back to article Uncle Sam wants tech toolkit to snoop social media stock scammers

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has put out a call for proposals on a new system that would be able to identify possible stock scams posted on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. The SEC posted the call last week with a September 11 deadline for proposals from developers on an application that would …

  1. Shadow Systems

    Good luck with that.

    The Reg just had an article about how badly AI/DL/ML does at trying to find trolls online because all it takes is for them to change the spelling, make an "accidental" typo, separate the letters with other characters (y*o*u k*n*o*w l*i*k*e t*h*i*s*?) and the AI can't find it.

    Now you want to use AI/DL/ML to find $+0ck s(theCentsSymbol)m$? And how do you intend your AI to do any better at that job than the other AI's at finding trolls? You've got the exact same style of hurdles to jump & the same lame runner with one wooden leg on backwards & a swollen ankle on the other. Your AI can barely walk & you want that poor bastard to run a race with ever taller hurdles!

    Good luck with that.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: Good luck with that.

      Yeah, but as soon as some people read "AI" they think we actually have it, and the money flows.

      Doesn't matter that the statistical analysis machines are crap at anything touching human communication, they have a shiny label. Look, it glitters !

      Where the stat machines are good is in correlating humongous amounts of data points and deriving directions in which more analysis could bring beneficial understanding of said data points and what they mean. But as soon as you ask them to deal with keyboard activity they're out.

    2. Uberior

      Re: Good luck with that.

      Why read the text?

      If it was the UK, all they'd have to do was search for images of Deborah Meaden!

      Yup, there she is again scowling on my Wileyfox Phone with a Bitcoin advert on the lockscreen. Never mind that I'm constantly unticking the box and withdrawing my consent for Buzzvil (who don't appear to be registered with the ICO) to let me "enjoy" targetted scam adverts.

  2. Eddy Ito

    How hard could that be? On Twitter, Facebook, etc. the hard part is filtering out the few bits that aren't scams.

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    No better than a comic.

    Are there to be any persecutions/prosecutions with particular and peculiar regard to this conflicted Daily Telegraph/dodgy mainstream media tale ..... Pound endures rollercoaster day as Germany denies claims of Brexit breakthrough

    No wonder traditional systems are under concerted damaging attack.... for they aint fit for Future Greater IntelAgent Games Purpose.

  4. DCFusor

    Sounds just like

    Some of the contracts my ex-employer MIC company got when I worked for them - carefully tailored so that while looking like a competitive RFQ, it could only be fulfilled by the outfit I worked for. The real collusion that's been going on as long as I've been alive. Very rewarding for contract officer and contractor alike.

    As if they couldn't just post an abuse email and read it, or heck, like any trader simply read the usual sources. Takes one guy.

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