back to article Quantum computing startup IonQ lands on Microsoft's Azure

Quantum computing startup IonQ now has a second system available on Microsoft's Azure Quantum cloud platform, claiming it will open quantum systems to a wider audience. IonQ announced that its Aria system is available exclusively on the Azure Quantum cloud platform. The company says this is the second IonQ system to join the …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Strewth ...... Whatever Next?

    Bullshit and crap doesn't even begin to do justice to the nonsense being peddled as progress being made there.

    WTF are IonQ and Microsoft smoking? Take a chill pill, folks, and hope to GOD and high heaven your senses unscramble, for pimping and pumping and dumping almighty rubbish is never gonna impress even the most rabid of ponzi markets and racketeers trading short positions for longer term openings promising better offerings.

  2. NeilPost

    “ Some early unnamed customers have already begun using the system to develop algorithms that mitigate risk in finance, model chemical reactions within EV batteries, and improve image classification for future autonomous vehicles, the company said.”

    Nothing useful like exascaling chatbot’s then ?

  3. YetAnotherJoeBlow

    "Chapman claimed Aria was "a computer that is over 130,000 times more computationally powerful than our previous cloud offering..."

    Only if you can express your problem as a combinatorial optimisation problem, for example.

    I wonder how many people would bet the farm on quantum computing - like our friend Peter is doing?

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