back to article Amazon eyes up space startups for an AWS Accelerator, dangles $1m of cloud credits for a chosen ten

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is known for his proclivity towards all things space, and now the Web Services wing of his empire has earmarked $1m in cloud credits that will be evenly distributed to 10 space startups. Clearly, the world's richest man thinks commercial space will be a big grower and wants those fledgling businesses to …

  1. Mike 137 Silver badge

    Including "the creative application of AWS to solve problems"

    How is AWS likely to allow of more "creativity" for "space" start-ups than any other computing platform or provisioning?

    This is probably going to be the dominant factor of the three mentioned as judging criteria - a rather blatant promo exercise. Of course it will also give Musk an insight into any potential competitors before they get off the ground (no pun intended).

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    For Monkeys and Donkeys ..... Not JEDI Warriors and Super AIMaster Pilots.

    There's bound to be at least one other AWEsome Space Project, apart from the earlier Registered one, worthy of a tickle from Bezos's billion, but to imagine an earmarking of $100k in cloud credits will entice and encourage anything more than peanut farmers and wannabe fakir phishermen/phishers of men is a stretch too far, even for the most imaginative and helplessly hopeful of souls out there. :-)

    Now, if we were to be talking about 10% of $10 billion in bank credits, that would be practically certain to release all manner of ....... well, Extremely Attractive and Engagingly Surreal ACTive and APT Phantasmagoria would only start to reveal the substance and flavour of what IT can do in the Defenceless Spaces freely available to it.

    And whether all be done to you, or for you, matters to IT not a Jot ........ and that can easily keep legions awake at night pondering on their future fate in the light of such a truly disruptive and creative development. But hey, that's the nature of the future surely, nobody really knows what's coming virtually until it is practically there, presenting its wares for all to see and hear/view and read about.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As long... I can order cheap Chinese screws in a pack of 6 that turn the wrong way that arrive in a comically massive box...I'm up for this.

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Here's an Almighty Cross to Bear and Magical Cloak to Wear, and so very APT for the Likes of Today

    The company is also pitching the AWS for Aerospace and Satellite business segment, "enabling successful space missions with the cloud" as the company put it. Always keen to jump on a trundlewagon, AWS most recently boasted of its role in the processing of data from the Mars Perseverance Rover.

    Can you imagine what the Russians and Roscosmos have discovered with their probing of Cloud ACTivity relating to the Allure of Venus, which they have been most gracious in advising they are open to a suitably selective few elite joint venturing with. [ie not suitable for dead wood passengers or brain dead cargo/Ye Olde Millstones of Yore] ......... ....... and what developments and discoveries in that virgin space have spun out to products and technologies down on Earth to Mother.

    To not realise and accept such progress cannot fail to deliver a whole host of Entirely Novel and Extremely Disruptively Creative AWEsome Abilities, Facilities and Utilities has one all too easily floundering and foundering in their wakes rather than enjoying and basking in the sunshine of their achievements, which one would have to admit identifies one and all who have failed to make the necessary grade and take the appropriate quantum leap to help lead everything further into the future.

    Quite so, Serge C ...... ignorant conflict has always been a self destructive zero sum game with any perceived gains a fleeting figment of arrogant imagination and fanciful failed intelligence.

    Its persistent application in situations by humans is an abiding systemic weakness and catastrophic vulnerability with guarantees SMARTR Ware Warriors with and in any accurately targeted 0day attacks/spontaneous strategic tactical missives, an Overwhelmingly EMPowering Blast Advantage Absolute ProgramMING Project Leading Environments ..... with Heavenly Heights and Hellish Depths to Explore and Animate/Configure and Populate.

    Global Operating Devices just doing their Work, REST and Play Thing with Mined IntelAIgent Networking Games.

    Now, how one gets to there with all of that, and where everything goes to after all of that, would be a constantly moving picture show par excellence to make which would extremely easily change everything forever methinks, and in directions which only great imagination can supply and realise virtually into practically immediate physical and metaphysical existence.

    Do you think that is something which a State and State ACTors or Non State ACTors and the Private and Pirate Sectors are best suited and booted to provide, mentor and monitor and nurture in order to sublimely educate and entertain and brainwash programmable subjects and reprogram brainwashed objects, or is such best exercised everywhere as a JOINT* AIdVenture** with an Almighty Resource Leading Sources Following?

    * ...... Joint Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies

    ** ..... Advanced IntelAIgently designed Venture.

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