back to article UK/China cyber security deal: National security attacks still OK, it seems

Contrary to several trigger-happy reports, China's president Xi Jinping has not signed a formal agreement with the UK prime minister David Cameron on cyber security. Rather, the nations have issued a joint statement – which UK government spokespersons did not want to tell The Register was legally binding – which mentions an …

  1. chivo243 Silver badge


    I barely trust any government to do what they say they will do. But governments trusting each other? I love seeing fiction on the world stage.

    UK - I thought we agreed to cease cyberattacks?

    China - Our government is so big it takes time for the memo to make the rounds :-/

    1. Graham Marsden

      Re: Trust?

      China: "Oh, didn't you notice we had our fingers crossed? No? Too bad! Nar nar ne-nar nar!"

    2. g e

      Strong relationship

      Pah. Call it a 'Special Relationship'. If only to see how much of a thromby it gives the Yanks.

  2. Tubz Silver badge


    Dodgy Dave getting ready to sell UK Plc to the Chinese and acquire new masters once UK public kick the EU muppets in to touch. No sign of slimy smile Osborne bouncing around in the background like Lemming on crack !

    1. g e

      Re: Flibble

      Better food from Chinese Masters than American ones.

  3. frank ly

    Recent press pictures

    There's been a lot of news articles about this visit with pictures of Xi Jinping in various places and situations. In every picture I've seen he seems to be bemused/confused or fed-up/bored. Am I misreading his body language and facial expression?

    1. Commswonk

      Re: Recent press pictures

      Am I misreading his body language and facial expression?

      It's called being inscrutable. The Chinese are famous for it...

  4. Dadmin
    Thumb Up

    Best quotes:

    the UK is "China's best partner in the West".

    Good, you take them!

    "cyber crime"


    1. any of various crime or ill intent done on or near a computer, or with a mouse cord.

    2. a computer crimey thingy, as distinguished from a not one.

    3. any of various other cybery criminalities, as the hack or the vlun-squirt.

    Origin of cybercrime: 1350-1400; Middle English ciberbaddie. See cyber, crime

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    The Long Great Game Rave is not for Short Sellers of Snake Oil, Dave

    The Register has not received any explanation of what the particular mechanism for the "high-level security dialogue" will be. We will update this article if and when we receive a response.

    :-) China denying a Blighty false flag operation is the usual smoke screen which is generated as a cover to conceal a loss of leadership in the UK and in its dependencies and former colonies. Methinks things there in the future will not really change at all.

  6. MyffyW Silver badge

    Cyber-peace deal? Phar! At least Chamberlain brought a piece of paper back from Munich.

  7. Alister

    The Register has not received any explanation of what the particular mechanism for the "high-level security dialogue" will be.

    64bit RC4 cypher...

    or possibly ROT13


    1. phil 27

      It's better than that, it'll be double rot13, then they'll burn it to cd and put that inside a envelope inside a envelope and send it through normal mail. That's sure to put off any potential interceptions!

  8. Mark 85

    Intellectual Property...

    I note that this is not defined.. so it could be code, movies, business plans, etc. or maybe just the company cafeteria lunch menu. But strangely, with both the US and UK agreements I've not read anything about employee data... I'm thinking OPM here amongst others. Even at what is covered (what ever the undefined term IP covers) I'm not believing that either side will respect it.

  9. BenBell

    The UK and China agree to establish a high-level security dialogue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation on security issues such as non-proliferation, organised crime, cyber crime and illegal immigration.

    We Agreed that F**K ALL will change.

    Fixed that for you :)

  10. teknopaul Silver badge

    china to UK

    We know that you won't stop gchq from hacking the planet, but could you please stop doing it just to give government cronies a competitive advantage in business deals.

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