back to article IBM makes cheeky SNATCH at AWS's cloud crown

IBM has launched an offensive in which it claims it is the world's foremost cloud company. Big Blue's claim hinges on a metric it has taken public, namely that it's cloud “powers 270,000 more websites than Amazon”. That message has appeared in ads placed in prominent financial newspapers and the like. One such journal, Forbes …


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    Gartner? Really?

    Gartner are without credibility. Can we stop hearing from them please.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Gartner? Really?

      Reality isn't about proofed credibility for established honesties, it is has morphed and been somewhat converted and perverted in the process with the undoubted help of IT and Media and ignorant unquestioning human acceptance, into .... well, sponsored incredulities.

      But with secretive and ancient wisdom and greater shared knowledge exposure, do those tainted realities fade and disappear in order that other orders with other beta sponsored incredulities take their place, in what is in essence and actuality, intelligent virtual space.

      Eventually and inevitably though will IT be cracked and hacked by those leading the race in such space places, and the two separate and disparate fields will find themselves to be at one and of one great and good mind to be mined.

      1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

        Re: Gartner? Really?

        You're hilarious. IT was hacked and cracked ages ago. Just look at all the cattle using Windows 8. It's all about whose influence you buy. Few think for themselves anymore, or beyond their immediate desires to see what business practices they are enabling and encouraging with their purchases.

        The corrupt leading the blind enabling the greedy who manage the stupid. The meritocracy is long dead.

  2. Mark Cathcart

    Ahh yes. Reminds me of the virtual machine environment at ICI at Runcorn back in the late 1980's or early 1990's. a team of people including a number of IBM virtualization specialists worked on tuning the system to get 23,000 virtual machines running on a single server.

    Our biggest problem was moving the shared read only storage "above the line" which at the time was set to 16Mb Yep, thats right each virtual machine could only have 16Mb of r/w memory and that included an OS instance, as we were limited by hardware addressability.

    Marketing claims, who needs them.

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