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December 19 Update no.4 - changes Changed screen outside site background colour from white to grey. Top Art in stories - now editorially selectable - in response to feedback about relevance (see above). Reduced headline font size on Hero “story” at top of front page, articles and forum pages. Masthead - entirely …

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  1. Joseph Eoff


    Much better. Doesn't fix the fixed width or the white, but at least it isn't as annoying - it is only ugly.

    Now if someone would comeup with a greasemonky script to fix all the white and fix the width.

    AdBlock Edge rules:



    title=Fix the Reg

    [Subscription filters]













    @-moz-document domain(theregister.co.uk) {

    a { color: #101070!important; }

    a:visited { color: #A01010!important; }

    a:hover{ color: #FFFFFF!important; background: #3F455A!important; }


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Ahhh...

      Have adblock installed but have no idea as to how to implement your suggestion. The site used to be good but now I only visit it the odd time. The idea of having to do all that scrolling is just driving me away and as for the new layout, my 14 year old son could design something better in minecraft, that would look nice and encourage users to stay. Back to the original question, can you post somewhere instructions on how us non-tech people can get rid of the pictures, change the colour and generally make the site more useful and (more importantly), more readable / useable? It would be really appreciated as I would like to continue reading the Register but I just cannot face it in its current condition.

      As an aside, the first time the site loaded, I totally shut down the windows machine as I thought the site had been hi-jacked, it looked so ugly and non-IT and followed none of their standards. Refused to visit until I got my hands on a Linux box and then discovered the disaster of the redesign that they had done. Pity somebody can't do a scraper to get us back to the old way (or something similar). I would much more prefer to use that then the current pile of sh1te that they have. It is just so ugly, it makes the ugly duckling look beautiful. H3ll, then monster out of any film / story is better looking and more sensitive than this sites current layout. What an unmitigated disaster - it is just so yuck (I believe the IT term would be "clusterfuck". Is this correct?

      As another aside, can anybody suggest a site to replace El Reg? If so, let me know as anything else would be better than this crap. Many thanks to the commentators who know what we need and not to the re-designers who are driving the readers aware in their droves. (pity we cannot compare W8 take up numbers with the drop-off in this sites usage - that would make interesting reading). Guess 18 pages of commentards complaining means nothing, just the same attitude as MS have. Oh well, time to move on.

      1. Mostly Human

        Re: Ahhh...

        Try http://www.theinquirer.net, started by Reg co-founder Mike Magee. At least the headline tabs are NOT ALL IN SHOUTY UPPERCASE.

    2. Extra spicey vindaloo
      Thumb Up

      Re: Ahhh...

      Thankyou for the adblock filters. have an upvote sir.

  2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    Is the story photo selection automated?

    Is there an automated keywords based system being used in some case to select stock photos for some stories?

    See the "More from the Register" section in this story...


    Three related stories with "Police" in the title and all with the same stock image.

    If this is the case, that would explain the almost total irrelevance of many of the story title images and whoever sold you that sofware made out like a bandit.

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Is the story photo selection automated?

      No, the images are uploaded and selected by busy humans.


      1. The Mole

        Re: Is the story photo selection automated?

        In that case they need better training to pick ones that are an appropriate size and quality not stretched and distorted like the eu flag.

        Better still make their lives slightly less busy and don't force pictures in for the sake of it. Its an old journalism adage that the picture should add to the story, just because you are digital doesn't make it any less true.

        All a massive picture of the EU flag (or other stock photo) does at the top of an article is waste space and forces immediate scrolling to read more than a line of the story - meaning you now only have 1 line to get my interest not the whole paragraph. It also pushes adverts off the screen reducing views and potential clicks.

        Currently I've not installed any ad-blocking and even occasionally click the adverts to support el reg. These images are annoying me so much that I'm seriously tempted to block out all images to make the site usable again.

        1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

          Re: Re: Is the story photo selection automated?

          "In that case they need better training to pick ones that are an appropriate size and quality"

          Problem is that the site used to be 535px wide and most of the teaser art was about 200px wide. So a lot of our internal pic library is <650px. Then the width was increased to 650px in the redesign. It'll take time to flush the smaller stuff away and populate the library with hi-res images.


          1. Joseph Eoff

            Re: Is the story photo selection automated?

            Easy fix - make the picture size SMALLER so it doesn't cover half the damned page, then you won't need hi-res images.

          2. Mage

            Re: Is the story photo selection automated?


            No image bigger than 200 pixel

            Most 64 x 64.

            You need Hires images like you need a hole in the head.

            This isn't the BBC!

      2. Mage

        Re: Is the story photo selection automated?

        I'm amazed that:

        1) You can admit it

        2) You have not yet shrunk the images, yes I know I'm not on 19.2K dialup since November 2005, but postage stamp main images and icon sized subsidiary images are better.

        I can recommend a range of free or cheap image editing tools and point you to a tutorial. Because the site is still absolute rubbish.

        1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

          Re: Re: Is the story photo selection automated?

          Yes, all right, David Bailey ;-)

          We've got images up to and beyond 650px, some 2000px, some 185px, some 200, some 450, and so on. It's not all sub-650px. This comes from optimizing images for a site serving 20+ million page views a month. We're gearing up for bigger and better image use, just give it time.

          Edit: I swear every downvote makes me not want to spend my time here.


          1. Joseph Eoff


            "We're gearing up for bigger and better image use, just give it time."


            I've just killed all the damned oversize, useless images with adblock, and now you tell me you want to add more of the damned things?

            We keep telling you "get rid of the pictures," you keep saying you are listening to us, then you go and say you are going to add more (and bigger) pictures.

            Are you just fucking with us then?

            "We're listening...... NOT. Hahahaha!"

          2. Joseph Eoff

            Re: I swear every downvote makes me not want to spend my time here."

            Quote diodesign: "Edit: I swear every downvote makes me not want to spend my time here."

            Then fix the fucking problems.

            I guarantee you, everytime you fix a problem and post a notification of it, you will get so many upvotes it will more than make up for all the down votes.

          3. jake Silver badge

            @ diodesign (was: Re: Is the story photo selection automated?)

            "I swear every downvote makes me not want to spend my time here."

            Might want to ask yourself "How can we fix this interface so I don't see negative comments about the current piss-poor version?", instead of ignoring the user-base opinion.

            That persistent menu bar & "must see" pop-ups should be the first to go ...

            1. Anonymous Custard Silver badge

              Re: @ diodesign (was: Is the story photo selection automated?)

              I swear every downvote makes me not want to spend my time here.

              We feel the same way about oversized and obscuring stock pictures that don't add anything to the site or stories...

          4. Vic

            Re: Is the story photo selection automated?

            We've got images up to and beyond 650px, some 2000px, some 185px, some 200, some 450, and so on. It's not all sub-650px

            A copy of mogrify - which will cost you the pricely sum of £0.00 - will give you all that art in whatever format/size you want. The big upscales might look a bit shit, but that's the last of your problems.

            A script to do the whole damn lot to all the sizes you've planned will take less than an hour to write. I'll even volunteer to do it for you, for free.

            But - as has been said so many times - you're trying to fix a problem that is entirely of your own causing. Reverting to the old format makes the whole problem go away...


      3. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

        Re: Is the story photo selection automated?

        "No, the images are uploaded and selected by busy humans."


  3. Joseph Eoff

    Not again...

    All aboard the fail boat...

    The length of the fron page seems to be controlled by javascript. If you deactivate javascript, then the fron page is 12 screens long (has articles back to 12 December, thats 5 days.)

    With javascript, it is only 4 screens long and only has articles up to 1 day old.

  4. Joseph Eoff

    Better ABE Rules



    title=Fix the Reg

    [Subscription filters]













  5. Lizard

    I've read through a lot of the feedback on the redesign, I haven't yet noticed any positive comments..

    Are El Reg planning to do what your legions of loyal followers desire are roll back to the old site design?

    TBH, I can't believe there was no beta test of the new site design prior to roll-out to gauge users reaction.

    At least when Google maps had their update there is the option to revert to classic maps.

    The Register used to be my home page for all browsers - not anymore!


  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well done on the re-design!

    No, seriously.

    I have never before seen such a show of unanimity amongst the commentards of this (previously) fine organ.


  7. Joseph Eoff
    Thumb Up

    Thumbs up

    You should have done this earlier. With the new design to motivate me, I've got a set of adblock rules and usercontent.css that actually makes the site easier to use as compared to the old one.

    There's things I could do to make me like it even more, but now that the pain is (much) reduced, I'll probably stick with what I've got.

  8. Mage

    Almost a solution

    This version of El Reg

    Perhaps with icons.

  9. Mage

    A hyper link compromise

    200 pix header images and smaller.

    Make them clickable to THEN load a full size / larger one. You are NOT running the BBC or a Porn site.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    1998 called...

    They want their story line back:

    What The Register did:


    How most of us feel:


  11. The Quiet One

    I wonder how much of the site traffic is just people;

    1. Coming to see if they have rolled back yet

    2. Coming to this thread to have a laugh at the vitriolic comments

    That's the only reason I come here now. It's laughable no roll back has been done yet, I am starting to think someone forgot to take a backup before they launched the new site.

    1. Mage
      IT Angle

      At worst ...

      They can fix most of the stupid BBC style on bbc.com by using SMALLER Images. Not bigger.

    2. chivo243 Silver badge

      Are you over my shoulder

      @The Quiet One

      These are the only reasons I have returned since Saturday.

      Upvote for the back up comment, I'll be sharing this tomorrow in the office.

      So for constructive criticism:

      I saw El Reg front page on an iSlab the other day, it looked "normalish". I did not navigate the site.

      Please bring back the "Most Commented" tab. I used it almost daily. It usually contained the most lively discussions.

      Please add a few more icons to the mix on the comments page. The Tin foil hat would be a place to start. Possibly a PHB(like the guy in Dilbert) would be nice, as well as the BOFH and PFY, I'm sure those icons would get lots of use.

      And maybe the possibility of adding two icons to a post, you know for effect like big fat pictures at the top of each story.

      And would it kill you to let us have a sig? Limit 40 keystrokes? Less? More?

      I would like to know what post was last up/downvoted as well. Not just a running total of all votes. Maybe a notification you have a reply to a post would be nice, doesn't have to be email or anything, just a little balloon next to your name at the top of the page?

      In the end, I'm having trouble seeing where El Reg is going with this new approach. Do they get more mobile traffic than desk/laptops? Do they really want to be a discussion forum? Or just a content delivery vehicle? I'm just not seeing a clear cut reasoning for the change.

      Here's a smile :-} and have a pint as well, I think we all need it!

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No change

    Despite hundreds of comments and thousands of up votes supporting them, El Reg have done the square root of fuck all to back this out.

    This is a massive 'up yours' to the very loyal fan base of this delightful tome, but I for one will no longer put up with this pile of shit.

    1. FartingHippo
      Thumb Down

      Re: No change

      It looks a bit different and so you're flouncing off into the sunset? Get a grip.

      1. John Mangan

        Re: No change


        - The site owners can change the site any way they please. It is their site.

        - Visitors to the site can decide that the site does not meet their needs, is too irritating to look at, makes their eyes bleed, whatever and not come back.

        That is not 'flouncing off into the sunset' it is exercising choice.

        However I think the general tenor here is that:

        - we presume that the site owners want to maintain (or even grow) the number of visitors to the site.

        - most posters find the site content DOES meet their needs but the site is making access too difficult/irritating/whatever.

        Said posters have tried to convey this to the site owners (with varying grades of bile/sarcasm/pleading/threats of violence) so that all parties can come to some accommodation that meets everyone's need.

        However I, and others judging from the posts, are detecting a subtext of, 'we think it is fine and we don't know what you are moaning about' from the site owners.

        They keep referring to the 'shock of the new' as though IT people are the most hidebound in the world and seem to be unable to grasp the 'shock of the crap'.

        As others have pointed out; in terms of comments alone this is the single most important story on this site and has been for over a week! More commentards are united on this subject than has ever happened before.

        The site owners can choose to let the site wither in terms of page views/ad revenue/etc. and visitors can choose to visit no more.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: No change

        "It looks a bit different and so you're flouncing off into the sunset? Get a grip."

        Not into the sunset, no.

  13. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. storax

      Re: el Reg has lost control of the story

      You're right about DrewC.

      But diodesign deserves all the crap he's getting. The original posts on this thread were *full* of insightful comments, pointers from IT professionals who normally get *paid* for their analysis. What was diodesign's response?

      "I'm right, all of you are wrong, and now you've hurt my feelings. If you don't like what I have to say, then I think I'll have to ignore you all. Boo hoo hoo."

      <switching focus to El Reg staff>

      The colorful and downright insulting comments are meant to *GET YOUR ATTENTION*, and they don't seem to be working. Hence the increase in vitriol.

      We're royally pissed off because your truly wonderful site has become neigh-all unusable.

      I'll post a considered comment later, but for the moment I'll down vote everything diodesign says short of an abject apology. Who the hell do you think your readers are, anyway? A bunch of neophytes?

      1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

        Re: Re: el Reg has lost control of the story

        "I'll down vote everything diodesign says short of an abject apology"

        I'm sorry.


        1. storax

          Re: el Reg has lost control of the story

          And I apologize to you. Unreservedly.

      2. Trevor_Pott Gold badge


        You know, sir...nobody's perfect. But I promise you that @diodesign doesn't "deserve" any crap from anyone. He's a wonderful person, and he's my friend. In case you don't know me, I don't make friends easily. I'm a cynical, anti-social git who is far too introverted for his own good. But @diodesign is good people, and I'd stake my life on that claim.

        So I ask you - and everyone else here - cut him some slack. He honestly does want to do what's best for everyone, and I promise you he's really not a dick at all. If you want to yell at someone, yell at me. I'm the resident asshat at The Register.

        So let's start this over. We all have off days, and he really is a good guy.

        1. storax

          Re: @storax

          You're absolutely right.

          My bad.

    2. chivo243 Silver badge

      Re: el Reg has lost control of the story


      "DrewC was the one who pulled the trigger on Eadon - that's got to count for something."

      You mean to tell me that Eadon was a real person?? Not just a fictional character assumed by someone at the reg to keep the discussions lively?

      Wow, I'll be putting my head back in the sand now.

  14. Busby

    Sure it will have been mentioned previously but I do miss the most commented option alongside most read. Overall though relatively happy with the redesign but I would prefer something with less glare than white for the background.

    1. Sir Runcible Spoon

      A nice parchment colour would be nice.

      I've resisted commenting until I gave the design a chance to 'work on me' as it were, and I still dislike it.

      Apart from the El Reg attitude and comments section, it now looks like any other site out there, covered in graphics and white space and hard to see what I want to read at a short glance.

      However, it's hard to get to the El Reg attitude and comments sections if I don't actually read the stories in the first place.

      I normally read around 50% of the stories on any given day, that's dropped to around 20% now as the site just feels less welcoming and familiar (being familiar shouldn't be considered bad btw).

      Is this the 'new and improved' El Reg, the one where they change some of the key ingredients so it no longer tastes quite the same and your brand loyalty dwindles, letting in the supermarket chains with their cut-price equivalent that doesn't taste that much worse than the 'new and improved' old favourite?

      I'll give it another month or so I expect, because I've gotten a lot out of the site over the years.

      @Drew & Chris - I know you guys are doing your best, but I think you may have just pointed out to everyone in big bold (flashing) letters that you are media first, and the local rag second. Don't let the down-votes get you down, it's just the commentards way of saying they love you, but hate what you stand for :P

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Agree on the size. Please decrease the size on the pictures and the head lines. Also, if possible, could you eliminate the "floating" menu bar at the top? I never manually use these links to navigate the site, and it takes away pixels from reading space.

    Besides that, not much to say, and I'd give the new design a clear 3/5. Consider me neutral.

  16. TheRealRoland

    Commenting when browsing mobile?

    Is it possible to give back commenting when browsing on mobile? Not sure how to get there from here.

    I'm on Android, KK 4.4.2, using Firefox, but am not seeing a comment button.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Quick wins

    If rolling back to the old design is too much hassle, may I humbly suggest:

    - All images on the front page reduced in size by 1/3 each direction.

    - All images on the top of stories reduced in size by 1/2 in each direction, or removed entirely. I favour the latter.

    Those changes would make me happier. In particular, the top-of-story images are absurdly over dominating and make your site like one of those nasty click-bait 'best of the web, people are snapping up iPads for £1 with this "crazy" old trick' sites that infest every other site out there.

    Oh, and if you can put a sponsored link to something to do with security on every page mentioning Sony, that'd be great.

  18. msknight

    No death threats?

    Whadda ya want? A visit from Achmed the suicide bomber? I think his "strap" line, is, "I will kill you!!!" or something. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZUVDjBCT3o

  19. WaveyDavey

    I really miss the 5 hot stories mini chooser with rollover that used to appear top left of page. Dunno what you call it but missed.

  20. Spoon Monkey

    Marathon Bar

    Too bright, too white, have to scroll much more, The main picture is too big, I find it harder to scan the headlines. I liked having the top section with the most important stories and then below just having them by age (although I struggle to understand why the exchange 2010 rollup 8 story was not there. That borked my mailserver and I am still picking up the pieces!)

    It just seems a bit marathon bar and/or ain't broke don't fix it to me. Same content but why do it?

    1. Sir Runcible Spoon

      Re: Marathon Bar

      Although our 'Marathon' was actually called 'Snickers' everywhere else but the UK if I recall - we were the odd one's out there. Not a like for like comparison :)

  21. Stephen Booth
    Thumb Up

    I like it

    One big improvement is it works much better with scripting turned off.

    Mind you the way the previous design would match up stories with the wrong picture unless scripts were on was hilarious to say the least.

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