back to article BOFH: Capo di tutti capi, bah. I'm having CHICKEN JALFREZI

We have new Director, just in time for Christmas! It appears that, through some convoluted twist of fate, our former Director took a dagger in the back for "creating a hostile workplace environment". APPARENTLY his misogynistic leanings "fostered a culture of a male hierarchal structure" and he's been made an example of by H …

  1. Cipher

    The best part of the week...

    His Waterloo, or the Grand Alliance?

    My money is still on the BOFH...

    1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

      Re: The best part of the week...

      I was thinking more corporate Merlin & Morgana le Fey myself, and Merlin usually has something up those wizard's sleeves...

      1. Omgwtfbbqtime

        wizard's sleeves...

        Who are you calling a wizard's sleeve?

        New keyboard please!

        1. AbelSoul

          Re: Who are you calling a wizard's sleeve?

          That clown always has something in his pocket.

  2. Denarius
    Thumb Up

    this could be good to watch

    deckchair and popcorn please !

    1. Frumious Bandersnatch

      Re: this could be good to watch

      deckchair and popcorn please !

      Please do step this way into our newly-installed walk-in microwave oven. (The popping comes later)

  3. Herby

    Be careful...

    For what you ask for, you may just get it.

  4. Nya

    It's FRIDAY already?!

    Ahh got to love Gina though :)

  5. ukgnome

    I give it a week

    It won't last. Gina will soon end up been arrested for fraud.

  6. Chika

    I see the plunder seeds have sprouted, then...

    Actually, my sympathies here are for the Boss. Who would want to be in the crossfire of that battle?

    Or possibly the ultimate aim would be to kick the HR bods that pretty much started this whole thing. Fascinating!

  7. Notas Badoff

    The B of Bs!

    There's a new B at work. Even B'ier than the B'd!

    What? What wrong with saying that? It was an acute realization.

    1. Mpeler
      Paris Hilton

      Re: The B of Bs!

      Which? :)

  8. Gerhard den Hollander

    meet the new boss...

    ... same as the old boss?

    Will the bofh be fooled again?

  9. sisk

    Great story, but I've got to say I saw the end coming as soon as Gina walked into the room.

  10. VinceH

    "creating a hostile workplace environment"

    I had to read that several times before I stopped seeing "hostile" as "hostfile" and thinking "WTF?"

    1. Mpeler

      Re: "creating a hostile workplace environment"

      Hostile hostfile....

      Kind of like Dyin' DNS.....

  11. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    This is not going well.

    All three of them are behaving rather like rabbits caught in the headlights.

    1. Marshalltown

      Re: This is not going well.

      Pretty sure that Gina might find "headlights" inappropriate in this context.

      1. Mike Smith

        Re: This is not going well.

        Or she might soon be looking at real headlights as her car rolls down the ramp in the basement car park towards her.

        Those fancy key fobs, y'know. Who would imagine that a single decisive press from an angle lower than the vehicle's sensor would unlock the steering, start the engine, drop a brick on the accelerator and drive the vehicle towards the key fob at top speed?

        "OK, it's an edge case, but they still could have tested it," as the coroner is likely to say in a few weeks time.

  12. Johndoe888
    Thumb Up

    Christmas climax

    One Friday left before Xmas, what's going to happen ~

    Will Gina come to a quicklime end ?

    Will Gina be with us in 2015 ?

    Will the BOFH return in the correct Friday slot ?

    Will The Reg blame the site makeover on the BOFH being on Saturday some weeks ?

    Tune in next week,same Bat-time, same Bat-channel :)

  13. Kevin Fields

    The twist of the knife!

    Well, Gina may have the upper-hand for now, but not for long. The BOFH has been spurred by lovers before, and I predict that this was merely a grand set-up by Simon to actually gain the upper hand on Gina.

    The question is, with the annual company Christmas and New Year's Eve parties ahead, can he pull it off without creating a grand catastrophe (such as his near demise a few seasons back)?

  14. chivo243 Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    In the end

    Gina will get the pay off she was after in the first place, and be on her merry little way. (she'll be back?) The BOFH will have that rueful smile on his face off and on for weeks because he enjoyed the ride while he was on it, but he IS glad it's over.

    Paris because we've all been there ;-}

  15. Snow Wombat

    This could go very right... or very wrong for BOFH and PFY

    I can't wait for 2015!

    Will they form a grand alliance to pillage and loot... and flee off into the sunset? Or will Gina go all femdom on BOFH ? Will BOFH stand for it... or even like it ?

    Gimp because we all know what will happen to the boss.

  16. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Super Strike Force

    I'm dedicating and drawing the above narrative to the attention of all brides and their not so virgin as to be naive and vulnerable maidens and flower girls. Carpe diem and throw off those chains of implied and/or imposed second rate existence. Lead from the front and centre with AI and IT which follows greater passions than dismal Mankind displays and processes into current news for perceived and supposed and proposed intelligent action and proaction, reaction and HyperRadioProActive IT.

    1. Cipher

      Re: Super Strike Force

      Not to put too fine a point on it, but there is a std::make_error_code(std::io_errc) in your language application module.

      Please have a human being look into this, OK?

  17. imanidiot Silver badge

    Is it just me?

    Or is the BOFH losing his edge. This should not have surprised him.

  18. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    "Gina says, appearing out of nowhere.... Honestly, it's like watching a magician at work. Even though you're watching you still can't work out how it's done. Like how that cup of scalding hot tea ended up in the PFY's lap. Magic."

    OK, now I get it. Gina = Genie. Panto season coming up.

  19. Jedit Silver badge

    Can I borrow the BOFH's temporal compressor?

    All three seasons of Deadwood alone come to 25 hours of television. I don't know about Arrested Development, but I somehow suspect it's longer. Having had a rare weekend with the TV to myself I still only managed to knock off Guardians of the Galaxy, The Wolf of Wall Street and a listen to the DTS-MA version of the new Pink Floyd album. It is most depressing.

    1. sisk

      Re: Can I borrow the BOFH's temporal compressor?

      You managed that much? I was impressed with myself the weekend I managed to work in Guardians of the Galaxy between all the other junk that fills my weekend.

  20. auburnman

    BOFH will lose the Battle, but win the War eventually. Now that Gina is his boss we may see a sexual harrassment angle in upcoming episodes, although whether or not that will backfire I couldn't say. It's even possible that Simon will retreat/resign/fake his own death (again) and leave Gina running the show while he takes an extended holiday, like the brief era of the PFY's ascendance to the throne.

  21. perlcat

    BOFH will neither win nor lose this one.

    Gina transcends evil. This is setting up to be an epic mugging of the Company.

  22. SigKill

    "Capo di capo" was obviously wrong but I liked it, sounded goofy but nice.

    While you're at it, make it really right: "Capo di tutti *i* capi".

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