back to article Europe's 'one patent court to rule them all' vision may be destroyed by EPO shenanigans

The freeze on long-held plans to approve a single patent court for Europe is a result of the actions of the president of the European Patent Office, according to German media reports. The Unified Patent Court (UPC) has been in progress since 2012, but last month Germany's constitutional court unexpectedly ordered a halt to …

  1. DropBear

    And sooner or later it may indeed all come tumbling down, king Humpty-Dumpty turning into Ozymandias, seeing himself dismissed and his work reversed - and what many people will see is "well sanity does ultimately prevail more often than you'd think after all". Yet what I'll see is "thank heavens he was the lunatic he was, because a slightly more reserved creep biding his time with some more patience and with less flash might just have gotten away with all of the same things and more - and heck knows in how many other places that's exactly what _is_ happening; we're _so_ fucked..."

  2. Pen-y-gors Silver badge

    Very strange

    I know the workings of many European institutions are a bit strange, and influenced by many external factors, but WTF has anyone continued to support this dangerous clown? Has anyone any good suggestions why the Danish bod was so keep to support him?

    We need a lot more transparency about the people involved.

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Not a moment too soon

    It is high time this nutjob is brought back under control. Erase his tenure, burn his career, trash every one of his decisions and put in place someone who is capable of advancing the whole process, not derailing it.

    Oh, and can the nutjob have his pension revoked ? Please ? It would really be grating for him to get full benefits in retirement - he certainly doesn't deserve it;

  4. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Tip of the iceberg

    This sort of attitude seems to be rather common, and is becoming more obvious as those in any form of power no longer seen to even attempt to hide what they are up to - just look across the pond.

    1. Swarthy Silver badge

      Re: Tip of the iceberg

      just look across the pond.

      In which directio- Oh, never mind. It works both ways.

  5. cs94njw

    Yup - the dickheads bully and ignore everyone, and everyone seems to be watching and wondering why their polite request was ignored.

    This guy may go, but he'll end up awarding himself a golden parachute, and there'll be no justice or consequences.

  6. Whitter

    "Battistelli may finally face serious consequences"

    I very much doubt it. Got paid a whack while in office, will have a huge life-long pension when he leaves. A glorious example of the complete and utter failure of management to manage management.

    1. Tom 7 Silver badge

      Re: "Battistelli may finally face serious consequences"

      "A glorious example of the complete and utter failure of management to manage management."

      Take of the last word and you have a general statement about most businesses higher level.

  7. Eguro

    For the love of...

    Why can't these people just fucking work in the way they're meant to (or in the way we're told that they're meant to).

  8. Oh Homer

    "destructive, egomaniacal"

    And most importantly totalitarian, with complete impunity, because of some ridiculous protocol that allows anything "international" in designation to violate human, civil and workers' rights.

    Hopefully the ECHR will put an end to that travesty, and with it all future tin-pot Euro-dictators like "King" Battistelli.

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: "destructive, egomaniacal"

      "some ridiculous protocol that allows anything "international" in designation to violate human, civil and workers' rights."

      It's rather surprising to me that the big international corporations haven't tried to argue for the same rights for themselves.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "destructive, egomaniacal"

      "We're international so we get to do whatever we like and we're untouchable by your laws" is one of the oft-repeated critiques of most european institutions by the whole leave campaign.

      So while we're calling Batistelli an arse, we can lay "at least partially responsible for brexit becoming a thing" at his door too by being exactly the thing they were going on about.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does Godwin's Law take the day off when the guy at the top compares himself to Hitler?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Battistelli may finally face serious consequences

    Yes, we've been told that every month or so. But this time, they REALLY mean it, right?

  11. Mike 16 Silver badge

    Why the surprise

    at what has gone on? Don't any commenters here have any experience in corporate or non-profit organizations (we expect it in clearly labeled politics)? The only rare thing is how long it has gone on, but I doubt he is more the one sigma above median for "entrenched petty dictator of allegedly noble group".

    It's just that the EPO has a bit more visibility than the East Frogbottom Library Acquisitions Committee.

  12. Anguilla

    Regicide action please !

    Seems such a shame that "Regicide" was not initiated many months ago on this wanker !!!

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