back to article Slow your roll: VMware urges admins to apply workarounds to DoS-inducing 3D render vuln

VMware has warned users about an "important" denial-of-service vuln in ESXi, Workstation and Fusion that hinges on a problem with 3D rendering. The vuln (CVE-2018-6977) allows an attacker with normal local user privileges to trigger an infinite loop in a 3D-rendering shader. According to VMware, a "specially crafted 3D shader …

  1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Credit where due

    I think when a cool name is given to this bug, it should honour Alan Turing, since the theoretical (?) attack is a weaponised version of the unsolvable "Halting Problem". It may be logically impossible to fix it?? "Alan, Alan, Alan, Alan, ..."

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Plain Dumb Stupid Is as Plain Dumb Stupid Does and is a Sure Sign of Ignorance and Madness

    And certainly logically impossible to fix with ye olde tried and tested and tired established tradition of kicking the can of worms and bugs further on down the roads and pathways which guarantee systems collapse and new old targets for personal ruination, RC, with the majority of them being of the sweet natural justice of deserved outrageous revenge?

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