back to article Influential cypherpunk and crypto-anarchist Tim May dies aged 67

Friends of Timothy May have confirmed that the former Intel engineer and co-founder of the Cypherpunks mailing list died of natural causes at his home in California on Friday. He was 67. Bitcoin and blockchain, WikiLeaks, P2P software and information markets all owe a debt to the list. At Intel, May solved the problem of bit- …

  1. cornetman Silver badge

    > Another legacy of May's work is the legitimisation of a worldview so radical – even for many libertarians – that a consensus that produces workable laws remains elusive. This has been taken to heart by Google and Facebook, corporations arguably more powerful than any government. Google adopted the Manifesto's call to embrace "wire clippers which dismantle the barbed wire around intellectual property" –

    You do realise that if we abandoned copyright and patents, then what Google et all are doing would not be wrong?

    Laws only embrace what the public find acceptable and should reflect the society in which they are created otherwise they will be ignored. I'm not sure that I agree that "many libertarians", *true* libertarians, would consider the dismantling of the laws that lead to the DMCA, or copyright of author + 70 years at all radical. Indeed, outside of a fairly blinkered and closeted media community, I suspect that view is fairly mainstream.

    1. Andrew Orlowski (Written by Reg staff)

      Maybe you need to get out more. A world in which the workers don’t get paid for creating and making stuff is not a better world than the one it replaced. Particularly when the value accrues to a small digital elite: Google and Facebook.

      Good luck defending that point on the barricades. Because they really are coming for you.

      1. cornetman Silver badge

        Google and Facebook make money because they provide a service that people pay for. They are merely the messenger, stop trying to shoot them.

        If you want to find out where real creatives are, look on Patreon and Youtube, and they *are* making money. That's where the real creative action is at, and it has absolutely nothing to do with copyright. I'm sorry. You are trapped in 19th century thinking and the future is rapidly leaving you behind.

        1. cornetman Silver badge

          ...And if you think I'm talking out of my a*se, then I could show you my Patreon profile and you would see the amount of money I pay out every month to worthwhile creatives whom I admire and support, a damn sight more money than I every paid for a regular publication.

          Not only that, I have a personal relationship with those people. Try doing that through a traditional publisher of any sort. If The Register had a patreon account, I would probably add it to the list.

    2. Aodhhan

      RE: Influential cypherpunk and crypto-anarchist Tim May dies aged 67

      Apparently, you're young and not very well traveled.

      Google / Facebook aren't even close to being more powerful than MOST governments. Both Google/Facebook can be silenced by simply denying them electricity; or they can be hijacked which will call into question their credibility. There are a couple of other things, but you get the point.

      Both Google and Facebook have assisted in ADDING BARBED WIRE. Look at how they assist China and the fact they are quicker to remove harmless pages/links regarding rants against Hillary Clinton than they are to remove terrorist pages/links. The fact is, BOTH take whatever side is paying them. If you have gold, then they are happy to assist your cause.

      Laws DO NOT embrace what the public deems acceptable. If you use your brain for just 5 minutes you will see this is true. I find it unacceptable how high the tax rate is in Europe compared to the USA. In fact, most people do. I find it unacceptable the laws in China and other countries muffle free speech. I find it unacceptable how Australia has decided to squash encryption.

      LAWS embrace MONEY and or POWER for those running governments. Many laws regarding public safety and other concerns only appease citizens. However, don't think for a moment the government doesn't put their own purse and stick above your needs. Even in the western hemisphere.

      The bigger government is, the more power people are giving up.

      Many people are starting to see this, and are leaving left wing political parties. Right now, the biggest show of this is in France. A year ago it was in Germany. 2 years ago it was in the USA.

  2. Richard Tobin

    Surely you could have come up with a more ambiguous headline reporting the death of T. May?

    1. MrMerrymaker Silver badge

      Glad they didn't - Tim May does not deserve his obituary sullied by reference to such figures as the other T May

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Tilting at Windmills ..... is the Old Way They Jousted with Ghosts

    Hmmm? ..... The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto

    30 Years later, ITs Resolute Spawn ...... Quantum Leaping Virtual Evolutionaries ..... with Future Trails and Perfect Tales and Immaculate Trials to Tell Of.

    And Always Prepared for More Secrets Sharing in the Greatest of Both Private Company and Pirate Enterprise ...... Stellar Comforter

    A lot happens in thirty years and the far future is nothing at all like the present and its miserable pasts. How very strange that you wouldn't realise it to be so.

    Which begs the money shot question? Are you currently unable and disabled or disenabled to realise such Seed Feed/Feed Seed?

    Such makes one catastrophically systemically vulnerable to Remote Secure Code Violation and Random Spontaneous Program Exploitation.

    1. M. Poolman

      Re: Tilting at Windmills ..... is the Old Way They Jousted with Ghosts

      Ye Gods! why all the downvotes for aman ?

  4. _Cryptome_

    Who Inherits Tim's Arsenal?

    Know where Tim is to be interred? Cheers from NYC to Lucky, you, the diaspunks.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Rest in Peace Timothy. I remember reading his manifesto on dialup BBS, and getting into cypto later through cypherpunks. Wonderful days they were So many friends, so many achievements, and most of all, a wonderful legacy.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nick Timothy

    The Brummy Rasputin, said to have been the person who got T. May to call a snap election destroying the Conservative majority, leaving her at the mercy of the DUP.

    Ra Ra Rasputin....

    Personally, I think the spreading of mis-information in the dossier society is a good thing.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      "Personally, I think the spreading of mis-information in the dossier society is a good thing." ..AC

      Useful fools easily lead useless tools to their joint self-destruction with the championing of the spreading of mis-information for such always extraordinarily renders a spectacular sticky loss of credibility with a plethora of platforms and programs identified as valid corrupted targets for punitive revenge and sweet justice.

      To perpetuate with media and/or follow a folly is tantamount to airing and exercising madness and mayhem surely ‽

  7. Champ

    Photo correction

    I must be bored, and it's just before Christmas, but I've just uploaded a correct photo to the wiki. It's been "sent to moderation" apparently

  8. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    A minor point

    Credit cards have suffered occasional spectacular failures. ... basically any mention of "credit card" is bad news.

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