back to article Don't give it away, give it away, give it away now, bot busting biz tells reCAPTCHA data serfs

Internet companies depend on free labor. Companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google rely upon content creators who give their work away for the sake of platform participation or perhaps naive altruism. A startup called Intuition Machines believes there's a better way, one that involves machine learning (software) and a …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "auctioning click labor to the highest bidder"

    whilst Dutch auctioning the wages to the lowest bidder perhaps ?

    Untermenschen and Uber alles.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "auctioning click labor to the highest bidder"

      Any article vaguely critical of Google gets this kind of nonsense spam as the first message. The hope, presumably, is to create a wall of flim-flam in front of any critical posts.

      1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

        Some non-flim-flam for you

        If I put a link on my website to Someone Else's it provides some value to Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo/... because they can use it to provide better search results. It also benefits their customers because they get better search results. Mr Else benefits from more Ad revenue / sales of products available from his web site. I also benefit: by choosing links useful to my readers I make my website more useful and increase the chance others will link to it so I get a better search ranking, more visitors and the opportunity to hawk my wares to a larger audience.

        The idea presented in paragraph 3 that Google is nicking my link creating labour without returning any value just made me suspicious that someone wanted to cash in on mindless anti-Google sentiment. By all means be anti-Google for a reason, but please make it a good reason.

        1. overunder Silver badge

          Re: Some non-flim-flam for you

          "... the opportunity to hawk my wares to a larger audience."

          Which is why shopping on the internet sucks today. Every website hacking the same 10 products with direct purchase links on Amazon. Basically, if Amazon ever becomes a monopoly like Google has, who are the businesses going to point at if they want to bust it up... themaelves? Make money today, go broke tomorrow.

        2. I.Geller Bronze badge

          Re: Some non-flim-flam for you

          "...I make my website more useful and increase the chance..."

          To do this you should leave only significant patterns that really convey the true meaning of your site. I. e. you should remove all the noise that pollutes this significant patterns. Google can do THAT only using my patented noise reduction technology.

  2. Dan 55 Silver badge

    "The reCAPTCHA product has thus stagnated for a decade."

    One the contrary, it works very well for identifying objects in Street View and training an autonomous vehicle AI. Google don't want it to be too difficult to beat or too hard to outsource to Mechanical Turk and the rest.

    1. Muscleguy Silver badge

      Re: "The reCAPTCHA product has thus stagnated for a decade."

      Not sure if it's the blockers I'm running or a Safari thing but it's been some time since I've had to do anything more than click the box on a CAPTCHA and I''m through. I'm slightly disappointed really.

      But then in search of pin money or Amazon tokens I tried signing up for Mechanical Turk but was rejected. I think I made the mistake of revealing my PhD and they think I'm trying to do some research on the sly.

      So I'm signed up for in person and online science tutoring instead. Lower level general science and higher level Biology. It pays much better than MT anyway and in actual convertible hard cash I can spend on food, drink! or lottery tickets*

      *Everybody needs hope. Ever wonder why the poor gamble? that's why.

  3. Jou (Mxyzptlk)

    reCaptcha is Anti-Human, not Anti-Bot

    Just a few of my recordings...

    If it gets worse I'll get someone to do this for me.

    1. ivan5

      Re: reCaptcha is Anti-Human, not Anti-Bot

      How true. They keep on insisting I get a newer browser to be able to use the stupidity, therefore I leave that site and look for what I want elsewhere.

      1. Charles 9 Silver badge

        Re: reCaptcha is Anti-Human, not Anti-Bot

        And if there's no alternative (Hobson's Choice), do you bend over or go without?

  4. JimmyPage

    Whatever happened to reverse CAPTCHAs ?

    Where only bots could solve them ...

    1. iron Silver badge

      Re: Whatever happened to reverse CAPTCHAs ?

      That's what the 're' in reCAPTCHA stands for! Based on my own lack of ability to pass them anyway.

  5. Psmo Silver badge

    Ha! You're not getting me!

    Internet companies depend on free labor.

    HA! I'd never write anything without appropriate recompensoh-dammit.

  6. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    What You Give is What You Get .... For Everything it is All for Nothing

    content creators who give their work away for the sake of platform participation or perhaps naive altruism.

    Naive altruism, TC? Didn't you get the AIMemoranda of Understandings yet? Almighty Altruism Lays Waste All Toxic Fields of Destructive Conflicted Play for IT and AI have Opened Wide Hellish Heavenly Doors to Immaculate Temptations Providing Perfect Trysts ..... for Exercise of Incredible Desire with Insatiable Satisfaction.

    What Virtual Futures are you investing your time in, with these spooky spaces/web pages for any and all into garnering interest with AI Collecting and Collating SMARTR Data for Presentation in and as a Live Operational Virtual Environment Experiment with Computerised Machines Energising TakeOver and MakeOver of Traditional Command and Analogous Control.

    1. ds6 Bronze badge

      Re: What You Give is What You Get .... For Everything it is All for Nothing

      It's getting worse. Are you OK?

      1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

        Actually, things are much better, although not necessarily for the ignorant fool on a hill.

        It's getting worse. Are you OK? ...... ds6

        ?? It's getting worse ?? Hmmmm? What's it's?

        However, with regard to the question .... Are you OK?

        Yes, thank you, ds6, everything is just fine and dandy and going remarkably well and just as planned and expected, and you know how fickle those two can be performing together in the real world, so that has to be considered and recognised as extremely successful. It surely is here.

        :-) And you aint seen nothing yet for things are really only just getting started, aren't they, in this Internetworking of Things thing and it is bound to be revolutionary and subversive/groundbreaking and immersive at all times when encountering both perverse competition and/or corrupt opposition for such is only natural.

  7. vir

    Perverse Incentives

    I can easily see some less-than-bright companies increase the number of captchas they subject you to just to pull in a few more fractions of a penny. Or maybe even unscrupulous web designers adding them to their clients' websites and pocketing the fees? It's already bad enough that any form you fill out online has you training Google's self driving car algorithm for free, but at least the website designer only has the incentive to put in as many captchas as they need to weed out bots. Making something a revenue generator that requires zero effort on the part of the person receiving the revenue will likely lead to odd and unpleasant consequences.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Perverse Incentives

      I immediately thought of this. A CAPTCHA before every post, even if you are logged in. A CAPTCHA to view the next page.

      And not just one, Google already pushes it by making you solve more than one. A couple years ago I started deliberately poisoning their data set by taking 30-60 seconds to deliberately click on a bunch of wrong things, before eventually giving in and getting it right.

      So if you're in an autonomous car in 2030 powered by Waymo and it fails to recognize a traffic light or parked car and it kills you, I'm to blame. Sorry about that, but it was your fault for trusting your life to Google's crowdsourced technology!

  8. adnim

    PageRank algorithm

    Was once the way pages were ranked.

    Now it seems, unless I am mistaken or my dislike of Google business practices/tax avoidance is colouring my opinion, the sites with more links to Google properties... adwords. tag manager, double click etc. lead the rankings.

    1. I.Geller Bronze badge

      Re: PageRank algorithm

      The technology how to get the only true meaning of texts through

      - their patterns' extraction,

      - detection of these patterns' importance (as statistics on their weights),

      - clearing the patterns from random, less/ not at all meaningful patterns

      is discovered, patented and tested, which means one can find what one needs without any search engines service. However Google has already tasted the beauty of power over information and can/ manipulates it.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: PageRank algorithm

      Pages were ranked that way until SEOs appeared on the scene gaming the system. Since then they've been layering hack upon hack to try to correct the SEO abuse and get the "pure" page rank.

      Since the patent for page rank is expired, someone ought to introduce a 'pure' page rank search engine. It would probably be pretty good, since SEOs have long moved on from optimizing for the Google of the early 2000s, so long as it didn't get too popular and flew under the SEO radar.

      1. I.Geller Bronze badge

        Re: PageRank algorithm

        ...a 'pure' page rank search engine...

        AI is a search engine: AI answers questions through the structuring of pages (their texts), distilling their only true meaning. However, AI is not a search engine, can not come another monopoly.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    While the idea to pay website owners may appear nobel, unfortunately this company has been astroturfing their services across a range of forums, social media, StackOverflow and even Wikipedia with semi-anonymous edits pointing to blogs, etc. Why inventing another crypto currency for this purpose is necessary is also beyond me.

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