back to article Hackers hacking hackers to knacker white hat cracker trackers

Malware writers are selling each other out to white hats and hacking through each other's infrastructure to frame rivals, Shadowserver's Richard Perlotto says. Richard Perlotto. Image: Darren Pauli, The Register. The treachery is a bid to prompt Shadowserver and fellow malware investigators to take down their rival's …

  1. Elmer Phud

    "Hackers hacking hackers to knacker white hat cracker trackers"

    Do they have backers?

  2. Elmer Phud

    Standard business practice

    No-one should complain, it's just basic capitalism at work -- screw your business rivals.

  3. Ian Baker

    Speaking Farsi surely makes them far more likely to be Iranian than Pakistani?

    1. Bloakey1

      Well yes and no for Pakistan. There are a lot of Farsi speakers there as refugees etc. but on the other hand this guy may suffer from a lack of geographical awareness.

      Farsi is most widely spoken in Iran, Afghanistan and an older and some would say purer form is spoken in Tajikistan.

      Now I would say that if they were fluent in Russian and Farsi i would be more likely to place them as Tajik.

      This all sound like wishful thinking with a soupcon of divide and conquer to me.

      1. AdamElteto

        I am glad to see someone is actually aware of the intricacies and geography of the use of Farsi in South-Central Asia, not just making stereotype assumptions!

  4. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    And it's AAA AI and Big Brother Business to Boot too, .....

    Quality vapourware, which I realise is something of an oxymoron, will also fall foul and fail abysmally to the charms of better crack coders and beta AI hackers, Darren, with fantastic stock and dodgy share money markets both prime and sub-prime places and spaces of Great Game Play for havoc and CHAOS and Practically Remote Anonymous, Virtually Autonomous Regime Change. ……. Newer More Orderly World Order Games Play.

    Or are you to believe that High Frequency Trading Algorithms don’t follow minds mining bountiful fields of their own, and both for themselves and significant others for plenty?

    And why do you imagine happens whenever you pull out the plug[s] to try and stop any and/or all of that happening? Do all the houses of cards and Ponzi SCADA Systems collapse and crush incompetent and corrupt leaderships? Who and/or what then rules?

    Fear at War or Peace in Order?

  5. fearnothing

    I have a theory that amanafromMars1 is in fact a markov bot.

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