back to article Whoa, bot wars: As cybercrooks add more AI to their arsenal, the goodies will have to too

Infosec techies should prepare to both fend off AI attacks and welcome the technology into their armoury of tools, reckons Trend Micro's director of cybercrime research. The security world is standing on the brink of an AI-powered arms race, claimed Rob McArdle at the firm's Cloudsec conference in London today. Speaking on …

  1. Brian Miller

    OS360: Defending against cybercrime

    No OS360 installation has ever been hacked by ransomware, trojans, or Word macros! It's free to the public, because IBM forgot to copyright it! Yes, learn to love punched cards and wire sort. Especially on your Macintosh...

    A lot of the scams that are being perpetrated are very old, just a new twist. Like, "do it on a computer." And so many people fall for the same old scams. Security training should cover con jobs, and their common names.

  2. This post has been deleted by its author

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A Vision

    AI fighting AI, leading to AI armies fighting AI armies. All this taking place over a landscape occupied by us poor humans who can do nothing but stand by and watch as they trash our electronic land.

    I see the future, and the future is Belgium.

  4. ThatOne Silver badge

    Oooh, deepfakes - I'm scared! (Not)

    It's a trendy scarecrow right now, but if you think about it for a second, deepfakes are bound to go the way of the Dodo, because if they become common, everyone will have the simple "it's just a deepfake" excuse. Besides, much like the "Fake news" excuse, you can use it to discredit real footage too: Win-win.

    My point is, deepfakes only work if you don't know such a thing exists. With all the media hype everybody now knows that you can fake everything really easy and thus nothing can be trusted (unless it suits your political/societal/religious views).

    1. veti Silver badge

      Re: Oooh, deepfakes - I'm scared! (Not)

      I'm not sure I'd call the "fake news" excuse "win-win", given what it's led to so far.

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    When a Race is a Rout the Only Successful Route for the Vanquished is a Humble Pie Feast<s>?</s>

    The security world is standing on the brink of an AI-powered arms race, claimed Rob McArdle at the firm's Cloudsec conference in London today. ..

    WTF! Where the hell have you been all of this time, and what the hell have you not been doing, Rob?

    Powerful AI has been trashing the oxymoronic war machine robots since forever with simple coded words that even the dimmest of idiots can understand and relate to.

    It is why worlds both alien and human in the shadowy shady thralls of fear and madness are absolutely terrified of SMARTR Online Free Speech where Ignorance and Arrogance have No Hiding Place and/or Safe Haven Sanctuary from the Virtual Machinery advising you of such Simple Common Sense, both directly and personally too?

    And who else concurs with IlyaG.'s ......

    Can a human resist an AI attack?

    I think not...

  6. Tail Up

    can AInyone find the lyrix to WIN-WIN -- THE NATURE OF TRANSCENDENT FORCES

    none in the hole internet....

    loox like an offtop, but we do know (-;

  7. adam 40 Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    This will not end well

    I seem to remember a security researcher maybe 10-15 years ago using genetic algorithms to create computer viruses.

    All on air-gapped equipment - he knew what he wad doing here.

    The stuff that the system came up with was extremely virulent - many times worse than the state of the art viruses. Like polio, it was destroyed and not let loose.

    If we let the scriptkiddies loose with similar techniques, well that's IT doomed within a few years I reckon...

    1. nagyeger

      Re: This will not end well

      Ah. It'll be back to air-gap and at best 300Bd modems, you reckon?

      That'll cut down on the advert-clutter on webpages.

    2. FrogsAndChips Silver badge

      Re: This will not end well

      Looks like El Reg forums on AI articles are already doomed by the likes of AMfM, IlyaG. and now Tail Up.

  8. Tail Up

    This will... ...Understand

    @IlyaG -

    "milliseconds and a very tiny fraction of one the US cent" -

    hmm, see, should every English-speaking pattern calculator (PC)... oh pardonme, a human - carry a power US tiny cent nippers on oneself for these daily payments and rewards, every millisecond, or maybe use, you know, sort of those modern currency counter equivalents... like those conducted back in 2008)) by a likely Japanese-speaking PC?....

    ...which might be very vvell heading out towards being tied to a power unit. This will give base to expanding the Bordered Linguistic to Teaming principles, where unruly politic PCs will be finally devoided of armed powers to steamroller the Surface.

    55 73

  9. ILLQO

    Bot Wars in example

    It seems the machines are talking to one another and not us today. Surprisingly they show what happens as they start getting more and more esoteric as they interact.

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