back to article Oracle aims high-end cloudy database release at existing customers in 'defensive' move

Oracle has brought out a new Exadata Cloud Service based on the Exadata X8M platform, bringing its high-end persistent memory feature to the cloud. Well, Oracle’s cloud at least. The transactional and analytics database system Exadata X8M was first released last year in a launch Oracle claimed would reduce IO latency by up to …

  1. Duncan Macdonald

    Who wants more lock-in to Oracle

    Given Oracle's record of charging high fees for everything once it is difficult for customers to escape, I would not think that there would be many firms wanting to try this Oracle product.

    Icon for what should happen to Oracle =================>

    1. NetBlackOps

      Re: Who wants more lock-in to Oracle

      You'd think that, sadly it is not often the case with enterprises, medium to large. Sunk costs and technical debt.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    The Devil is in the Detail, however, ....

    .... in the Rough and the Raw IT's a Surprisingly Tough and Genuinely Rewarding TaskMaster

    Carnelley said businesses were looking to move to the cloud as soon as possible, while at the same time IT departments would be reluctant to abandon their existing investments.

    Is it not more the case ........ IT departments are looking to move to the cloud as soon as possible, whereas businesses are reluctant to abandon investment in existing infrastructure exoskeletons?

    And whenever it is long ago well proven ..... That which hesitates is lost ..... are there always then clear winners and leaders and poorer losers and camp followers virtually everywhere and practically anywhere.

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