back to article 'Every step your anti-theft tracker takes – I'll be watching you'

Tracking widgets that you stick on your keys and wallet so you don't lose them are riddled with security vulnerabilities, we're told. These tracker devices allow folks to locate valuable items and find them again. They communicate over Bluetooth with iOS and Android handhelds, so if they go out of range of each other, a little …

  1. Dwarf Silver badge

    Well they say you are not famous unless you have a stalker, so I guess that means that we'll all going to be famous sometime soon.

    Seriously though, less than one week from the last disaster from low grade devices and we see the same problem panning out with another class of devices.

    VENDORS - FFS wake up and smell the coffee.. Do it right or not at all.

  2. asdf

    privacy get over it eh? Clueless millennials and shitty IoT vendors deserve each other. Just wish it was easier to avoid the inevitable collateral damage.

  3. Adrian 4 Silver badge

    malicious actor

    Why pin it on a thespian ? It might be anybody.

  4. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    I'm still holding auditions to fill the position of 'official stalker' - no luck so far, just a couple of plane spotters in their midlife-crisis "looking for something different", but none of them seemed to be up to the task.

    As to my wallet: I use a chain. You will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

  5. Mark 85 Silver badge

    El Reg invited TrackR, KKMCM and Zizai Tech to comment but at time of writing we have yet to hear back from any of the IoT kit suppliers.

    I doubt they will respond given the nature of the IoT business and those marketing it. They're not about to admit or even discuss anything other than "how great our xxxxxxx is" and why everyone should buy one.

  6. hplasm

    Why cloud?

    These use Bluetooth- out of range? No signal. Beep

    job done- no cloud.

  7. jj_0

    TrackR is patchable

    I've done it once. Instructions are a at

    I don't really use the Trackr anymore though.

  8. tiggity Silver badge


    Who needs IoT cloudy tat to keep track of important things like keys or wallet?

    You put them somewhere in your accommodation so you know where they are...

    When leaving your accommodation e.g. off to work, pub, gym whatever (if needed) you pick them up & place in pocket, bag, etc (whatever your preferred option - just make sure it's somewhere that they cannot slip out of easily and get lost)

    The PITA hassle of forgetting something important like keys / wallet once tends to focus your mind so you do not do it again!

    1. VinceH

      Re: sigh

      "The PITA hassle of forgetting something important like keys / wallet once tends to focus your mind so you do not do it again!"

      In addition to which, if you consistently put them in the same place, it becomes muscle memory.

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