back to article CIOs in Europe warned: Be wary of tech price inflation

Chief information officers in Western Europe should buckle up for enterprise tech price inflation in 2023 unless local currencies stage something of a dramatic recovery against the US dollar. Or so says everyone's favourite soothsayer, Gartner, which was in forecasting mode as the close of the year looms and thoughts turn to …

  1. Binraider Silver badge

    Heh. If business budgets magically increase to track price gouging I'll eat my hat. Much more likely to see layoffs to cover those increases. Suppliers know there is only so much they can get away with; squeeze too hard and they'll lose their gig.

    Imagine being an NHS IT procurement type. Yeah, you ain't going to have no budget increase to work with there no matter the increased demands from both suppliers and customers.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Hell is the Time and CHAOS the Place for Everything Going So Well, Until It Wasn’t and Isn’t.

    Of course, everything everyone's favourite soothsayer, aka bullshitter-in-chief, Gartner, says, turns to ashes and pixie dust whenever the strong dollar tale is realised a fanciful myth pumped and dumped and pimped by a desperate assortment of captive unicorn and Ponzi merchants to international mass markets flash crashing in the blinding light of emerging advanced intelligence and crack hacked proprietary intellectual property knowledge sharing ...... easily simply proving nothing shared there is fake news, or if you prefer, quickly able to smartly prove and even illustrate with any number of catastrophic demonstrations, everything shared here in not fake news either.

    And whenever the emperor has no clothes, and what is revealed is extremely disappointing and unworthy of support and succour/maintenance and relief, the only intelligent choice for future engagement is fundamental revolutionary wholesale positive mutually beneficial universal change. Anything else delivers certain death and guaranteed destruction which should make one’s free choice a definite no-brainer, however, as has been noted and oft commented on in the past, creating as it does, if ever it be honestly true, a vast army of self-harming problems and persistent pathetic difficulties ......"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

    So what would IT to be, if your choice really mattered and held any sway? OMGWTF Let there be Light and a Great Change and Fundamental Existential Reset or more of the same old traditional dross and conventional FUD and SNAFUBAR ?

    What do you think an Advanced Astute and/or an Artificial Alien Intelligence Intervention would ensure was failsafe guaranteed to successfully proceed and deliver with all necessary future compatible supply?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Dear Mars

      1.) I suggest you control the amount of Russian Sites you visit. They can only do Naysaying. Currently you read them too much.

      2.) I recently bought a powerful computer for 1000 Euros. Very nicely integrated HW+SW, Apple M1 CPU - blazing fast, excellent charging performance, long battery endurance.

      2.2) What can you buy from Russia ? 30 year old Auto designs ? Methane+nuclear annihilation threats ? Or metals+threats ?

      3.) Maybe you join the British Army to learn more about the world ? I can assure you that NATO Intelligence is very much at the top of their game. If we need a Currency Reform, then so be it. Will arouse some crazies, but will not end the world

      3.2) NATO agriculture is the most productive agriculture mankind has ever seen. 2% of population feed 100% of population. Can you imagine that ? Do you understand that the other 98% can do some idling due to monetary issues ?

      4.) Looking into the rear mirror we see the glorious past of all NATO nations. Nobody comes close to our scientific and economic achievements. We are the Sheperd dog and the others are just Dachshunds.

      Grüße aus dem Schwabenland.

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Re: Dear Mars ..... and ITs Mad Bad Sad Rad Worlds

        3.) Maybe you join the British Army to learn more about the world ? I can assure you that NATO Intelligence is very much at the top of their game. If we need a Currency Reform, then so be it. Will arouse some crazies, but will not end the world .... Anonymous Coward

        Grüß Dich, AC,

        Do you honestly actually believe there is no need for Currency Reform? And do you think NATO intelligence would agree with you that there is no such need?

        If that is indicative of them being very much at the top of their game, that is the opposite of assuring and is extremely disappointing and revealingly disturbing, for such would be, to many of a persistent contrary persuasion, as a heavenly sent, devilish convenient titanic weakness to attack and exploit to a standstill for inaugural fundamental change or its future customer confidence destruction.

        ????? I suppose the British Army is able to teach one how crazy worlds can be, but I would not have thought it was something recruits joined up for to learn. Civvy Street is manic and insane enough to provide all of that all of the time to whoever would want it, or need it to both quench and seed an unsavoury feed.

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