back to article Uncle Lenovo turns up to the startup party with a $500m punch bowl

IT old-timer Lenovo Group will inject half a billion dollars into the tech startup scene, it claimed today. The Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group (LCIG) unveiled in Beijing will plough cash into fledgling companies developing cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and robotics. The PC maker’s venture cap division …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Fraternising with the Enemy? Or is Bedding Down with Wilful Whores the APT ACTivITy there?

    The liquidity love-in will not be limited to China, Lenovo said. LCIG had already “joined hands” with overseas institutional investors in the US and Israel.

    Some would imagine that as two steps backwards for a Long business systems March in a totally fcukd up situation. But hey, markets and algorithms rule, huh, and greedy suckers and leeches are to be found anywhere and everywhere to feed and seed the cruel surreal beast?

    And you don't yet accept that machines internetworking things are mankind's virtual future reality stock position?

    Jesus H Christ, how slow can a species be in recognising the bleeding leading edge obvious and so impotent and ineffective in delivering a worthy competitive response to it ...... in any field ‽ .

    China leading the way on its own though is probably to be considered problematical.

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