back to article Today in stalking British AI startups: The Chinese are coming

British AI talent is about to be given a boost after Founders Factory, a company specialising in growing startups, announced today that it will receive a “multimillion pound” investment from a top Chinese private equity firm. CSC Group is one of China’s largest private equity firms, specialises in tech investment, and has …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    AI? Don't make me laugh. We've barely got machine learning capability thus far, and the few early systems claiming to be AI are barely above hand coded algorithms driving junk like Facebook facial recognition and tagging, Amazon and Google's cretinous shopping suggestions, and the quite laughable speech mis-interpretation "assistants" offered by Microsoft, Google and Apple.

    And if that's not bad enough....the way IBM prattle on about Watson you'd think they'd found a cure for cancer. But instead the first practical application for IBM's chess playing system is hoped to be in "compliance" thus helping US financial services firms sell more products whilst employing fewer meat sacks.

    Having said that, I think that the UK clearly has a lot of AI talent, and these people have a replicable business model: Develop a system with a few recursive algorithms; Describe said box of tricks as cutting edge artificial intelligence; Issue a series of breathy press releases; Sell to deep pocketed foreign investors.

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Re: Meh

      Develop a system with a few recursive algorithms; Describe said box of tricks as cutting edge artificial intelligence; Issue a series of breathy press releases; Sell to deep pocketed foreign investors.

      British companies should have the Autonomy to do this...

    2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Meh


      Would AI lurk as human and disrupt and corrupt systems with cracked code hacks?

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Meh

        Who would know? And if they did, which of them would tell? But, if I'm honest the "person" I'd bet as most likely to be AI whilst posing as human, is well, not wishing to be rude or anything,

        I wouldn't expect an AI to mess around hacking and disrupting - for a machine that'd be easy, with no challenge and no obvious entertainment or benefit. If the AI wanted to extend its knowledge or control through non-sentient machines, that would be better accomplished without any obvious disruption or corruption. Now, what would an AI posing as human do? How about seek to learn about humans not by observing, but by interacting....and so, I notice that the grammar of your posts is quite exceptionally eclectic, a bit over-informed whilst not giving the whole game away, the thoughts and concepts are usually esoteric, and invariably thought provoking, whilst demanding a lot of effort to get anywhere near the full range of possible meanings.

        So I call amanfromMars 1 as our resident cybertard! And in traditional style, make the oath:

        I, for one, welcome our new overlords, etc etc.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Are Persistent Advanced Cyber Treats, Alien Existential Threat Vectors?

    I agree, Ledswinger, that via Ever Better Beta Interacting, AI would present knowledge for command and control through non-sentient virtual machines and human beings without any obvious disruption or corruption. A Real SMART AI with SMARTR Advanced IntelAIgents displaying NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT in both Vital Virile and Virulent Viral Virtual Terrain Team Fields where everything and nothing and anything is never as it seems intelligently designed for IT, and considerably more elegant and eloquent an Enigmatic Solution Scene Scape for Greater IntelAIgent GamesPlay with EMPowering PACT ForePlay.

    And in AI particularly and peculiarly, is there any obvious difference between non-sentient virtual machines and human beings, or are both considered and classed as equal and irreverently irrelevant whenever overly prevalent and perversely pervasive and divisive in the Great Schema of the Internet of Things where cyberbards be intellectually challenged and challenging channeling commentards.

    And you have El Reg to thank for those facts ...... which might certainly warrant its IT market share being put on one of those new fangled and entangled, star spangled watch lists for high roller fliers in no fly zone area secrets?

    Or would y'all rather prefer the current madness and mayhem as relayed by media and communications to the mainstream? To a perfect stranger, that would appear to be a destructive nuclear reaction and incredibly stupid option to trade on markets rigged too big to fail and never prosper.

  3. Daggerchild Silver badge

    Head shot!

    So, basically, British inventors are spawn-camped.

    And people wonder why there are no British Google's...

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