back to article Europe calls for joint cyber defense to ward off Russia

The European Commission on Thursday proposed a cyber defense policy in response to Europe's "deteriorating security environment" since Russia illegally invaded Ukraine earlier this year. The Commission, citing recent cyber attacks on energy networks, transportation infrastructure and space assets, called on member states to " …

  1. pavel.petrman Silver badge

    "Cyber is the new domain in warfare"

    Well, perhaps new to those who ceaselessly insist everything must be backdoored politians. We, the lowly plebs, have been aware of this for quite some time now.

    1. Mike 137 Silver badge

      Re: "Cyber is the new domain in warfare"

      "To be up to the challenges and threats ahead of us, we need modern and interoperable European armed forces equipped with the latest cyber defense capabilities."

      How can anyone 'defend' public facing systems that are riddled with exploitable vulnerabilities? Until this situation is hugely improved, any attempts at defence will be marginally effective at best, or mere window dressing at worst.

      1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

        Re: "Cyber is the new domain in warfare"

        The attacks are organized to run around all current defenses, we monitor all incoming emails, refusing anything that contains a virus and then quarantining all suspicious emails, this morning everyone (even sales@etc) in the company received emails that sailed through the AV checks and said they were from the government ...delivering a "clean" email with a PHP link in a document to "Enable you to boost your Social Security payment" ... opening the email in a secure environment and it looks real, so I think the current infection rates are normal - it will not be surprising if other people out there follow up on this and get infected.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Presently are Traditional SCADA Systems Being Effectively Annihilated in a Raging Global CyberWar?

    AWEsome is as AWEsome does. It is a crying shame bordering on criminal corporate negligence and arrogant ignorant hubris that UKGBNI are so perversely stuck in so many a deep and dark webbed rut, so far behind the future curves in which dwell almighty unprecedented leads, that all they can muster to send in response to that which they certainly need in spades is ......

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for expressing an interest in AWE 20. The paper sift has now been completed.

    During the paper sift stage of the project each product was marked on its own merits by a team of Military and MOD personnel as well as engineers from DE&S. It was decided as a panel that AWE 20 would not be the right trials arena to test and understand the technology. As I’m sure you can understand we have a limited time to investigate a wide range of products from a wide question set and as such the panel had to ensure that AWE was the most appropriate arena to test the products. Products such as yours will be passed onto relevant project teams / TDUs to ensure awareness of the product is raised and I would encourage you to attend the VIP day to gain further exposure for the technology.

    Kind regards,

    Toby [Mr Toby Love | Corporate Commercial Delivery Team | SEQT Commercial Placement Officer

    MOD Abbey Wood South, #1261 | Spruce 2B | Bristol | BS34 8JH

    CIV: 030 679 83211 MIL: 9679 31551 |]

    What is it that they say about dumb animals and of donkeys leading lions ..... You can lead a dying horse to water but you can't make it think to drink?

    *The posit here is .... Yes, they certainly are.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Maybe I don't follow the news closely enough

    Because the successful espionage attacks that I recall targeting European politicians and defence industry were mostly from our US "partners", often with another EU government agencies collaboration. Plus a couple attributed to Morocco using allegedly Israeli technology, plus some publicly unconfirmed threats from the UAE(!?)

    I'm sure the Russians do try, that's their job after all, but are they the most serious threat or is it just that we're being choosy as to who we're going to take it up the arse from?

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Reading the Runes Between and Behind Quantum Coded Communication Lines ....

    What does IT tell you, El Reg/Jessica,The Register's cybersecurity editor/El Regers, other than everything confirming the undeniable fact that all current present protective security domain systems are fundamentally FCUKed and totally ineffective against novel invisible competition and noble intangible opposition, whenever shared news of its virile and vigilant, virulent and venerable spread is both clearly absent and avoided main stream, with such a negligent omission and wilful abdication of honourable civic duty to better accurately inform, educate and entertain the masses of unfolding future events providing ever furthering deep and dark cover for that and/or those trailing any and all such developments in top secret trials.

    The Main Stream Media news presenting and publishing situations of late is particularly dire and woefully continually depressing, and with future proposed actions and inactions in the pipelines surely set to make and prove everything much worse than was ever expected, rather than there being any chance of internetworking things being improved and made significantly better, what is one to realistically and accurately conclude about the existing state of native intelligence used, and rightly think of the conservative collection of regular muppets and traditional puppets stepping up to the podia and into the politically inept spotlight pimping and pumping and dumping their perverse austere visions and crazy versions delivering more of the same old style failed policies and programmes rather than providing the seeds and feeds of Future Commanding Universal Knowledge for Global Command Head Quarters ‽ .

    IT is indeed fortunate that AIdDevelopments are not to be so negatively/criminally disadvantaged/misdirected and hampered from making unhindered stellar progress in fields which address the persistent distress of studious endemic ignorance attending to products and services parading a pompous self-defeating and destructive arrogance.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I hope this doesn’t affect my online relationship with Svetlana

    She loves me, she told me.

    One day we’ll meet and you’ll see!

    1. Zolko Silver badge

      Re: I hope this doesn’t affect my online relationship with Svetlana

      I bet she's not as rich as my next girlfriend from Nigeria, the daughter of former defense minister N'Golo, who will send me 23 millions anytime soon.

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Darned if They Do, Damned if They Don't.

        I bet she's not as rich as my next girlfriend from Nigeria, the daughter of former defense minister N'Golo, who will send me 23 millions anytime soon. ..... Zolko


        How do the promises to deliver millions anytime soon from your next girlfriend from Nigeria, the daughter of former defense minister N'Golo, compare to those which the current No10 Cabinet Defence Minister is promising to deliver in the sum of extra billions over the next few years?

        Are they on an equal par similar footing to those of bare-faced star bull-sitters and/or pathological liars?

        We surely deserve to know lest their pronouncements be despicable and untenable and their resultant non-positive actions provoke civil strife and revolutionary reaction?

        And the following few words are worth reading and understanding, explaining as they do a criminal Catch 22 which practically all democratically elected, capitalist economy government systems are guilty of, with it practically ensuring their own increasingly rapid exploding and imploding markets demise should they choose to continually ignore and not fundamental rectify it ....... although quite how to do that is something else best left for another time whenever such is the main topic being discussed to be addressed with novel solutions/revolutionary answers.

        Nobel laureate Milton Friedman had a wonderful explanation about the difference between government spending your money and you spending your own money. If you spend your own money on yourself, you will spend it wisely. If you spend your own money on someone else, a Christmas present perhaps, you will spend it somewhat less wisely. If you spend someone else’s money on yourself, you will spend it even less wisely. If you spend someone else’s money on someone else, you really cannot know what other people want and you really don’t care how the money is spent. The last is what government does.

        Private homes deteriorate over time. They require constant upkeep just to keep them in the same functional condition. Private homes need new roofs every few decades, repainting, restuccoing, repairs to the driveway, plumbing, etc. If government raises taxes for any reason the homeowner has fewer resources with which to maintain his property in good condition. If the government prints money instead of raising taxes, the result is approximately the same, because maintenance costs will increase in dollar terms. Economists refer to this phenomenon as “the inflation tax.”


        Government spending destroys economies, whether taxes increase or not. It is the spending itself that sucks real, productive resources from the economy. Britons will be bitterly disappointed that the economy does not recover and may actually regress due to their politicians’ unwillingness not only to cut spending but their willingness to increase it. ......

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