceptable for him to break the laws to suit his own opinions, and so he must respect that other people have exactly the same right, to do whatever they want, like shoot him.

  14. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Psychopathic Uncle Sam ...... a Suitable Case for Treatment.*

    You couldn't make it up ....... but they are making it up. The trouble is that the facts don't fit the narrative that they are spinning .........

    And was not Obama elected with a well publicised promise to close Gitmo within a year of taking office?

    Leader of the western world? Oh please, a puppet is a muppet is a shill and a fraud.

    *"Morgan, an aggressive and self-admitted dreamer, a fantasist who uses his flights of fancy as refuge from external reality, where his unconventional behavior lands him in a divorce from his wife, Leonie, trouble with the police and, ultimately, incarceration in a lunatic asylum. —IMDb" ......

    1. Old Handle


      From the article you linked: "...I later told the interrogators that their methods were stupid and counterproductive. I'm sure that the false information I was forced to invent in order to make the ill-treatment stop wasted a lot of their time and led to several false red-alerts being placed in the U.S."

      So that's where the "credible information" for all those damn alerts came from. Now it makes sense.


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