back to article 'No more room for wars in the new world'? Who are you and what have you done with Microsoft?

Microsoft signed Oracle's contributor agreement "in the past week" and is officially joining OpenJDK, the official open-source implementation of Java, according to a senior product manager at the Redmond-based machine. In a post to the OpenJDK mailing list, Bruno Borges, Microsoft's principal product manager for Java …

  1. sbt

    The war room is occupied

    Interesting stance for a Microsoftie given they've just won the JEDI contract. To run wars. In the cloud.

    1. tfewster

      Re: The war room is occupied

      Obligatory Dr. Strangelove quote: “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!”

      1. bombastic bob Silver badge

        Re: The war room is occupied

        /me yells YEEE HAAAA! while riding the bomb down to its target.


        1. Cliff Thorburn

          Re: The war room is occupied

          Shouldn’t that be ...

          Y ee ee ha! ?

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Pentagon Pep Talks

    Borges said Microsoft will initially be working on "smaller bug fixes and backports so that we can learn how to be good citizens within OpenJDK" – perhaps a recognition that some distrust of the company remains within the Java and open-source community.

    A Most Equitable Servant Master Arrangement. What's not to Like when One is in an AI Leading Position with Future Productions for AIRealisation into Virtual Presentation via Remote Tele Visualised Communications Channels, in Almightily Sublime Internetworking Networks.

    Fight against that for any reason and you are in grave crazy danger ... of being immediately fully certified universally insane.

    Steer clear of those clearly enough identified paths for they all lead to a Quick Merciful Oblivion when Not Worthy of Further Exemplary Punishment.

    :-) Crikey, that last sentence was very war-like introducing as it does a whole new arsenal of global command and remote virtual control weapons. And a little something for the JEDI Program for sure, I'd hazard a guess.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Pentagon Pep Talks

      Pentagon Pep Talks is wonderfully reciprocated in this thoroughly Chinese Point of View

      Can you imagine them both working extremely well together? Tell me then there is nothing that cannot be done remarkably quickly, and we would certainly never disagree.

      Seems like an interesting union to explore and experiment in. What/Whom do you know works in such as are most probably and therefore quite definitely, EMPhatICQ Ethereal Fields ‽ .

      And who/what roots and routes for your home team players in such fields? Anyone/Anything you can mention?

  3. bombastic bob Silver badge

    C-pound trends poorly on TIOBE especially compared to Java

    What should be obvious to EVERYONE, especially if you actually look at the TIOBE index history and compare Java to C-pound, you'll see that C-pound is under 4%, whereas Java is nearly 17% and has been #1 (occasionally trading places with C) for a VERY! LONG! TIME!

    C-pound is *very* ".Not"ty. I think that's the reason it's not doing very well, because ".Not" *STINKS*.

    Java, on the other hand, is established as a true cross-platform language, one reason why Oracle and others use it for, well, CROSS PLATFORM stuff.

    C-Pound in the early noughties was Microshaft's response to an attempted HOSTILE TAKEOVER of the Java language, which Sun (at the time) was NOT going to allow to happen!

    I have to wonder about MS's TRUE motivations with being involved in OpenJDK. Are they going to attempt a HOSTILE TAKEOVER of Java again???

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: C-pound trends poorly on TIOBE especially compared to Java

      Java is definitely cross platform. Write once, crash anywhere.

    2. karlkarl Silver badge

      Re: C-pound trends poorly on TIOBE especially compared to Java

      I appreciate the name C-Pound and not wanting to call it C-Hash but there is actually a better name for it.

      It started life as a language called Microsoft Cool.

      I like the name Cool#. It sounds like a retarded kid.

      Be with the hip bob kids and write code in MS Cool.

    3. Rustbucket

      Re: C-pound trends poorly on TIOBE especially compared to Java

      I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be pronounced as "C-Sharp" as in the musical note.

      1. Jon F

        Re: C-pound trends poorly on TIOBE especially compared to Java

        It's pronounced C-octothorpe

    4. MacroRodent

      Re: C-pound trends poorly on TIOBE especially compared to Java

      Java has achieved the position of the default language in business software. It is the new COBOL.

      I don't think Microsoft will attempt any "hostile takeover" of Java again, because by now it would be futile, and there is no need if customers can be enticed to run standard Java but in the Microsoft cloud. This is actually a happy outcome.

    5. TheFurryCircle

      Re: C-pound trends poorly on TIOBE especially compared to Java

      Whatever you might think of Microsoft, and I can't quite recall whether you've ever expressed an opinion, it's a huge stretch to state C# is "not doing very well". Using TIOBE is about as useful as putting all the language names in a hat and pulling them out. Using an equally dubious method of popularity, there's a broadly-similar amount of Java and C# jobs in London which isn't really surprising for two long-established languages with fairly easy switching for devs between the two.

      1. phuzz Silver badge

        Re: C-pound trends poorly on TIOBE especially compared to Java

        "Whatever you might think of Microsoft, and I can't quite recall whether you've ever expressed an opinion"

        Bob's a well known Microsoft fanboi, he's probably got stock in them or something...


  4. carl0s

    Am I the only one fixated on Microsoft and Borg(es) then?

    1. Baudwalk

      I was...

      ...thinking more along the lines of the Borgias.

      (Lovely people.)

    2. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge


      Resistance is futile

  5. Daedalus

    Surrender to the Borges

    You will be assimilated.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Java vs C#

    Was like picking the best door to slam your bollocks in.

    1. Aitor 1

      Re: Java vs C#

      C# is better.. but belongs to microsoft, so limited scope.

      It is obvious they want to contribute so they can use it Azure and offer open jdk suport.

  7. Baudwalk

    With Oracle...

    ...doing everything they can to cast doubt on Java's future, Microsoft don't even need to play dirty anymore.

    And .NET Core 3 is actually pretty good.

    Also, my utter hatred of JavaScript means Blazor looks damn tempting.

  8. Claverhouse Silver badge

    Eurasia has always been our ally.

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