back to article US bans some foreign investments in chips, AI, quantum computing

President Biden has issued an executive order that prohibits certain entities from investing in US organizations if it will give the investor access to certain information technologies and/or US data. It's catchily titled the Order on Ensuring Robust Consideration of Evolving National Security Risks by the Committee on Foreign …

  1. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Spying in the 21st century

    > consider is whether a foreign investor could undertake "activity designed to undermine the protection or integrity of data in storage or databases or systems housing sensitive data."

    Is that how modern espionage works: "I've just bought a share in your company ... now you have to give me the plans to all your research!" I have a feeling it isn't quite that simple.

    Or is this more about assuaging the feelings of politicians, detached from reality, who *think* that's how it goes.

    1. Cederic Silver badge

      Re: Spying in the 21st century

      It's American protectionism, something with a long tradition back to Lincoln.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Spying in the 21st century

      Is that how modern espionage works: "I've just bought a share in your company ... now you have to give me the plans to all your research!" I have a feeling it isn't quite that simple.

      Not really. What they are concerned about is buying enough shares to appoint a majority to the board, and then sending the IP to China. Personally, I don't think it's ever been done that way.

      This is how IP theft worked historically when the US was openly stealing British technology and given the number of times that the media publishes stories about Chinese citizens being done for espionage one would imagine that the major advance is in a different area; encourage your own citizens to go abroad for education and then encourage them to apply for jobs in a target list of strategic companies even if they are overqualified and would be underpaid in these jobs.

      The employers won't believe their luck and a couple of years later their Chinese employees quit to return to China, taking at minimum their knowledge of how the firm operates with them [which as per the article was enough for America to steal knowledge from Britain], and possibly along with all of the digital documents and plans that can be crammed on removable storage media.

      Of course, if a company turned around today and said that they weren't employing Chinese staff because of this risk then they'd be roasted to death on social media for being racist, and sued by our own government for discrimination in their hiring practices.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Go East if the Slaying of Ancient Beasts and Providing of New Feasts is Impossible in the West

    That ban virtually guarantees an accelerated Western decline, resulting in a colossal shift of novel and extremely sensitive proprietary intellectual property which can be dual use/multi-use progressive and a subject/object for practical indefensible weaponisation, Eastwards, because the rightful originators of such technologies/methodologies as can prove themselves to be easily disruptive and destructive, and self-destructing and counter-productive whenever misused and abused, will know it to be problematical for the West to enthusiastically invest in.

  3. Al fazed Bronze badge


    They haven't even watched the film about NASA attempting to race the Ruskies to the moon, "Hidden Figure". The USA has a totally fucked up state of mind, why are we aeven paying any attention to these self defeating muppets. No foriegners need apply in a CUNTRY made up almost entirely of foriegners...........


  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Seems like a not so subtle message: “ Ooer, censor Confucius “

  5. Lordrobot


    At present, the US has essentially ZERO foreign investment. By making this formal does not make Foreign investment into the USA more Attractive. But of course CHINER and other Countries LIKE CHINER are free to invest in US Treasury Debt.

  6. pimppetgaeghsr

    Not sure what this stops. It's a small but fairly open secret that Chinese nationals embedded in academia and US corporations are going to take their knowledge back to China for handsome rewards and lucrative positions as their tech scene continues to scale.

  7. that one in the corner Bronze badge

    make sure they don't threaten national security

    > advanced clean energy

    America's security could be threatened by people outside the US getting clean energy? The clean energy that is intended to help against Global Warming?

    The US do realise that they are actually part of The Globe and that everyone on the planet will benefit from everyone else getting clean energy?

    Ah, I've just realised why that was a stupid question to ask. As you were.

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