back to article Yes. App that lets you say 'Yo' raises 1 MEEELLION DOLLARS

How much would you pay for an app that only allows users to send one word? A couple of quid? Well, investors have forked out a good deal more to fund an app called Yo, which allows users to transmit just the word "yo" and nothing else. The team has already raised $1m in funding and boasts 50,000 users who have sent a total of …


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  1. Craigie

    I have my own app. It says


    1. David Webb

      yo wot?

      1. Not That Andrew

        I think we need a yarwellnofine app

  2. mhoulden

    Why? Oh.

  3. 's water music


    On the one hand, this shirley portends the end of days, which is probably a bad thing.

    On the other hand, my kids will love this.

    On the third hand, I feel quite jealous of Or for pulling this off.

    1. Zog_but_not_the_first

      Re: yolo

      "shirley portends"

      She gets my vote for soothsayer of the year.

      1. 's water music

        Re: yolo

        "shirley portends"

        She gets my vote for soothsayer of the year.

        Did not see that coming


  4. VinceH

    Someone please kill me now.

  5. NormansLament



    1. Shrimpling

      Re: YO


    2. bluesxman

      Re: YO


      1. Matt 21

        Re: YO


      2. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

        Re: YO

        Oy vey!

        1. imanidiot Silver badge

          Re: YO


          I feel all dirty now, for getting in on the action. Excuse me while I go take a shower.

        2. Kane Silver badge

          Re: YO @ I ain't Spartacus

          C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!

    3. Captain DaFt

      Re: YO


      Yo Momma!

  6. The Mole


  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    YO! Soon to be bought out by my future company...Mamma!

    I believe the two apps have a synergy that could really take them to the next level. By being client focused and incentivising the deliverables of our core competencies we should be pushing the envelope of blue-sky thinking when focusing on our knowledge base.

    I have the name, I have the spiel for the I'll just write the app tonight and you losers will eat my dust.

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      I'm afraid you have failed to strategically leverage the synergies. And therefore I'm oot!

      1. Anonymous Coward
  8. Anonymous Coward

    We're finally there...

    ...we've reached Peak Stupid.

    1. Roger Varley

      Re: We're finally there...

      Unfortunately, I very much doubt it.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: We're finally there...

        Unfortunately, I very much doubt it.

        Upon reflection you are probably right.

        1. Captain DaFt

          Re: We're finally there...

          Just remember:

          Genius has its limits. Stupidity knows no bounds. - Dhamma Absu

          1. imanidiot Silver badge

            Re: We're finally there...

            Only 2 things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And we're not fully sure on the universe.

      2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

        Re: We're finally there...

        I still think that if we're seriously to tackle the stupidity surplus that it's hard to beat the anti-smite shield. But some of these start-ups come damn close!

  9. adnim

    25 Cents

    per valid email address perhaps. Anyone read the T&C's or privacy policy? I certainly can't be bothered as my interest in the app and the story ends here.

  10. Yugguy

    Feck me. I'm in the wrong job.

    I need to change careers immediately. Exploiting the terminally retarded seems to be amazingly lucrative.

    Time to create an app called "Meh"

    1. Tom 7 Silver badge


      I think there's already a paper app for the terminally angry that nearly uses that name - the Daily Meh.

    2. Frumious Bandersnatch

      re: Time to create an app called "Meh"

      Complete with a "are you sure you want to send?" dialogue where the only options are "no" and "meh". Think of the bandwidth savings if neither option actually sends anything...

      1. Ed 13

        Re: re: Time to create an app called "Meh"

        Ah, but think of the money you could make if you still charged them as if they had used the bandwidth!


    3. Gazman


      "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the global public"

      After H L Mencken

  11. Katie Saucey

    Yo 'tards

    This probably should have been the message app of choice in the movie "Idiocracy".

    1. Nick Ryan Silver badge

      Re: Yo 'tards

      Great film. However it's feeling more and more like an accurate prediction than just a movie...

  12. Crazy Operations Guy

    11 Clicks?

    I count 5, maybe 6. Open text messaging app, tap persons name, tap Y, o, [send]. So I am saving 3 taps, whoop-de-fuckin-doo...

  13. Greencat

    Typo in the app?

    Surely, it should say YOS not YO'S.

  14. Paul Westerman
    Thumb Up

    Best app evar


  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nes, Nes, Nes!

    Surely apple has a patent?

    1. TRT Silver badge

      Re: Nes, Nes, Nes!

      No. It's hosted by Dell. Yo-dell.

      1. AbelSoul

        Re: Nes, Nes, Nes!

        "No. It's hosted by Dell. Yo-dell."

        A-E who?

  16. Sharpy86

    I just checked the Terms and conditions, guess what?

    They don't actually exist. Stock 404 errors when clicking for either the Privacy policy or the Terms of Use.

    I smell a viral prank.

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      I saw this on the Guardian website, and assumed it was a joke. I'd rather hoped El Reg would have spotted it, if so, and so was waiting to see if it turned up here. I admit that's as far as my could-be-arsedness levels had reached, so I guess I bow to your keeness in actually looking at their website.

  17. JDX Gold badge

    Arbel moved ... to San Francisco to launch the app ... opened an office and began to hire staff.

    What does he need staff for if he already wrote the app?

    1. TRT Silver badge

      Re: Arbel moved ... to San Francisco to launch the app ... opened an office and began to hire staff.

      It's probably for tax purposes.

  18. Vladimir Plouzhnikov

    "Yo" is for schmucks

    Serious people only use "Nu".

    1. James Micallef Silver badge

      Re: "Yo" is for schmucks

      And people you really don't want to be messing with say "Ni"*

      *at least until you get them a shrubbery

  19. TRT Silver badge

    It bounced back to me...


  20. CraPo
    Paris Hilton

    Isn't this just...

    poking by another name?

    1. Technological Viking

      Re: Isn't this just...

      I thought "poking by another name" was the unprintable half of the phrase referenced at the end of the article.

  21. Robert Ramsay

    Sign up here...

    to provide VC capital for my new app "Fuckoff" - unique chance to get in at the ground floor!


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