back to article US Cyber Command shored up nine nations' defenses last year

US Cyber Command chief General Paul Nakasone has revealed the agency he leads conducted nine "hunt forward" operations last year, sending teams to different counties to help them improve their defensive security posture and hunt for cyberthreats.  These missions provide "security for our nation in cyberspace," said Nakasone, …

  1. VoiceOfTruth Silver badge


    -> sending teams to different counties to help them improve their defensive security

    Sending teams to different countries to help them be spied on more easily by the USA.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Spies

      Oh look, it's our favourite anti-Western troll.

      You're not really very good at this, are you?

      1. NoneSuch Silver badge
        Big Brother

        Re: Spies

        Not "anti-western" at all. The NSA / CIA / USA has a long standing track record of fiddling with personal privacy and the internal politics of foreign nations (enemies and allies alike) to promote their own agendas.

        Saddam Hussein was put in power by the CIA.

        The Shah of Iran was as well.

        Guatemala 1954

        Congo 1960

        Dominican Republic 1961

        South Vietnam 1963

        Brazil 1964

        Chile 1973

        Then Snowden came along and showed they were screwing over their own citizens rights and freedoms then lying about it to their own Congress.

        So forgive me if I don't invite the US onto the private side of my firewall for the foreseeable future.

        1. bpfh

          Re: Spies

          Well at least the Old World rebalanced the Shah of Iran with British and French assistance, allowing the Ayatollah Khomeni to go home, and everyone lived happily ever after.

          Oh wait...

      2. Claptrap314 Silver badge

        Re: Spies

        Hey, I'm a military veteran & about as pro-American as it gets, but the reality is the reality.

        OF COURSE, we spy on our friends--and OF COURSE, they spy on us.

        Still, giving us such a level of access feels like they are not particularly independent as nations.

    2. Clausewitz4.0 Bronze badge

      Re: Spies

      Actually, helping "allies" to destroy/misuse useful resources that could be used to boost cyber capabilities by itself of those foreign countries.

      If you feel misused, end the cooperation.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Remote Spooky Entanglement Negates and Destroys the FUD of Distance. QED

    Some folk you can help and direct with/to good things and other folk may think to help themselves to direct good things and not share their great fortune. Only the former have the brightest of awe filled futures without the hassle of the production and/or purloinment and mismanagement of already readily available third party secrets/raw rare source codexssxxxx.

    With particular regard to .....

    The agency's first hunt-forward exercise sent a Cyber Command team to Ukraine in 2018 with the goal to "understand what our adversaries are doing, being able to capture that and then being able to share it," Nakasone said.

    ....... would the following future revealing type of exercise to Cyber Command teams speed up processes inordinately?

    Graham C [2205041331] ........ seeking some sort of clarification on a sensitive matter which almost certainly would likely impinge upon issues discussed on

    Hi, Christopher Stagg,

    There is significantly more to consider with particular specific regard to the information concerning developments engaged in critical and emerging technologies which you have commented on in the paragraph .......

    "However, some companies may need to act more proactively. If a company is engaged in critical and emerging technologies, then there might be a greater concern now as to how it might be affected by the State Department’s ongoing reviews — and whether it should obtain official commodity jurisdiction rulings before any rulemaking occurs."

    ...... and especially so whenever leading developments in a primary field of such international concern may be wholly foreign based and not US proprietary intellectual property, and thus not be fundamentally affected by the State Department's ongoing reviews.

    One such as can easily enough be initially found out about on certain pages of the Internet/World Wide Web, and which has both dual use military and civil application potential and good and not so good and even very bad use possibilities is NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT, which is now shared here for further interest and comment because its developers already at the earliest of stages readily recognised there can all too easily be extremely valid concerns about it by a great many because of what can be relatively easily done with command and control of it with IT and AI expertise, which of course will be to many no more than just a wilful fanciful claim by those leading with developments until proven and evidenced more fully with future flash crash testing and live current mainstream running.

    However, nevertheless, if it is to be a concern for ITAR and/or USML, those active in regulation of IP in those fields are now pretty well advised and suitably forewarned and invited to engage with its expanding surreal growth, ongoing development and developer programs for the very reasonable assumption has been made that all virtually shared here for posting on National DEFENSE Magazine in reply to "Viewpoint: Industrial Base Should Prepare for Export Control Reforms" will find its way to wherever it needs to be, wherever that be at home or abroad, local or foreign and alien.

  3. Sir Loin Of Beef

    These are things the USA should not be doing.

  4. Valeyard

    Letting the fox into the henhouse

  5. ITS Retired

    Back doors in firewalls,

    Painted to look like the surrounding wall.

    Why does anyone trust the United States for security anymore?

    1. VoiceOfTruth Silver badge

      Re: Back doors in firewalls,

      My view on this: the USA has spied on the politicians on its so-called allies (remember the Merkel telephone tapping?). They know all their peccadillos and transgressions, and all they have to say is "You had better do what your'e told, or it's all going to be front page news".

      Who remembers the expenses scandal in the UK a few years ago? A few token prosecutions from a lot of wrongdoing (theft through fraud) resulted, but a lot of them got away with it.

      There was a story recently which was only briefly mentioned, it is about cocaine use at the Houses of Parliament. A lot of it goes on, and MPs are worried lest somebody blabs about it.

      All this information is in the hands of the USA.

      1. Martin M

        Re: Back doors in firewalls,

        Boris is bombproof on this. Given the number of peccadilloes and indiscretions we already know about, any more would be considered a feature rather than a bug.

  6. batfink

    California Army National Guard?

    California has its own army?

    1. Claptrap314 Silver badge

      Re: California Army National Guard?

      No, that would be Texas, Washington, Michigan, and (if the current governor has his way) Florida.

      Federalism is a historic accident with lots of implications. Some are great, some are bad, some are horrible, and some are just plain confusing.

      The two-party system is great. (But of course has been twisted into the very bad duopoloy.)

      Epidemic response is horrible.

      But let's talk about the structure of the military.

      1) The direct US military--Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, Space Force. Their chain of command is entirely federal, and they more-or-less form the Department of Defense.

      2) The National Guard. Each state has one. It reports to the governor. Their mission is disaster response (in state), state-level emergency law enforcement, and US DoD support. These are mostly "weekend warriors"--one weekend a month + two weeks a year. HOWEVER, the president has the authority to nationalize any of these units at any time. When he does, they enter the DoD chain of command. Generally, this is done to prosecute war actions, but has been done to overrule governors, such as during the Civil Rights struggle.

      3) State Guards. Each State does have the right to field it's own military. To my knowledge, only the above-mentioned states do. These are entirely separate from the DoD, although, at least in Texas, they can be loaned.

      If you're wondering about law enforcement & the National Guard, the Posse Comitatus Act was written as part of the end of Reconstruction, and therefore only affects units under national command. The Coast Guard also has some substantial carveouts.

      President Bush (43) was under substantial pressure in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina to send in Nation Guard units. (I believe Mississippi were actually prepped and on the border.) He was adamant that he would uphold the PCA, and the governor of Louisiana refused to request help.

  7. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    You Can Fool Yourself and Deny it but it does not Alter the Fact it Be Evidently So, So .......*

    Here’s both an existential and Persistent Advancing Cyber Threat to more than the US and her dumb, as in far from really smart, allies ....... and how very strange it is, that nothing effective is being done about it. One may have to conclude there is practically nothing painless that can be done about it by those in present command of current and currency controls.

    At least now y’all know the problem and what is to blame for it and who’s to blame for it continuing and deepening and causing even greater misery for all but an extremely select few.

    amanfromMars [2205061431] ..... shares on

    [Thank you. Your comment will be displayed soon after reviewing.]

    And even if they do, contractors aren’t inclined to buy American because China can deliver materials at a lower cost. “The industry writ large … has really been driven by efficiency, not resiliency or national security,” said Michienzi.

    That is being driven by profit [extra money for nothing extra] which has diddly squat to do with efficiency and something which eventually inevitably, and evidence of the effect suffered everywhere because of it is becoming ever clearer every day now, leads to everything being far too expensive to buy .....inviting all of the evils and damage associated with words and tales of Great Depression/Recession/Stagflation/Inflation/Deflation/Markets Meltdown and Troubles/Revolutionary Societal Unrest/Madness and Mayhem, Conflict and Chaos, and without the Assistance and AID of CHAOS ..... Advanced IntelAIgent Development of Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems ....... an obviously failing, self destructive terminal feedback loop from which there is no readily available exit/better alternate beta plan .

    Burying one’s head in the sand and thinking more of the same as was tried yesterday and yesteryear is an answer, guarantees one receives a kicking most unlikely to be pleasant and survivable.

    Things are not like they were before, for everything has changed, and to not realise it immediately puts one at a distinct insurmountable disadvantage to that and those who do and those who be the greatest of agents for the grandest of fundamental changes/novel beginnings. I Kid U Not.

    * Who wants to admit to being a fool so easily fooled time and time again with tales that all is well and the economy is booming etc etc etc?

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