back to article Cisco, Microsoft and 32 big vendor pals join ‘Accord’ to improve security by doing … security stuff

Thirty-four technology companies inked a "Cybersecurity Tech Accord" on Tuesday which they said represents "a public commitment … to protect and empower civilians online and to improve the security, stability and resilience of cyberspace". The 34 vendors include Cisco, SAP, both HPs, Microsoft, Oracle, Juniper, Dell, BT, …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Never going to happen

    Profit for the 1% takes priority over everything else, so screw the public.

    Coding will continue to be done by idiots on the cheap so will be full of bugs and holes.

    Information is power and money, so thats only getting shared if theres money to be made.

    This is PR fluff to detract from the fact that all the companies on this list are data grabbing, insecure, profit at all cost shysters.

    1. onefang

      Re: Never going to happen

      "Profit for the 1% takes priority over everything else, so screw the public."

      You are wrong. It's not mere profit, it's ever increasing profit.

  2. Milton

    So, more vacuous PR bullshit then

    Sounds like a fairly lame minimum-effort wheeze to prepare some camouflage and misdirection so that when Congress and the courts come calling the guilty parties can point at their Accord, and the bogroll it is presumably crayoned upon, to whine defensively "See, we are good guys really, look at all our Good Intentions".

    More importantly, it provides some cover for the bit that matters to politicians: slimy fat lobbyists doling out cash to campaign funds, with plenty left over for "fact finding" trips to coincidentally nice locations with expensive resorts—and all the rest of the 21st century corruption bandwagon.

    These days it seems you can spot the malign influence of marketurds simply by measuring the facts-to-words ratio of documents. This Accord, seemingly bursting with all sorts of nice-sounding, anodyne phrases and good intentions, evidently lacks fact, scope, concreteness, goals, definable commitments, clear actions, measurables, timetables, specifics of any kind at all ... in other words the Fact:BS ratio is pitiful—signalling a bunch of half-hearted corporate bullshit.

    PS: One can't help being reminded, again, that while the world obviously needs lavatory cleaners and prison warders and even, heaven help us, a few lawyers, it still benefits not one jot from the existence of marketing and sales people. I feel sure that persons in fundamentally pointless occupations—or even futilely parasitic careers, like banking—should be able to do something at least marginally useful with their lives instead. Is Africa short of people to dig wells, perhaps ...? It would be a double benefit since, when a former Head of Marketing karks it while digging Well#27 at Mbungbagwagwe, his or her corpse could be immediately repurposed to fertilise the crops. Sharing a plot with the erstwhile CEO of EuroRipoffenLaundersBank.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: So, more vacuous PR bullshit then

      Bill Hicks on Marketing

  3. bombastic bob Silver badge

    how many 'vendors' does it take to change a light bulb?

    This reminds me of a bad light bulb joke...

    "How many 'vendors' does it take to 'feel good' about web security?" Or maybe "how many companies from Redmond and Silly Valley does it take to change a light bulb?"

    Apparently, it takes 32 + Cisco and Micro-shaft, and one electrician to find a new light bulb and replace the old one with it. Except they may have trouble as to what 'type' is the politically correct light bulb of the day, harumph harumph harumph .

    Sorta like 'How many people from Marin County does it take to change a light bulb?' It takes 50. One to actually change the bulb, and 49 to "share in the experience".

    Well I suppose those 34 companies are "feeling really good" about themselves, not getting a damn thing accomplished, but making a handful of people someplace overly proud, as if they have.

    At times it's "all about the FEEL" and NOTHING about the ACCOMPLISHMENT, these days...

  4. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Enough feel-good declarations

    It is time that the InfoSec community create an Official Security Charter. Define once and for all the required measures to ensure privacy and data security, and publish it.

    Everything else should then be measured against those points, in a checklist manner.

    That would even allow for grading a company's promises. So, your latest blah ranks 2 on the Total Security Checklist ? Try again.

    You are FaceBook ? Don't even check, just try again.

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