back to article Amazon finishes pumping $4B into AI darling Anthropic

Amazon says it has concluded its investment in AI super-startup Anthropic, which now stands at $4 billion, a figure the e-commerce colossus committed to last year. In September, the Big A plowed $1.25 billion into the upstart, and it's now added the final $2.75 billion as promised. The deal makes Amazon Web Services the …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    If the honest truth be told ..... and to deny it be a crime against humanity?

    The watchdog is concerned that tech giants may be distorting the AI market and limiting competition.

    Tech giants developing programs and projects for and with Learned Large Language Learning Machines doing all manner of federal government things significantly better than present incumbent competition realise AI has aided and abetted and permitted is really the true concern that so worries its lackey support systems and the US Federal Trade Commission, methinks.

  2. Watashi

    20 seconds to comply

    Wait, so one of the main competitors in the AI sector is selling itself on the basis that it is less unsafe than its competitors? Way to build confidence! "We Build Safer Systems" sounds like it's straight out of a Paul Verhoeven movie. We're all doomed :(

  3. Korev Silver badge

    The deal makes Amazon Web Services the primary cloud provider for Anthropic, with the understanding that the machine-learning upstart will deploy its future foundation models on AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips.

    An Amazon spokesperson said the arrangement is a cash investment and no portion of it consists of AWS cloud credits,

    Can someone explain to me like I'm five why Autonomy is in a lot of trouble for allegedly paying their customers to use their software; but Amazon are allowed to do this?

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