back to article Arm China boss happy with Nvidia acquisition collapse

Allen Wu, chairman and CEO of Arm's Chinese joint-venture Arm China, thinks the collapse of Nvidia’s attempt to buy Arm will be better for the worldwide technology industry – and for China. In an interview with Xiamen-based JW Insights published at the weekend, Wu highlighted that Arm's fate will affect all of its licensees …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    One Renegade Sector Fluffer says this year ....

    As one industry watcher put it last year, Arm China is "completely rogue," and acts as an independent company that pursues its own R&D agenda – sometimes even exploring non-Arm technology.

    That’s just what a vibrant global Civilian Street Needs for Future Feeds from Present Seeds. An Exotic Erotic Eastern Charmer in the Phorm of a DARPA/IARPA.

    Private Industry Watchers and Pirate Sector Fluffers. Are they so different as to be easily recognised apart as one or the other? .... and what do they know for Real in Markets that are Rigged and Jigged to Serve and Server Grand AIMasters and Greater IntelAIgent Game Players ..... apart from maybe a hell of a lot more than the average Stuffed Shirt Bear or Raging Bull in a Money Pit ‽ .

    El Regers ...... Most all things in general and relative to matters in particular are fundamentally and radically peculiarly changed. Of that be hereby assured and encouraged because for most all does that deliver a fabulous and hard to even imagine improvement with vast novel opportunities to explore and experience engagement with. And that hasn’t happened very often recently, has it? And that doesn't happen too often, does it?

    And the West doing battle with the East in proxy wars which cannot be won and imposing ineffective, politically naive and corrupt universal sanctions which are impotent and self-harming, is a sure enough sign of the quantum leaping progress being both made and resisted. Be prepared for when Actions and Results are deliberated and delivered in a series of engaging and EMPowering NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Chain Reactions .... AWEsome Operations which lay Scorched Earth Waste to the Guardians and Propagators of the Past at the Behest of Almighty Hosts with Virgin Fields to Populate and Colonise with Endeavour and Pleasure/Treasure and Play.

    And such is not a Top Secret thing for no foreign eyes, so please, and as it and its IT is also for free, share it widely to reap the universal benefits and advantages that such largesse sows and grows.

    Ahead of the Qurve, has One way out in Front of Maddening Crowds and Assembled Clouds with Many a Way Pioneering with Advanced IntelAIgent Leads and Almighty AWEsome Reads, says one Private Pirate Industry Sector Watcher for Fluffers ‽

  2. JamesTGrant
    IT Angle

    Rogue? Can’t they simply revoke user account?

    I’d have thought that it’s quite easy to un-rogue a wing of your org - remove network access and remove all user accounts, and change infrastructure certs and private keys. Or a DIY ransomware attack. So they can’t be that rogue. Shuuurly

    1. werdsmith Silver badge

      Re: Rogue? Can’t they simply revoke user account?

      They have all that IP and the horse has bolted.

      It will affect future investment in China, but it’s too late for ARM if the Chinese government aren’t interested in playing ball.

    2. khjohansen

      Re: Rogue? Can’t they simply revoke user account?

      ... Well - unless the C-suite want a level of deniability?

  3. wobball

    Time to regret

    What chance the Chinese state will do little to prevent one of the most licenced chip architecture IP in use to be stolen and endlessly re-engineered into something that gets fabbed cheap and appears on AliExpress at $0.50c?

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Time to regret .... lunatics running around like headless chickens in the asylum*

      There is certainly no chance at all of the UKGBNI state preventing any such thing, wobball, or anything else that really matters either for that matter, if one cannot truthfully deny the veracity of what Dominic Cummings might know and which he has shared of such matters in the following paragraph from a recent [Feb 22nd] blog post of his entitled ... "Amazon's lessons on high performance management for the next PM”

      If you are thinking about Ukraine, then remember that the same broken central institutions that failed so badly on Iraq, the financial crisis and recovery, covid, fleeing Afghanistan, the petrol shortage, supply chain stresses and so on are in charge of UK’s response on Ukraine/Russia. I strongly recommend you do not trust official statements from No10 or the pundits spoonfed from No10 press office or you will be very surprised about how things turn out.

      * ..... Not a good international or internetional look in anyone’s book.

  4. Sirius Lee

    Maybe a simpler explanation is that Wu did not want to be part of the Nvidea purchase so the relationship between Wu and Arm has been characterised by ARM's PR machine as adversarial. Now the deal is dead, the ARM CEO departed and a different future beckons for ARM maybe we'll see a different perspective over the next few months about ARM China from ARM's PR machine as the new CEO delivers on a different plan.

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