back to article Google's Android market needs Jobsian strongman

One of the most hyped technologies of the last year or two is Google's Android. Based on a modified Linux kernel, Android has been heralded as the future of everything from tablets to TVs – and as a release from the stranglehold that Apple's iPhone has on hearts, minds, and wallets of people everywhere. Progress since Android …


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  1. Tim Almond


    "The Android Marketplace runs a distant second to Apple's App Store in terms of numbers and range of applications and sheer profile."

    OK, what's missing from the Marketplace in terms of App functionality that the App Store has? OK, games. What else?

  2. Tom 38 Silver badge


    Ever played with an Android 1.5 based phone? Ever played with one that the manufacturer won't/hasn't released updates to the latest version of Android?

    Lots of apps that are available for iOS aren't available for android. There may be 17 different fart apps, but there is also unique apps, like the Marvel Comics app. Where's that on android?

    I'm not a huge fan of Apple's walled garden, but there is a lot to look at there.

    Personally, what put me off Android was that lots of it is Java based. I've vowed never to touch anything related to Java, so it's a deal breaker. Even Objective-C is nicer than Java.

    1. Eponymous Cowherd

      Updates, apps and Java

      The Updates fiasco provided by the likes of Vodafone could seriously damage Android. Being 6 months into a two year contract with a 1.6 based phone that the service provider (I'm looking at Vodafone UK, here) won't commit to update is extremely annoying and could put people off Android. The fence sitting is the most annoying thing, they refuse to say whether they will or won't update your phone.

      There are, indeed, a lot of garbage apps on the Android Market. There are also a lot of apps that you cannot (and, due to Apple's App Store policies, never will), see on an iPhone. Generally there *is* and app for most things on the market, and, unlike the iPhone, if there isn't an app, I can write it myself (on Windows, Mac or Linux) and don't need to pay anyone to deploy it on my own phone.

      There's nothing wrong with Java (at least, no more than any other language), and, IMHO, the Android API is rather elegant and powerful, though that's obviously a matter of personal preference. You do realise we are talking about something that is more akin to the full J2SE, rather than the J2ME abortion that is used to provide Java apps for most other phones. That, I will concede, is a frightful mess.

      Running a rooted Vodafone Magic. Got pissed off with waiting for Vodafone to make their blasted minds up.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Nothing Wrong With Java

        ..except that it is slow as a dog and consumes memory like a hungry Polar Bear. Serious people use C++ or Objective C. There's an Android SDK for that.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down

      Who cares about marvel comic apps

      People don't buy a phone to buy a marvel comic app. And if marvel comic app is not present, Android is not going to lose, it is Marvel who is going to lose. Here is one small little calculation for you. Apple said they paid 1 billion dollars over 3 years, there are 2.5L apps out in appstore, so if we divide, we get 4K dollars per app over 3 years, so per year is 1.3K dollars which is less than the average salary in Sudan(hopefully). So obviously the vast majority of apps are just fart apps making no money or very little downloads. And guess which is no.1 and no.2 app on IPhone, it is facebook and google maps and on android it is google maps. Some stupid comic nerd would probably be a little upset that marvel comic app is not there. It is immaterial to the growth of android. About the 1.5 phone yeah that is sad, but unfortunately that is the price to pay due to the rapid pace of innovation of Android. Hopefully vendors will move their 1.5 phones to 2.1, else they are going to lose customers.


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