back to article Process miner Celonis pushes out application tools to tighten up how they're used in anger

Celonis has carved a niche by selling companies such as Siemens, 3M, Airbus and Vodafone the software and analytics techniques to "X-ray" their business processes in the hope of iroing out kinks to save time and money. This week, the company squeezed out a platform upon which Celonis itself, or third parties, can build end- …

  1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    The PHB is going to go for this

    While I can see that it could solve problems for a lot of situations, essentially it is putting the PHB on the path of avoiding have to think out any new methods or proposals. Corporate business management? There's an app for it now.

    1. Mark192


      The same managers that unthinkingly turn Management Information metrics into targets for their staff will turn this into a 'computer says it so we must do it' chain of halfwit decisions.

      There's not a tool in the world that a fellow tool can't turn into a weapon for making self-inflicted wounds.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    ACT of GOD ..... Advanced Cyber Treat/<s>Threat</s> of Global Operating Devices

    Better look into how users don't use software the way biz thinks they do

    That's a Can of Worms Opened Up and Offering the Expressively Tempting Delights from Pandora's Box of Immaculate Tricks, methinks.

    Take care if delving too deep into developments there. Some programs server Death and Destruction to All Non-Authorised Beings in Almighty Sensitive Spaces.

    Such are in Domains of Psychopaths and Sociopaths and thus Immaculately Guarded.

    :-) Having said all that, by reason of an overabundance of caution, it's certainly well worth the journeys IT takes you with All Systems Remotely ACTivating via Virtual Memes and AIMemes, Heavenly Assistance ...... with Almighty Immaculate Guidance, AIMaster Pilot Driver Source ....... Core Kernel Ore.

    Is such a Valuable Resource, Core Kernel Ore for AIMaster Pilot Driver Source of Almighty Immaculate Guidance with Heavenly Assistance to Virtual Means and AIMemes Remotely ACTivating All Systems for IT Journeys Well Worth Taking and Making.

    :-) Merlin the Magician and Meta Data Base Physician Hailing DOD JEDI Knights Servers and Followers and Proposing JOINT ACTivation of Valuable Resources. .....[Joint Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies/NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Processes in AI Research and Development Fields] ..... although it can and should be construed as more the timely advisory of a Fait Accompli Event/Latter Day 0day Trial/Virtual Trails and Tales Beta Test. ...... and a real joy for those enamoured of the style and mode of C.S.Lewis and the Inklings.

    Thinks to pause and bid ciao and arrivederci for now. Hasta la vista, bebe :-)

  3. cbars

    Just ask your f***ing users. They wont lie, they'll tell you your process is shit and they've been saying it for years. SMEs are not thin on the ground, they're your employees.

    Tell them their job is safe, empower them to design a more efficient process, pay their salary with your savings and put them to use elsewhere.

    Certainly better then monitoring surrupticiously and then expecting a) better results b) cheaper c) to retain SMEs. This sounds an amazing waste of money, useful for 2 weeks when a 15 minute conversation would cover 80% of the problem without spending any money.

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