back to article EMC: New products 'more ViPR than vapor'

Most big companies eventually get taken apart by an unforeseen competitor applying a technology in a novel way. EMC thinks it's seen the threat facing its business early enough that it can avoid the kind of slow, sad, decline that typified once-great titans like DEC and Sun Microsystems. At EMC World in Las Vegas this week …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge


    "Let us assume underlying infrastructure is going to be EMC and non-EMC and some of it is going to really be commodity hardware," Amitabh Srivastava, president of EMC's Advanced Storage Division, told us. "If the goal is to reduce operational expenditure, creating islands is not a good thing," he said. "Any time you have an island you have some specialized guys doing it.”

    Creating islands is not a good thing, unless one has intrinsically all of the powers and skills of Mother Nature and her Bigger Brothers and Fabless Sisters, because of the tie-in to all of those expensive mentionable things, and is a salutary lesson learned of that and those who thought and/or were persuaded to imagine that the likes of The World and Palm Islands were a smarter investment of treasure and blood and fiat paper/disposable wealth. Some very good ideas are never ever going to be great and in a flash crash which is a sudden dash for ready cash are they susceptible to being rendered highly toxic and seriously bad value.

    Those sorts of mighty projects are always best rendered and servered from command and control of cyberspace first in AI Virtualisation, for then are any and all physical problems foreseen before they are active and rampaging, and simple costly decisions can be correctly inexpensively made from the comfort of a position between chair and keyboard.

    And in todays vibrant virile and virulent viral and information rich and intelligence light environment where quantum leaping communication systems are key holding enablers of future heavenly dream streams and/or a bankrupting currency of hellish nightmares, are mighty projects only going to be ever bigger still and be in constant needs of Astute Assistants Actively Assisting Advanced Administrations Autonomously and Anonymously with the Most Perfect Enough of Sublime Admin Systems Available to HumanKind.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Remember when Chuck Hollis called storage virtualization "Frankenstorage"?

    Congrats EMC - 10 years late and still catching up on storage virtualization.

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