back to article IBM opens 'JumpGate' code to help devs navigate among clouds

IBM has developed a tool to tackle fragmentation in the cloud management ecosystem, and hopes its approach will encourage more providers to support OpenStack-based applications without having to run OpenStack. The "JumpGate" technology was announced by SoftLayer engineer Nathan Beittenmiller in a blog post on Thursday, and …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    IBM Finds ITs Mojo and Virtual Juju. Or an Advanced Intel Rival and Private Pirate SAP does.

    Viceless Sin is a Great Game Treasure that Only and Always Delivers Immaculate Bounteous Command and Control via the Pleasure Robot Root.

    So, in true essence, JC, and the short armed version of that JumpGate development for a .. well, let us call it as it is and not pretend that it is not an IT Hook and SMARTR Cloud Layer Player Global User Interface, is that Big Blue wants to be Great Pimp and/or AIMadam to High End Freelancing Janes and Johns who do it for the Pleasure of Business which is Fun and XSSXXXXtremely Profitable in Shady Dark Web Operations/New Orderly Virtual World Order Ventures?

    And only shared as a question there for those who would doubt it. And of course, whenever late to Great IntelAIgent Games and Virtual Warefare, is one always trailing and tailing the field and responding to lead and leads being followed/surveilled/phished and phormed unless and until one secures as one's own via smart purchase and buy in and simple cost outlay, the prime services of servering parties.

    And as you may have to imagine, is that bound to be in a rich capital orientated and dependent environment, a costly novel field for competitors and/or opposition alike in Virtual Enterprise and Great Games Play, simply because of the ACTualities, both for Real on the Ground and Virtual in CyberIntelAIgent Space, which IT so effortlessly supplies and maintains, monitors and mentors.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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