back to article China’s highest-ranked university creates school dedicated to integrated circuits

China's highest-ranked university has opened a new school dedicated to integrated circuits and given it the job of achieving breakthroughs and creating a generation of tech talent for the nation. The home of the new school is Tsinghua University, ranked China's finest and the world's 20th best by Times Higher Education and …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    A Busy Bodied if not exactly Overcrowded Field of Proprietary Intellectual Property Engagement ‽ .

    And here is the a UKGBNI counterpart wannabe iteration to that Chinese development ? ......

    Talking the talk is easy peasy, walking the walk is something different altogether and much more difficult to deliver successfully.

    1. sad_loser

      Where are the losers?

      Incremental improvement requires dedication and thoroughness, which strict hierarchical systems can select for.

      Radical, visionary and transformational change requires “knight’s move” thinking and non-conformity.

      Who in a rigid hierarchy would have given a dropout loser like Steve Jobs a second glance?

    2. StargateSg7

      Re: A Busy Bodied Field of Proprietary Intellectual Property Engagement. (We Win!)

      Our High-end Combined CPU/GPU/DSP gear

      (made in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada):

      a) TWO THz 128-bits wide Combined CPU/GPU/DSP Superchip

      b) Gallium Arsenide Substrate (GaAs) on Borosilicate Glass

      with active Microchannel Fluid Cooling

      c) Native 128-bits wide for Floating Point, Fixed Point,

      Integer and RGBA/YCbCrA/HSLA pixel values

      d) 131072 by 131072 item at 128-bits wide per operand SIMD/MIMD vector/array

      processor built-in for fast frame-based video, audio, DSP, GPU processing operations

      at one frame latency or maximum 1/100000ths of a second per frame at multi-stream

      10,000 fps DCI 16K video input/output plus audio and metadata.

      e) Built-in DSP and GPU for multi-frame DCI 16K 1.89:1 aspect ratio video input/output

      at up to 10 000 fps hardware-based recording and playback with one frame latency

      SIMD/MIMD low-pass, high-pass, average, median, min/max, notch and multi-parameter

      range-limit filters and 2D-XY/3D-XYZ CANNY and SOBEL edge detection for Floating Point,

      Fixed Point and Integer values. Intraframe and Interframe CODECS are hardware-accelerated

      and flash-upgradable microcode! 250+ accelerated DSP/GPU and Video/Audio/Still Photo

      special effects and filters. More can be loaded on-board as flashable microcode!

      Pixels can be RGBA, YCbCrA, HSLA at up to 128-bits wide (32-bits per colour and alpha channel)

      16 full-duplex video stream input/output channels at FULL-RAW, 2:1/3:1/4:1/5:1 Compressed-RAW

      or interframe/intraframe DCT or Wavelet compressed for up to 16-layers of FX/Filters/Compositing

      in real time!

      f) Built-in Audio I/O and sample processor at up to 64 channels at 192 KHz at 32 bits per sample.

      Built-in MIDI controller software and 64 MIDI I/O ports.

      g) 16 channels General Purpose IO at 160 Gigasamples per second simultaneous each channel of 32-bit wide samples to separate memory layer for asynchronous operations from rest of processor.

      input and output is up to 5 volts at up to 750 mA PER I/O LINE (fused). VERY Handy for advanced SDR, vectorscope/waveform processing and signals monitoring!!!

      h) Ultra-high precision clock and hard-interrupt timer module for 100 Picosecond accuracy for ultra-precise event-based function handlers and time-based triggers.

      i) built-in 3D-XYZ orientation mems sensor at micron-levels of rotational accuracy on each axis.

      h) Built-in SDR radio module for multi-frequency, wideband communications (80 GHz bandwidth Nyquist sampled up to 16 channels send and/or receive)

      i) Custom-designed built-in Software Defined global positioning module with potential accuracy down to two millimetres RMS X (Long) and Y (Lat) and 8 millimetres RMS on Z axis (Elev). Software-enabled GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Beidou positioning algorithms can be loaded/flash upgraded at any point.

      j) On-board 16-connector Dense Wave Multiplexing Fibre Optic Transceivers for inter-chip and multi-node networking and packetized communications and/or external storage media connections -- Multi-Protocol low-and-high-level stack TCP-IP/ATM/SONET/SDI/Ethernet/etc) via SDR-based on-board flashable microcode.

      k) on-board Software-defined encryptor/decrypter accelerator. Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption/Decryption Algorithms can be loaded and hardware accelerated at will with keys kept separate from every other memory region and thread process, accessible ONLY via hardware-secured and well-named ASK/VALIDATE/AUTHORIZE//SEND security-server pipelines!

      L) On-board stacked non-volatile storage working as both ultra-fast system RAM and as local cache/storage. Has sub-nanosecond latency at 32 Terabytes onboard the multi-layered combined-CPU/GPU/DSP super-chip substrate! Can be segmented into complete separated and fully SANDBOXED and ENCRYPTED memory regions for Hypervisor and Virtualized Client OS operations.

      M) hardware accelerated ASCII and UNICODE character string search, string indexing and multi-character processing functions.


      SKIP_BOOLEAN_EVALUATION, IGNORE_BOOLEAN_RESULT status values and operational states to allow for advanced expert systems and artificial intelligence-oriented applications development and deployed runtime applications. Handy for creating "Digital Neurons" !!!

      O) Fully ITAR-free hardware and software that is designed and manufactured ENTIRELY in Canada!

      using 280 nanometre multi-electron-beam based line-etching process via GaAs on Borosilicate for maximum IP-68/Milspec 810-G combined CPU/GPU/DSP-package ruggedness and maximum self-cooling ability!

      It will be priced MUCH LOWER than AMD Epyc or Intel Next-gen server processors!

      WE WIN!


    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: A Busy Bodied if not exactly Overcrowded Field of

      Actually, designing an IC is really fairly straightforward.

      Manufacturing at scale for a reasonable cost is the hard bit...

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    One Man's Prime Market to Excel Exceptionally Well In is Another Man's Grave to Rot In.

    China ... has identified AI-driven business applications, and pervasive networks, as key technologies for its future prosperity and security.

    They be not alone with aspersions to lead and not be left trailing behind anyone in those particularly highly contested fields, which I presume is only natural in Earthly administrations with human/machine interactions. Here is very current news on practically the same subject away over across many seas in the Wild Wacky West ......

    One can only hope that things fair a great deal better for both peasants and investors than another one of those sorts of projects which has proven itself to be a right dog of a program which has failed to deliver on a whole host of fraudulently attractive promises and continues to struggle to survive and bilk fiat blood and national treasure/destroy faith and abuse friendship as an international boondoggle

  3. bombastic bob Silver badge
    Big Brother

    But.. but... how does that affect your SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE?

    Xi Jinping, from the article: Chinese education is capable of nurturing maestros

    OK he wants to focus on STEM [specifically IC making], and that's a good thing. But what will the 'cost' be to the students to GET that education?

    In a nation that has a concept of "social credit" determined by how good of a CCP member you are, I fear the level of INDOCTRINATION that would go hand-in-hand with the education. "The Price" for getting educated MAY be 'getting indoctrinated'. And would social credit determine who GETS A CHANCE at it?

    And it has been my observation, or at least In My Bombastic Opinion, that an oppressive society with secret police, heavy censorship, and that "social credit score" (that makes my navel pucker up and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up like a cat 'petted backwards') isn't going to innovate so well.

    It is hard to think up new ways of doing things when the nail that sticks up gets "the hammer". Or worse, "gets disappeared". [if these threats are not real, they are apparently perceived by the people who live under the thumb of the CCP]

    (This of course is conjecture and interpretation on my part, but the CONCEPT of 'social credit score' seems consistent with this, at least to me)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @bombastic bob - Re: But.. but... how does that affect your SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE?

      Contrary to what you've been told about communism, there is a meritocracy too over there especially when they badly need talents. As for indoctrination, it is something along the lines of 'don't ask, don't tell' in that you can get pretty far in your career (especially in STEM) if you avoid discussing sensitive topics and taking political position. You don't need to be a fervent communist, just don't blatantly show you are against the regime. Trust me on this, I've spent what could be half of my entire life under a communist regime and I managed to survive. I can't tell you it was like in paradise but it wasn't hell either, unless of course you really wanted it. It is also true that some people were strongly against the regime but they knew the rules of engagement and they were facing the consequences.

      Think of it, at an approval rate of 50% (more or less of what US President has right now) there are more than 500 million Chinese people that agree with and adhere to the rules. I think we, here in the Western world should stop being paranoid and go on with our lives. Besides, that social credit score is comming to US too, courtesy of Facebook and pals. Please tell me insurance companies, banks, law enforcement, health care providers and in the end the government will say No way in hell to that. Please, say it ain't so!

    2. martinusher Silver badge

      Re: But.. but... how does that affect your SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE?

      From what I've gleaned from my Chinese colleagues over the years their education system can be brutally competitive. But, when you come to think of it, that's not that different from many other countries. (look at the acceptance rates for top US universities, for example).

      Thier society doesn't appear to be that oppressive. I don't think I'd like to live there but its not because of secret police or anything like that, its that the culture's a bit alien, a weird mixture of freewheeling and yet conformist. Their social credit score is not unlike our credit rating, in fact it probably started out as that. This pernicious index seems to have crept into British life; in the US it pretty much dominates every aspect of your life, its used by propspective employers, landlords and insurance companies (to name but a few) to judge whether a person is fit for purpose. As in the US you may choose not to participate but the price you'll pay is reduced access to just about everything (becuase a crap credit rating, among other things, means no credit card which closes the door to just about everything including long distance travel).

      BTW -- We used to regard the Japanese in the same way as we now talk about the Chinese -- diligent, conformist, great copiers but incpaable of invention and so on. This mindset effectively demolished the consumer electronics, motorcycle and car industries in the UK. I think we've moved on. (The Chinese aren't quite the same - to quote one colleague "If all else fails, lower your expectations".)(it was a joke)

    3. Tail Up

      @bombo - Re: But.. but... how does that affect your SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE?

      Hello bombastic bob, let me share my humble point on communism -

      it's been long time ago elaborated, implemented and kicked in to life, but - for children only.

      This form of communism was Ideally shaped in the USSR.

      No adult version known. Yet.

      Beer, 'cos this one only is free. But sorry, bob - the quantity of glasses is limited even here in RegBar. I think it most clearly indicates that до коммунизма - как до Луны пешком.

      PS oops, not yet published... perhaps, because of too much communism and Russian Moon (-:

    4. batfink

      Re: But.. but... how does that affect your SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE?

      I agree with your point for a society in general Bob, but that's not necessarily the issue here.

      IMO a closely-controlled society can identify smart people with potential skills in a particular area, and it avoids some of the problems we have in the west, such as looking first at big-name schools/universities, where money can matter more than talent. Identifying and promoting talent in a specific area is separate to innovation and entrepreneurship.

      So, what I'm saying is that they don't need to wait for a Chinese Steve Jobs to bubble to the top, start a new company and attract talent. They can identify people who are good at chip design (and may also be innovative), and put them to work in their New Glorious State Chipmaker.

      Those who are identified wouldn't even need to be super-conformist - they just need to be conformist enough, say the right words, and keep their heads down.

      From what I've heard from people who have worked there, the Chinese seem to be good at saying "CCP Yeah!" in case anybody is listening, but actually believing all the BS is another thing entirely.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Makes sense to me

    Focusing on education rather than China, it makes sense.

    When I was applying to college in 1969, there was exactly one school in the United States that offered an undergraduate major in programming - Stanford (they didn't accept me).

    The accepted path was to start in Electrical Engineering, design circuits as a 'double-E toolie', move to designing operating systems, then compilers, and finally higher level programming. Now, most curricula let you start with higher level languages (which is the path I took).

    While there are many options for Electrical Engineering circuit design curricula in the West, this seems like the first real push towards that in China.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Makes sense to me

      That is my thinking too, that is unify all these little developers under an umbrella in hope of creating a common goal/good (at least more robustly). Right now there's soooooooo many little EE developers in China but none of them are on the same page when it comes to design standards. Of course it doesn't help that a lot (all?) of these international bodies just rubber stamp their final designs for certification (apparently if the status LED works... it's good to go).

      Regardless of entry requirements into this program, it's always better to have 1 more option in the pool.

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Cream of the Crop or a Right Dodgy Lot at Best, Criminal and Traitorous at Worst?

    What do you imagine, bombastic bob, CCP leadership think of the Indoctrination and those indoctrinated via the Oxbridge/Russell Group Universities/Eton/Harrow type Public School Route/Root?

    And what do you call someone who and something which routinely, deliberately chooses to not tell the public and media the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth if probably corrupt and thus also crooked ruffles too many white feathers? Tory sleaze ball would appear to currently be certainly in vogue and a media favourite, proving increasingly difficult to shift elsewhere onto anyone/anything else for it not to be too true to be successfully denied.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Cream of the Crop or a Right Dodgy Lot at Best, Criminal and Traitorous at Worst?

      perhaps, some definite disambiguation vitally necessary here, or is this done deliberately just for amusement, esp. in such a hypersensitive subj?



      1. David 132 Silver badge

        Re: Cream of the Crop or a Right Dodgy Lot at Best, Criminal and Traitorous at Worst?

        It's AMFM. He - or it, I think it's a bot - turns up here periodically and vomits sub-Markov-Chain level textual slurry over the comment threads. Just ignore.

        1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

          Re: Cream of the Crop or a Right Dodgy Lot at Best, Criminal and Traitorous at Worst?

          It's AMFM [sic]. He - or it, I think it's a bot - turns up here periodically and vomits sub-Markov-Chain level textual slurry over the comment threads. Just ignore. ..... Dave 132

          Hello, hello, hello ...... is that really you, Call me Dave, or a poxy proxy and wannabe Call me Dave clone and clown? And into trying a Deep See Rescue of the Cavalier Conservative Cabal from the Machinations and Consequences of Greensill Style Loan Sharking* and Bumbling and Bustling and Hustling Boris Bulls in Precious China Shops?

          Good luck with that poisoned chalice and hospital pass of a doomed endeavour. With so much evidence lurking in the shadows and recorded clearly for the benefit of secret files, ignore such at your peril is wise counsel indeed to seed.

          * Back Door Dodgy Capital Market Privatisation of Public Utility Service to Generate Profit/Deliver More Money for Nothing Extra or Special ...... with Future Tax Payers Suffering the Bill and Presently also Interestingly Paying and Playing for Continuing Excess and Rabid Greed ???

      2. batfink

        Re: Cream of the Crop or a Right Dodgy Lot at Best, Criminal and Traitorous at Worst?

        You must be new here AC :).

        AMFM appears to be sometimes a bot, sometimes a person, and sometimes a combination. We look forward to ruminating on his prognostications.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Cream of the Crop or a Right Dodgy Lot at Best, Criminal and Traitorous at Worst?

      Sorry to burst your radical-left bubble, but Eton/Oxbridge isn't exactly the illuminati.

      All they do is try to pick the best people based on entrance Exam grades, then teach them the same things other schools/universities do. Then stupid people think it's voodoo that the exam results they produce are great.

      I seriously doubt there's something magic there that other teaching institutions cannot replicate...

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Re: Cream of the Crop or a Right Dodgy Lot at Best, Criminal and Traitorous at Worst?

        Sorry to burst your radical-left bubble, but Eton/Oxbridge isn't exactly the illuminati. ..... Anonymous Coward

        Of that there is certainly no doubt, AC. Quite how, or why you saw it that way in reply to the post, is something of a mystery?

      2. batfink

        Re: Cream of the Crop or a Right Dodgy Lot at Best, Criminal and Traitorous at Worst?

        Er - aren't you forgetting the money?

    3. StargateSg7

      Re: Cream of the Crop or a Right Dodgy Lot at Best, Criminal and Traitorous at Worst?

      Ya'll talking about good-ole BC/Alberta-based Canadian Me? aka StargateSG7

      I'm more bombastic than BOB and I definitely hide our "Real Good Stuff" from the world, AND you only need Double-D's, some cases of Asbach Uralt Brandy and a cherry red Ford F-450 Superduty Dually to corrupt me!

      I'm not a Tory but rather BIG-"L" Liberal and for the North American win, I know how to use the semi-auto AR-15, full-auto M4 and my trusty BMG .50 CAL ...AND... I put 37 inch NITTO tires (Tyres?) on the F-150 Raptor 4x4!

      Then I drink 30 year old Scotch out my Calgary-made Cowboy Boots but live and breathe the Skiing-SCUBA Diving-Mountain Biking-Beach Bum Vancouver lifestyle including the BLISTERING and eye-watering $2600 CDN a month rent in a 1.5 bedroom Alberta-oil-patch-millionaire-owned condo who will eventually sell it for $2.3 million CDN dollars and then kick me out after his upcoming renoviction notice which I will protest loudly on some local beach-side avenue along with the rest of the great unwashed hordes of my fellow NIMBY NDP (New Democratic Party) and Green Party voter blocs!

      After which, I will drown more of my Vancouver renoviction sorrows in locally-made 20% fortrified wine mixed with pineapple juice and downed with ten slices of avocado toast!




      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Re: Really Good Stuff put to Greater Uses RISCy Musky 0Day Type Trading Operations

        That's very much Alphawave Bonobo Ape Ware Territory you be surfing in there, StargateSg7. Naturally there's nothing better armed and enabled and able to cream the most agile and advanced and sporting of tube riders and ultimate prime thrill seekers....... crazy networking wave tamers ..... so take care and be aware and beware. The slightest of stumbles and fumbles results in many a tumble that humbles creating any number of almighty spin cycles from which one may not eventually emerge virtually unscathed but suitably chastened and more fully aware of omnipotent surroundings.

        Who'd have a'thought of it of Canada, eh? A very stealthy, over the top under the radar radically progressive quantum leap communicating space place, and therefore also by automatic autonomous default, an extremely super wealthy novel virgin jurisdiction for the testing and tasting of programs and projects in immediate catastrophic need of the reviews and previews of worthy almighty peers. ..... Experienced and Battle Hardened, Hindsight Equipped Future Virtualised Pioneers ...... AI PathFinders. Or is that based somewhere else foreign, and maybe not nearly so friendly and alien on Earth, and not predisposed to help out down on Earth ‽ .

        One surely wouldn't be wanting that as any sort of mortal psychotic enemy and Marvel Comicbook Immortal whenever freely available as an always reliable trusted friend.

  6. Lars Silver badge

    Damn it

    I hate to write this but.

    In the USA education has deteriorated moving towards "education for profit" and the result is scam like the Trump university.

    This is a severe problem, all we are is actually about what we as kids are able to get into our heads, it's often called education and if there is nothing there then it's not as it could and should be.

    Some vids on the problem here:

    The Real Story Behind Skyrocketing Student Debt

    And then there is Britain, the oldest proudly remaining two class society in the western world.

    Ask any Brit about education and he will proudly tell you about how the British are absolutely world leading in education because of two world leading universities. In some funny lunatic fantasy a Briti seem to assume that, if there is or was, an educated Brit in the past then I am one too because I am a Brit.

    For some damned reason I think this logic is more inbuilt in the English than anywhere else in my known world.

    On the problem of British reality, demagogues and the relation of education to democracy this is not bad at all in that respect.

    And then there are the Chinese.

    And I have this feeling they understand the value of education very well, which is fine. Good for you as a Brit would say but a problem for us if we are simply too stupid to grasp our own stupidity.

    Something here too on that:

  7. Yes Me Silver badge

    As expected

    This was to be expected. Since the tRump trade war includes trying to prevent China buying the ICs (and related fabrication technology) it needs from the West, guess what, China will train up some of their best people to do it all at home. Shame on Biden for not immediately switching off the trade war and the dirty tricks such as the extradition of Meng Wanzhou. The sooner the US gets back to a normal trade relationship with China, the less incentive they have to duplicate Western industry.

    (And none of this is anything to do with the serious human rights issues. Don't be confused.)

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