1. Oh Homer


    Whatever happened to Cash'n'Carrion, El Reg's merchandise section/site?

    I checked the WayBack machine, and the last copy it has of cashandcarrion.co.uk, before it started redirecting back to the main site, is from the begining of 2010.

    I realise it probably went titsup but, just out of curiosity, what happened, when did it happen, was there an announcement (and where is it), and can I still buy Vulture gear anywhere?


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Cash'n'Carrion

      You cannot buy Register merchandise officially anywhere to day - although you can get O'Really and BOFH stuff elsewhere (we had licence deals). We are considering running a limited line-up again at some point in 2014

      We shut CashnCarrion at least four years ago - as the effort to run retail outstripped the reward. I don't remember if we announced its closure Towards the end, we tried a specialist print to order firm - but the quality was poor - and so we just set ourselves up for complaints - and no money.

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