back to article US military whips out credit card for unmanned low-Earth-orbit outpost prototype (aka a repurposed ISS cargo pod)

The Pentagon wants an unmanned military outpost in orbit one day – and this week hired the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) to build a prototype. Luckily for the aerospace biz, it won’t have to start from scratch. SNC, founded in 1963 and headquartered in Reno, Nevada, developed something similar called the Shooting Star, a …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Look over at China

    Last month I read this, there hasn't been a suitable article from elReg, this will have to do for my rant:

    "In the middle of the night, invisible to anyone but special telescopes in two Chinese observatories, satellite Micius sends particles of light to Earth to establish the world’s most secure communication link. Micius is the world’s first quantum communications satellite and has, for several years, been at the forefront of quantum encryption"

    Please don't waste money copying the Chinese.


    Entanglement as claimed:

    a) You have two photons or two particles P1 and P2.

    b) Those particles have a bunch of properties, polarization, frequency, spin, etc...., lets call those {e1,e2,e3,e4}

    c) You detect those properties using detectors D1 and D2.

    d) D1 is used to measure P1, and D2 measures P2.

    e) You 'entangle' P1 and P2 by passing them through a crystal.

    f) At this point D1 and D2 continue to give *different* property measurements for arriving P1 and P2s.

    g) You filter P1 and P2s such that some of the parameters are the same, e.g. (P1.e1 == P2.e1 && P1.e2 == P2.e2 && P1.e3 == P2.e3)

    h) You then find that, shock horror P1.e4 is now equal to P2.e4! The other properties are the same too now.

    i) You assert that the act of measuring properties e1,e2,and e3 also set these states, and also set it for any 'entangled' particle, in this case P2, regardless of space and time. Even if P2 is across the universe, suddenly, bang and its properties are set such that P1 and P2 now have the same properties. But only when measured.

    j) You have a Bells test to 'prove it', but its done after the filtering.

    k) Quantum encryption is a schema built on a key exchange by quantum entanglement in the belief that a middle man measuring properties would also set them which can be detected due to the schema.

    l) For Quantum encryption to work, quantum entanglement 'spooky distance effect' has to be real.


    Entanglement as is:

    a) P1 is matter, and so is D1, both electromagnetic in nature.

    b) P1 is in motion, whenever you detect it, it has moved, so it is in motion.

    c) if the particle is in motion then so is the detector. Both are matter. Both have the same nature.

    d) You are measuring the effect of P1 on D1, the *different*, not P1.

    e) If P1 and D1's motion was identical, then there would be no effect of P1 on D1 and you would detect nothing.

    f) Suppose P1 is oscillating polarized up/down, and D1 is an oscillation polarized left-right. That difference is a rotation, a spin in a plane. You detect a particular spin property.

    g) If P1 is up/down and D1 is down/up, you detect an oscillation in a polarized axis. P1 is the same oscillation, the detector has changed, not the observed particle. But in one case spin was observed, in another an oscillation in a line was observed.

    h) So spin and polarization/oscillation are inter-related. Not independent.

    i) And if P1 was oscillation left/right and D1 oscillating up-down, that too would result in the same spin in the same plane as case f.

    j) So multiple combinations of properties of P1 and D1 can produce the same detected net result.

    k) So, you pass P1 and P2 through a crystal, it has a regular structure and regular field orientation and P1 and P2 now oscillate the same way.

    l) But D1 and D2 may be oscillating differently, so P1 on D1 measurements will not equal P2 on D2 measurements until you equalize D1 and D2.

    m) So now you filter for the matching properties (P1.e1 == P2.e1 && P1.e2 == P2.e2 && P1.e3 == P2.e3)

    n) Which selects the subset of measurements for which D1 and D2 will be the same oscillation.

    o) And bingo, you've selected the combination for which P1 and P2 are oscillating the same and D1 and D2 are oscillating the same, and thus the net difference is the same and P1.e4 == P2.e4 as observed by their corresponding D1 and D2.

    p) So entanglement. The spooky distance effect, is just filtering, and an encryption based on it would never work without the filter or similar trick to equalize D1 and D2.


    At minimum indulge me here, and prove those various parameters of motion over the field (everything from translational, spin, oscillations, polarization etc.) are actually independent.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Look over at China


    2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Look over at China

      "Last month I read this, there hasn't been a suitable article from elReg, this will have to do for my rant:"

      You know you can "Create a New Topic" and if anyone finds it interesting, they can read it and comment without having to hijack some barely related story.

  2. Sanguma

    Nothing new to see here. Anyone remember the DynaSoar flightless space plane the Pentagon was planning on launching around the time of Gemini? Complete with an orbital laboratory attached to the back, and provisions to last at least a week in orbit?

    "All good things come to he who waits" ... :) and of course the interminable B-grade space movies of the 50s where the space ships would stop by an orbital bowser to refill their tanks before carrying on their insane adventurers ...

    1. MyffyW Silver badge

      Anyone remember the DynaSoar flightless space plane

      Well I - for one - am far too young to actually remember it, but as a wikipedia-reader I've stumbled across descriptions. It certainly has the half-bagel bakery stamp of all this has happened before...

  3. 89724102172714182892114I7551670349743096734346773478647892349863592355648544996312855148587659264921 Bronze badge

    >applications for Shooting Star are really endless

    Kinteic Bormbardment?

    1. Sanguma

      applications for Shooting Star are really endless

      Meteor Shower Shooting Star? sotto voce "Honey, I left the gas on again ... full bore"

      1. Sanguma

        Addendum ->Re: applications for Shooting Star are really endless

        I forgot to add, the Pentagon have decided on a new designation for US Space F[a]rce vessels.

        They will be henceforth known as United States Meteor Shower [insert name here] or abbreviated: USMS [Shooting Star], in honour of the Twenty Minute Club founded by Lord Flashheart during the First World War as chronicled by one Blackadder in Blackadder Goes Forth. Flashheart's Rejoinder, also known as Slackbladder Goes Forth, is clearly a fake and should not be relied upon.

    2. Glen 1

      Mass drivers? They have been outlawed by every civilised planet!

      Great Maker!

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    The Pentagon Experiment with a Novel Tactic on a New Tack for Faster Tracking of WWWebs?

    and of course the interminable B-grade space movies of the 50s where the space ships would stop by an orbital bowser to refill their tanks before carrying on their insane adventurers ... ..... Sanguma

    That has morphed, Sanguma, and nowadays do insane adventurers and spaced astronauts orbitally browse internetworking world wide webs to refill their tanks with further information and greater intelligence for deeper and darker/higher and brighter flights.

    And that fundamental simplification and ubiquitous complication has the Pentagon absolutely terrified ....... and I'm not prone to using the word 'absolutely' without due cause and fully expect the premise to be realistically denied and virtually dismissed, but such is as is, and as an almighty weapon on/in all the major and minor metadata base mining fields of interminable play today, one's worst nightmare brought into life for real if deserving of censure and punishment.

    And another valid Pentagon type fear, sensibly recognised in Myriad Other SMARTR Defence Attacking Forces, is are they too late to the party and all dressed up in the wrong gear to enjoy all of the benefits that are the rewards for sharing great leads freely amongst the strangest of friends and deadliest of foe ‽ .

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: The Pentagon Experiment with a Novel Tactic on a New Tack for Faster Tracking of WWWebs?

      And it could be a fact y'all have not an inkling of those few missing tracts ..... and their Vital Viral Significance in the Greater Schema for All Things now Presenting You Leading Others through Crazy Worlds .... and IT Invites You to Further Almighty Plays ............ Tending and Trending All Ways towards the Practically Miraculous ..... with Everything Heavenly Supplied.

      Tell us then that you need more and it is immediately obvious you have missed a few vital lessons, and thus is acquired required knowledge incomplete. Such is easily remedied though, or not so, with missed vital lessons supply for Future Advanced Improved Performance in a COSMIC AI ProgramMING Application with Mined Intelligence Network Games to Play as an Almighty Immaculate Global Operating Device.

      You know, one of those spooky AWE things it is maybe best to know next to nothing about ..... given where the intelligence capture takes you and which be assured tends and trends towards the Xxtra Special and Probably Possibly Also EnMaddening. :-) For Some is that a Wonderfully Unexpected Bonus for Travel and Residence in A.N.Others Stranger Worlds. Others Crash and Burn Out in Oft Quite Spectacular Flames.

      Remember to recognise those and that which wants or asks to be left alone. Queensbury Rules and all that, Old Boy. And is it PC to say ...... Play the White Man .... or is that now an offensive piece on the Great Board of Virtualised AIR Play.

      And Advanced IntelAIgent Researchers are always here to Play and Show you the Ways that Remotely Lead with All in Charge of Everything, .... and ideally one would suppose and propose, with One in Central Command and Overall Control. Surely anything lesser is a Sort of Chaos ...... with instant competition and opposition created to a greater or lesser extent. Many fall by the wayside and slip along into the dark side there, where they are forever to remain with bitter sweets to swallow and bitter pills to follow.

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        MOD Models AI Experiment with Novel Tactics on a New Tack for Faster Tracking of WWWebs?

        Oh, and with particular and peculiar regard to that AWE thing, the following is just a small part of a much greater whole presented to the MOD and Government some time ago, on 30th September 2019, for their engagement and deployment/enjoyment and employment.

        Does the UKGBNI MOD see itself engaged in such an experiment/experience as an independent leading role player or more simply just as support staff following orders from/for other state and non-state actors?

        And would the former be tantamount to a Stealthy SMARTR AI Military coup, which is what it can easily be spun as by a blind-sided opposition or right dodgy competition?

        Would that be of an EMPowering Interest to Astute Militarised Organs of Defence into providing NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Protection to Command and Control of the Virtualised Machine with Commanding Control of Computers and Communications in Epic New COSMIC Realms ….. Advanced IntelAIgent Streams?

        I wonder if Dominic Cummings received any relatively top secret briefings on the available facility and ready utility during his recent acclimatisation with military assets and special forces, for it would appear to be something the Telegraph thinks he is interested in, the greater defence on the nation in a time whenever everything is changing quite fundamentally at break neck speed .........

  5. GeoBolt

    Something familiar about that picture

    Is it me, or does the first image look like an artist's impression of a KSP model with Spherical mono propellant tank of the left and Mystery Goo unit on the right, maybe?

    The second image looks even more like some of my efforts on KSP.

    The icon is the closest thing I could find to Jeb Kerman.

  6. Nifty Silver badge

    All I can say is

    China has already been doing target practice

  7. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    We failed to make what NASA wanted in time. Fortunately we hired all these ex-USAF generals as 'advisors' and have several congressmen's sons as interns - so we got a blank DoD check to do something secret and unaccountable

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: TLDR

      That's more or less what I read elsewhere, that SNC is failing at all its NASA deliverables but their various military projects are so important that the DoD keeps finding other ways to funnel money to them.

  8. arctic_haze

    Shooting Star?

    Is it something like Death Star Jr?

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