back to article What 2017 holds for AI: Will you fear or embrace our machine overlords?

From voice translation to self-driving automobile, AI's impact in everyday life will become more and more apparent this year. The AI and deep learning market will experience even more rapid technological advancement, very rapid growth and adoption, and increasing competition for both hardware and software platforms. While AI …

  1. K

    Is it me..

    Or does this article read like a horoscope?

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    The Heights of Delusion in the Depths of Despair ..... for Taking IT to the Nth Degree

    What 2017 holds for AI: Will you fear or embrace our machine overlords?

    Hi, Doc Perrenod, what’s up?

    Is it imagined that there is any remote second and third party controlling human choice in what virtual machines and their masters will be doing, and are doing?

    Is that akin to a'living in hope in an age of relentless increasing austerity surrounded by fickle and fanciful sees of obscene prosperity and perverse inequity? Such are as hot bed breeding grounds for classic revolution and novel evolution where madness and mayhem and CHAOS* prevail and avail themselves of every opportunity with exploitation of zeroday vulnerabilities.

    *Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems ....... ur Invisible and Intangible Friend and/or Fiendish Foreign Foe. ..... Advanced IntelAIgent Duel Use System for Multiplier MMORPG Users determining Future Losers in Current Stock Inventories.

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge


    The silence is deafening here. It tells everything.

    1. sharan

      Re: Hmmmm?

      actually it is wiser to wait a year and then review to see how the predictions turned out.....


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