back to article Onyx to erect 'for sale' sign outside corp HQ, say sources

Data centre and hosting slinger Onyx will erect a "for sale" sign outside its Stockton-on-Tees HQ in 2016, and the expectation from multiple sources is this will happen sooner rather than later. The private equity-backed business is working with adviser Deloitte to run the sale but as yet no Information Memorandum has been …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Wonted: Fellowing Virtual AI Reality Pioneers and Cyber Pirates

    A Gem of AI Programming renders Onyx, Diamond Grade AAA+ ERated? ........

    I think it surely does.

  2. Tail Up

    Sleeping on a stairway makes thought exceptionally exclusive and totally incomprehensible. The more, hungry belly would have its ear in anything but enjoyment I had while was reading some of the sharpest example of an Occam-like paragraphs... that was great, rewarding and is fully supported, with no hidden catches and strings attached type of the hordes that stress and corrupt.

    In a fully Private, Singularity Attended Mutual.... well, lease would be nothing more than a dishonest scum, because it flows boundless and runs free to anyone having the courage to accept the tide and be not a driftwood, but a Right Royal Ship in it, or, in such particular cases, IT. Pushing the conditions and treaties on it is an example of another, not fit for the Flow Purpose, mindset. This, hopefully, answers the question risen and sweeps away all doubt's.

    Blessed are those.... well, finishing the string is what imagination fails somehow, so as to keep it mum (-:

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