back to article Open letter from EPO staff pleads with country reps to fire president

Tension between staff and management at the European Patent Office (EPO) has descended into open warfare with the publication of an open letter by some staff, calling on the organization's Administrative Council to get rid of its president. The letter, signed by a group calling itself the EPO-FLIER Team, goes through an …

  1. Camilla Smythe

    Mr Battistelli

    Should file and then grant a Patent on his own behaviour then tell the rest of them to 'fuck off' on pain of being 'patent trolled'.

  2. asdf

    can't resist

    Really want to take a shot at Brussels but alas EPO is headquartered in Munich. It a little piece of Brussels like dysfunction in Bavaria. Either way you don't get much more insulated from market forces.

  3. VinceH

    They need to be careful, in case he gets so far up himself he starts saying "Off with their heads!"

    [Method of detachment of head from body...]

  4. Nigel 11

    Talk about timing!

    Was the timing of this letter purely coincidental with the UK referendum?

    1. Alan Johnson

      Re: Talk about timing!

      The EPO is not an EU organisation. If it was then these problem would not exist in the sense the president of the EPO would not be a president and could be sacked/disciplined in a normal way.

      We should rememeber not everything with the word european in it is part of the EU and the UK has it's own share of dysfunctional organisations although this paticular saga does seem extraordinary.

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