back to article AWS straps Python support to its automated CodeGuru tool, slashes prices – just don't go over 100,000 lines

AWS has declared Python support in its automated code review system CodeGuru production ready, as well as reducing the price by "up to 90 per cent." Our first look at the CodeGuru preview in late 2019 was disappointing. We had trouble getting it to make any recommendations, and the price at $0.75 per 100 lines of code seemed …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Swinging Gangbang Style

    Was spyware ever more brazen than that which trails and trials using the CodeGuru approach? All of your new secrets belong to us.

    Who here pines for the early days when/where swinger key parties eliminated the need for choice or preference? AWS appear to be fans of the genre with their virtual clone in a disparate form for phorming ‽ . Certainly stranger things have happened and be happening given the crazy virtual nature of semi-permanent physicalised existence which may be better mastered if realised as easily delivered due to the crazy physicalised nature of semi-permanent virtual existence ..... where and when advanced intelligence and astute imaginanation rule the roost and driver the future.

    [That "phorming" hyperlink takes you to the Daily Telegraph exactly 10 years ago today, (08 April 2011) with The Register biting the hand that feeds IT leading the way with an admirable hat tip mention. Furthermore, it may even be the case that the tale, "BT and Phorm: how an online privacy scandal unfolded", was penned by yours truly, and currently El Reg editor-in-chief, Chris Williams]

    1. Tail Up

      Re: Swinging Gangbang Style


  2. Phones Sheridan Bronze badge

    How long can a line be?

    1. RockBurner

      Exactly what I was going to ask....

    2. Caver_Dave

      "All lines have to be less than 80 characters in length to fit on a VT screen."

      From the last 4 or 5 coding standards that I have worked with.

    3. doublelayer Silver badge

      Python doesn't let you chain too many expressions on one line because they don't use punctuation to delimit expressions and blocks, so there's no workaround there. Java, on the other hand, does have that punctuation so I wonder what happens if all the newline characters are dropped before running the scan.

  3. Potemkine! Silver badge

    CodeGuru ... reminds me about an amazing developer website of the end of last century. Kudos to Mr. Maunders for having enable its spirit to continue through the Codeproject website.

  4. Sceptic Tank Bronze badge

    If you're coding in Python you're going to need industrial grade verification tools to verify that your code makes any sense at all. Undeclared variables, scope blocks by indentation ... there's already ample reason why no serious programming should be attempted in that poor excuse for a programming language.

    1. Martin Silver badge

      ...settles back with popcorn...

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