back to article Browser made by China's top search engine leaks almost everything

Sit down, so you don't injure yourself falling down in surprise: the browser provided by China's Baidu is a privacy nightmare. That's the conclusion of Canada's Citizen Lab, which watched the wire while the browser was running and needed a lie-down itself from what it found. Baidu is China's top search engine and, like Google …

  1. Michael Thibault

    Not "No comment", but...

    "Unable to comment". So much more telling, that, but not really much more informative.

  2. gollux

    Ooh, as good as anything Comodo has released? Can has security exploit inna box?

  3. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    There is probably someone in Fort Meade right now who read this and gets all misty-eyed and a little bit jealous.

  4. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Not really surprising

    A Chinese company, based in China, is pre-empting government requirements. And we all know that the Chinese government cares not one whit about individual privacy, just like the US government but with less hypocrisy.

    The real question is : will anyone outside of China use this browser ? Will the Chinese use this browser ? There are many alternatives, after all, but will a smidgen of nationalism get them to prefer a home-grown one ? Wouldn't be surprising.

    1. Mark 85

      Re: Not really surprising

      All it would take is for some government to require that particular browser (or one like it) is the defacto standard and any other browser is illegal with harsh punishments. So.. hopefully not coming to a PC near you.

    2. Cuddles

      Re: Not really surprising

      "And we all know that the Chinese government cares not one whit about individual privacy, just like the US government but with less hypocrisy."

      That's not entirely true. In both cases they want themselves to have access to everything, not to let everyone else have access to it. A Chinese browser that sends all the data it can to the government would not come as a surprise, but one that just sprays data all over for anyone to see sounds much more like incompetence than government interference. As with all the cheap Chinese knock-offs you can find on Amazon, it seems they just didn't care about standards and safety as long as they could make something that looks superficially like the thing they're copying.

      1. bob, mon!

        Re: "sounds much more like incompetence than government interference"

        These two are by no means incompatible. Why not offer incompetent government interference?

  5. GrumpenKraut
    Big Brother

    From Baidu's reply

    "Baidu endeavors to collect data in a way consistent with the highest standards of security and user privacy in the industry."

    Comedy gold from Bizzaristan.

  6. x 7

    Baidu is an extension of the Chinese Government

  7. oneeye

    The full Report ,Citizen Lab

    There are close to 500 apps in playstore that are using Baidu analytics plus thousands of others that are vulnerable. The story is much bigger than just Baidu browsers, and includes ALL there apps.

    Baidu,Citizen lab,full report, & third party apps vulnerable too!

  8. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Virtual Energy Supply = Real World Command and Control

    Information is power, and the more intelligent a/the system wants to be, the more information it requires. Such is only natural ‽ .

    Do you imagine the Wild Wacky West does not mimic and/or lead as a front for the Erotic Exotic East?

    And this is only the beginning of the demise of secrecy as a tool for exclusive executive order administrations* ......

    The latest trend in intelligence requires a broad range of cooperation among government, industry and academia. …… Weaving a Web of Synthetic Persistence

    * Some would tell you every democracy is just a phorm of exclusive executive order administrations.

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