back to article Imagination touts next series of GPU cores aimed at cloud server acceleration ...and cars, mobile, IoT

Imagination will today launch its latest line of graphics processor cores, including one we're told is destined for cloud hardware. The new family, dubbed the B-series, follows December's A-series launch. Don't let the naming fool you: while some folks might think of it along the lines of an A and B team, the B-series is …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    cloud hardware ..... ?

    Hmmm? ..... Now whatever could that be, or not be? Phantomware which is not vapourware? Something intangible for drivering an almighty presence?

    Sounds surreal and spooky quantum leap communications territory where/when nothing is ever as it seems and/or is planned to be. That should create a whole host of completely new future headaches for prize medics and virtual quackery not to be able to effectively deal with/mitigate/cure.

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