back to article Trust the cloud, we’re getting the hang of securing it, says Unisys security chief

Everyone’s starting to believe in public cloud but security remains an uphill battle, Unisys’ chief trust officer Tom Patterson told The Register this morning. “There are no four walls any more,” he said, sipping a cappuccino in London’s ExCel conference centre and referring to the traditional security model where threats were …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    and that statement alone should be enough to keep people off the cloud.

  2. Steven Roper

    As I've said before, "cloud" simply means "storing my data on someone else's computer." Which gives them unfettered access to it, and/or allows them to hold to ransom my access to it, no matter what snake oil they use to try to disguise these two facts. There are NO other reasons for wanting to store my data on their systems.

  3. energystar
  4. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Watching the clouds over the Picos de Europa

    melt away today reminds me of how secure Clouds (off premise type) are. i.e. Not.

    One minute they are there and the next poof, they are gone.

    Be it that you have been hacked or that the cloud provider has seen a JCB slice through their main Fibre Cable, clouds come and clouds go.

    Off premise Clouds should be banned for any data that is critical to the running of your company. End of story.

    Be it financial or customer details these should not be on an off premise cloud. They are your key assets. If they go, then you business can go TITSUP and you don't want that to happen.

    So put them in a cloud but for heavens sake heep it close to your chest.

    I am sure that it won't be long before a very well know business shuts up shop because their 'cloud' got hacked and the details released to the big, bad world.

  5. Kev99

    As I've said time and again. A cloud is nothing but a bunch of holes held together by water vapor. And a net is just a bunch of holes held together by string.

    If the fools who handle the entities data weren't so lazy and cheap, they'd go back to dedicated lines. I'm sure the Bells would love it. And since 80%-90% of the US internet is fed via copper, there shouldn't be any speed loss.

  6. Esme


    so there.

  7. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Unisys’ chief trusts in bull shit for profit and sales. Now there's a vehicle destined for crashing

    Crikey, .... Vapourware as a Service in Systems. Who'd have thunk it as an atypical skunk works project professing itself stealthy. Bravo, Mr Patterson. Encore, encore. Surely there's more where all of that came from.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    That one questionable assertion to start with

    "Everyone’s starting to believe in public cloud"

    Really? For a start, you're not speaking for me. Keep your cloud vapour well away from me and my company, thanks. The word "public" should give you a hint about the key problem, followed closely by the observation that none of these cloudy setups offer off-Internet backup connectivity, which means there is no hope in hell you'll ever get a meaningful SLA established.

    So no, I don't believe in public clouds. Private ones, maybe, public ones, no thanks. Have fun explaining the next DDoS to your clients.

  9. khalidkhan

    billy jim bob

    stay away this product has not taken off for the last 10 years. No one wants it. Nightmare to work with and useless support staff

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    utter nonsense...this stealth product has been around for over 10 years and has not taken off yet.

    Internal firewall segmentation is much secure and EZ to deploy. Sorry, have tried the Stealth ship it's rip-off.

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