back to article Google's 'copied Java code' disowned by Apache

When Oracle sued Google over Android, many assumed the database giant would target code Google lifted from the Apache Foundation's open source Java incarnation, Project Harmony. But Oracle just pinpointed six pages of Google code, claiming they were "directly copied" from copyrighted Oracle material, and according to Apache, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Close the programming industry.

    A few lines of code caused this fuss? Then you programming folks better look out for a new occupation, because I KNOW you Google generation learnt to program using code snippets from Google/Internet, and what's more I KNOW YOU STILL DO IT...!!

  2. Slay
    Big Brother

    Hello World

    Did Oracle copyright that too??

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge


      That would be "Hello Larry"

  3. D. M

    I must not be the only one

    to see that this part of "code" proves nothing. First, as it has been pointed out, it was decompiled, and reformatted.

    The order? well, I remember when I was learning, teacher gave us a simple task, we all had to write a short C code and assembly code (for a specified "multi choice" function). I remember almost everyone got the same order of each variable in the C part, most of us even used very similar name. Myself, I wrote the code in an afternoon, just before the due date, the "idea" suddenly came to my mind. I assume most others did the same. Human brain process certain information in a common order.

    Even I never got into programming, I know only this short code proves nothing. There must be more of remarkable similar code before they can point finger to Google.

  4. bsdtruk

    Oracle's code has GPLv2 License on it (open-source)

    Oracle is being ridiculous. The code they are complaining about is open-sourced. See here for the license that was redacted.

    It's GPLv2 (open-source)!

    Google's version has the Apache license on it:

    At worst Google mistakenly stripped the GPLv2 license and put the Apache license on it. It went from open-source to open-source! This is going to be an easy win for Google. What kind of damages can Oracle claim on free software?


This topic is closed for new posts.

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