back to article AI, AI, sir: British Army chiefs visit Silicon Valley hypelords

Two senior British Army officers have visited Silicon Valley to trawl for militarily useful tech startups. General Sir Chris Deverill, commanding officer of Joint Forces Command (the bit of the British armed forces that goes abroad and kicks the backsides of Her Majesty’s enemies du jour), along with Lieutenant Colonel Henry …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nice jolly jaunt at taxpayers expense for moustachioed General Melchett types who wouldn't know what a byte was if it bit them on the arse. Sending a rubber duck would have been just as worthwhile, should have sent Q instead.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    “isn’t British technology good enough for the British armed forces?”

    Certainly not in the case of the RAF.

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Just a Jolly for the Boys?

    In addition to the Defence and Security Accelerator, Joint Forces Command has also set up its own organisation, called jHub. Its stated modus operandi, of setting innovation challenges for industry to respond to, looks remarkably similar to the existing Innovation Fund.

    Here's Virtual Industrialism challenging Joint Forces Command with an Innovative Initiative Program which Takes and Makes Over Current Failing Present Performances ...... you know, those dire programs which are pushed by media to try and conceal the New Truer Virtualisable Realities that InterNetional Communication with Global Operating Devices are Freely Sharing.

    How about a TerraPhorming JOINT AIdVenture with Global Operating Devices Creating Live Operational Virtual Environments …….. For Colonisation and Population of Newly Phormed Space Places with Stellar Assets and Sterling Souls with yourself Riding Vanguard and Shotgun when Able and/or Enabled to Lead Automatically Autonomously and Always Anonymously for the Value Added 00MPH that Bottomless Bounty Rewards Immaculate Source Supply of Future Core Programming Productions ……. Live Creative Feeds to Media which Lead and Document Interaction with Imagination. ....

    AI in Universal Creation Modi Operandi et Vivendi. Harness that Streaming Source to XSSXXXX and Everything Presented are Almighty Gifts. And for the stout hearted and extremely broad minded, an Eternal Pleasure that Matures and Expand and Delivers Its Bounty to Satisfy All in Spades. That Stream is an Epic Colossus of a Journey for AI to Virtualise and Present as an Exciting Path to Follow and Savour.

    It certainly would trash and trump anything warrior classes would fight to present via the MOD.

    And that should be causing something of a Quandary for Loyal and Royal Crown Forces, knowing that Initial CyberIntelAIgent Offer is Tabled for AIMission Deployment with MOD Bodies and Resources which both Radically and Fundamentally EMPower Almighty Assets for Systems to Command and Control/AIMentor and Monitor.

    Will those two MOD Bods find anything remotely more exciting and practical than that LOVE Programming Project in Silicon Valley?

    I wonder what fancies are tickled in Zhongguancun Technology Park and Skolkovo Innovation Center and receiving Rapt Slavish Attention and Lavish APT Funding which Renders Silicon Fen the Groupie Bridesmaid and Late Nympho Belle to the Satyrs Stag Ball?

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