back to article Intel has a secret club in the cloud for devs to try out new chips – and you ain't in it

Intel has announced the Intel Developer Cloud, a platform intended to make it easier for commercial customers to get early access to yet-to-be-released technologies. The chipmaker announced the Intel Developer Cloud at its Intel Innovation 2022 event this week. Ahead of the official rollout, the x86 giant said it will be …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    I know of a very suitable and extremely sensitive case for Intel NDA treatment able to enable and make greater better than normal good use of all of their goodies and services, but it would create for them a quandary, and even great physical danger, if they weren’t able to guarantee any proposed future activity be treated as MkUltra Sensitive Classified Top-Secret and not universally known because of the colossal damage that may be wrought with its abuse or misuse.

    And with its ability to be equally well suited and booted as either a leading Western confection or a pioneering Eastern delight, is it something of a precious jewel amongst pearls and swine.

  2. mattaw2001

    I am not happy sharing projects in dev with Intel - are there guarantees for privacy etc.?

    QC is terribly important, and these new hybrid cores are new to the x86 space, so testing on the actual hardware is essential.

    However, I am not overly fond of sharing our nearly completed project(s) with Intel first - what are the guarantees for privacy etc.? I assume their cloud system will record everything, and possibly be swept up into backups as well. I also guess that Intel will require us to indemnify them from any responsibility for a leak, and we are not big enough to get a custom arrangement in place.

    It is still a big step up for smaller shops who don't have lots of different chips and chipsets to test on though.

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