back to article Brace yourselves. Huawei’s launching an HCIA product

Huawei has a hyperconverged infrastructure Appliance (HCIA) product; its FusionCube product line. This is comprised of its own server, storage, and networking system components, plus virtualisation and management software. The company said one of these can be deployed in 11 minutes after being unpacked and powered up. A rack …

  1. DainB Bronze badge


    Your replacement CPU was dispatched from Shenzen with China Post Small Packet and will be delivered in 15-40 business days ?

  2. Guus Leeuw


    Dear Sir,

    "and also virtualised servers – VDI for example"

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure... The clue is in the meaning of VDI...



  3. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    Maybe not

    192GB/sec throughput. Is that throughput to the PLA?

  4. The Original Steve

    Am I missing something?

    Aren't all these appliances similar to blade architecture with shared components?

    I ask as I can't, in this day and age, see any scenario where a blade would be a good fit technically whilst offering a reasonable TCO...

    1. swissarmyknife

      Re: Am I missing something?

      Blades still have a lot of space to work in. Convergence is great, Hyperconvergence even better. But only a few vendors are doing the size as needed on storage portion of it. In that area, if you already have a sunk investment, blades are still VERY efficient. Convergence works where the guests are small and medium sized. It becomes less financially attractive when the guests are large or huge. In those cases, blade centers, attached to SAN is still a great bargain. And when you pair it with systems that can last 10 years (a.k.a, IBM HS), you have a long term investment that has very low operational costs per year, and very seldom a large capital outlay (especially if you use storage that is not forklifted, but older components replaced with newer components without tossing the whole baby out).

    2. Jim 59

      Re: Am I missing something?

      Aren't all these appliances similar to blade architecture with shared components?

      Blade systems eg. HP c7000, do not provide shared storage in the box (except for each blade's boot disks), but instead use an external SAN.

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Bravo, Huawei. Well played, Sir. Now that makes the future a whole new space place

    The US FusionCube (HCIA) product line competitor is bound to be severely export restricted due to its Wassenaar Arrangement obligations, and therefore no competition contender at all.

  6. DouglasB

    Huawei Nuwa -- query server in pipeline

    An interesting product in development. A Spark-based, software-optimized, disaggregated micro-server.

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